Time Is Not

Time Is Not

This time-less Wesak post is an excerpt from the dictation by Gautama Buddha published in the 1985 Pearl of Wisdom Vol. 28 No. 25.

Blessed ones, it has been said of old: Behold, now is the accepted time! Now is the day of salvation! What is the meaning of this Eternal Now? It is not the forever waiting of the LORD, I can assure you. For I have taken the Messenger into the point of timelessness to experience the utter collapse of time, and suddenly the awareness that all that has occurred in time is in Truth not real, for time is not in the point of Reality.

Therefore, why tarry and become the prisoner of time through karma, through inordinate desire and inordinate acts that offend me? For I am the one who is offended when thou goest out of the line of Reality.

Do you not know the eternal youth of the saints and the shining? It is because every act of Love and Light takes place in the timeless realm—yes, indeed, the ongoing cycle of cosmos, but not in time. And therefore time is not for the saint, whether on earth or in heaven. Therefore the saint can endure, for the saint is not the prisoner of time. But the sinner cannot endure. He cannot wait to expend his sinful sense and his light upon his lusts and therefore be the prisoner twice more.

Blessed ones, let not the temple be the instrument of the madness of inordinate desire, for thereby some have spent what has been counted as aeons in time. And with the passage of aeons, they have come to me again only to find I change not.

I AM the I AM. I AM the Eternal Now. In my heart is infinite opportunity for each and every chela of El Morya to transcend the former self, forged in a consciousness of time and little beginnings and even littler endings that amount to a handful of sand that the Prophet does take and raise up and pour out.

And the place of that man is known no more.

Reality Is Just Beyond the Point of Your Nose

Beloved hearts, would you rather be an endless succession of little beginnings and endings or a God in the Eternal Now? Ponder in your heart, for Reality is just beyond the point of your nose.

And what kind of nose is it? A proud nose, an ambitious one? A gross and uncaring, surfeited? And how does the nose change with the indulgences of the world, becoming thick with the imbibing of the drugs, the alcohol? How does the babe become the gross and unseemly spent one in his old age and then begin anew in a new body—in the same course, almost identical, lifetime after lifetime, never surrendering those tatters of the astral plane, surfeiting again and again?

Will the Eternal Now eternally indulge those who waltz and dance to the fiddler’s tune with Time? Time is their partner on the dance floor of life. Do they perceive the decrepitude, the old age of Father Time? Do they perceive the lines in the face? Nay! The mask he wears [is that] of the temptress, the beautiful maidens that also came to tear me from my point of the Eternal Now. For in that place I perceived Infinity and there I knew the vortex as the eye in the center of the fire infolding itself. That eye—that eye was the ordinate desire of God therefore turning and the worlds cycling to the center becoming God-identified, else consumed, one or the other.

Understand the Illusion of Time

Thus I knew that only time could capture old age, disease, and death. Where time is not, these do not occur. Thus understand the illusion of time and weary not. For, you see, those who are the prisoners of time live by the clock and the year and the day and the cycles of the moon and the rotation of the earth upon its axis and the revolutions around the sun. And these are caught. And when so many revolutions have passed, they say, “I am old. I will go to rest with my fathers.”

Yet you, beloved, in the Eternal Now may not sense such an urgency to transfer the Light (or to transmit the Teachings). But I say, take upon you the burden of those who are the prisoners of time—for compassion’s sake, for love’s sake. But enter not! For when you enter thus the striking of the midnight hour, you will quickly turn into the synthetic self and lose the power of the I AM to rescue, to deliver.

Perceive with the Eye of the Saviour

All the world is Saint Germain’s stage. Now for a moment, remain offstage. Inject light, consciousness, support to those on stage. Allow them to see your face now and then, but do not join those on the world stage who dance to the tune of folly and the wearisome beat—repetition of nonsense, ad nauseam.

Beloved, perceive with the eye of the Saviour. For I perceive you have been convinced—somewhat, if not utterly—that the Saviour dwells within you. How can he be the same yesterday and today and forever and still be in time?

Thus, the key to adeptship is the conquering of time—not through the ignoring or the ignorance of time, but through the fulfillment of its mandates and the transcending thereof. Thus reach out the hand of the Divine Helper to those so imprisoned and realize you are emissaries of the Sun.

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