They Swallowed Leviathan – Conspiracy?

They Swallowed Leviathan – Conspiracy?

The Capitalist-Communist Conspiracy

The Capitalist-Communist Conspiracy is noted in the thirteenth chapter of the Book of Revelation where the dragon gives power to the beast.

And so we see the cooperation left and right, east and west, in the field of human relativity of evil forces that have polarized.

The polarization of evil forces upon the planetary body appear, they give the great appearance of opposing each other.

Divide and Conquer – Works Every Time

But their polarization is a mere imitation of the light of Alpha and Omega. Their polarization is nothing more than an aspect of dividing and conquering the people of Earth. The polarization is called Capitalism and Communism. And that polarization aligns the people east and west on either side creating intense opposition.

But in reality those who are holding the strings of this polarization are one. They are one in a perversion of the T'ai chi. They function in and through one another.

The dragon of capitalism feeding the beast of World Communism and you find that one helping the other, that they have the goal of world domination, world economic interdependence, a one-world government and a limitation of the power, the energy and the life of the people.

How this entire scheme evolved has many points of take-off. You can lecture on this subject historically. You can go all the way back to Lemuria and Atlantis.

You can talk about the great rebellion of Lucifer and you can look at the people of our time as examples of the race of Watchers revealed by Enoch, who move in and among us and who, robbing the people blind, somehow manage to keep the people blind.

Now we have come together today in anticipation of a blessing of light from great cosmic beings increasing the capacity of the mind of Christ within us, actually intensifying and expanding the Christ consciousness so that through our own mental bodies we can have greater skill in wielding the sword of illumination.

I repeat, illumination is not merely the knowledge of God and his goodness. To defend that goodness, one must understand its antithesis. I know it is a bitter cup and I know that it is a story that does not want to be told and it does not want to be heard.

And one of the points of the conspiracy of the story is that it is so intricate, so complex, far more complex than truth, that it becomes a tedious task to sit down and follow the insane logic of the fallen ones.

Only for the very love of Saint Germain and the love of the people of God do we actually make the determination to go step by step through the lie. There are many well-meaning, dear souls who have been contaminated by the lie, taken over by the lie, who have so been taken over by the lie that they defend it with their dying breath.

I might say, “they swallowed Leviathan.” The Leviathan is the cult of Marxism and the contradictions of Capitalism today.

Excerpt from a lecture by Elizabeth Clare Prophet given July 1979, available on the DVD-MP3 Set: Defeat the Negatives – The Future is In Your Hands

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