The Majestic Sense of Victory

The Majestic Sense of Victory

This excerpt is from the lecture The Majestic Sense of Victory by Mark Prophet delivered December 31, 1969, at The Class of the Golden Cycle and published in the 2000 Pearls of Wisdom Vol. 43 No. 1.

The majestic sense of victory is a tangible thought creation that requires meditation by the students. And so the phrase, or title, that I am bringing forth is a mantram in itself. Let me call it Victory’s mantram, for through me, he has brought it to you.

Now, I am only the open door to the majestic sense of victory. If each one of you would get up every morning, tune in with your Presence and say, about seven times or more, “I AM a majestic sense of victory,” you would draw to yourself the proper feeling that will produce a miraculous state of consciousness–the consciousness of the majestic sense of victory.

Here is the way you do this. First of all, you think “I AM.” Immediately you equate this with God as the thoughtform of the six-pointed star of victory. See yourself as the lower triangle in the physical plane of consciousness. God is the upper triangle in the spiritual plane. As you place the triangles together and invert the upper triangle, you have the star of Victory, or the star of David.

So you say, “I AM.” You draw your interlaced triangles. You have the first triangle with one point downward, showing Spirit descending into Matter. Then you have your lower triangle with its base in Matter and the apex going upward toward the Christ manifestation. In the space in the center of these two triangles, you put the words I AM.

What Am I?

Now what am I? I am a majestic sense. Now why do we use the word majestic? Because no ordinary sense can describe what we are talking about. We are referring to the majesty of the Presence, which is the true divine right of kings you can still accept today—the kingship of your own I AM Presence.

The scriptures say, “[Thou] hast made us unto our God kings and priests; and we shall reign on earth.” So to be a king and priest unto God you have to realize the power to overcome outer conditions and bring yourself under subjection to your Higher Self. This is one of the most important efforts we can make, because it is a road that has an end and the end is the attainment of life’s victory.

Now you are not going to get there by just idling along the road. You have a clutch on your car and as long as that clutch is held in, the car goes nowhere. So we hold our clutches in and spin our motors without going anywhere because we actually do not have what Master El Morya calls “goal-fittedness.”

We more or less loll around on the beach. We enjoy the sun; we like to hear the surf pound on the shore. All of this is very good. It is the state of mind that I sometimes call the “idle mind.” I’ll say to people, “You have put your mind in idle gear.” And that’s what many people do.

Now a certain amount of idle-gearedness is perfectly permissible; it’s good for the brain to rest occasionally. But don’t become the kind of person who enjoys this state all the time and never understands the need to “gird up the loins of the mind.”

When you think of the loins of the mind, you must remember that the mind apparently has four corners to it. And I’ll use this piece of Kleenex here for a demonstration. I do not see girding up the mind as holding on to one end of the mind and allowing everything else to run out, or holding on to two ends of the mind where everything still comes down the chute, or three ends of the mind where you still have a little spillway where quite a bit can go out.

You’ve got to be able to control all four corners of the mind, for they represent the four lower bodies of man. And then you’ve got a package that is complete. And you should remember this because most people do not understand themselves; they do not realize that the mind is a tangible activity and that it can be gathered up.

One of the problems people have, then, is an idle brain, cruising along in what I call the idle gear–where they just sort of coast along and if the crowd goes one way and starts a snake dance, then everybody puts his hands on someone else’s shoulders and goes right along with the snake dance.

If you want the majestic sense of victory you can’t be like that. You have to be able to stand behind the reality of life and say, “I am looking for the light.” But you don’t have to say it with words, if you understand what I mean.

On the surface it looks as though you are part of the snake dance, for other people don’t see what is going on inside of you. But if you let the cat out of the bag, you will encounter a lot of unnecessary opposition, which will not deliver you into the hands of God It will just keep you fighting a battle with people who will never change their mind until they reach the same place you have already reached.

When they get there they will be ready, but until they get there, they will not. So why should you engage your energies in such a foolish piece of business (as I myself have done many, many times), only to find out that all you are doing, as Saint Paul says, is fighting “as one that beateth the air.” Do you remember Don Quixote who fought with windmills? Well, that’s what a lot of people do. They throw away tons of energy attacking windmills and therefore never accomplish anything.

The Majestic Sense of Victory Belongs to You

So, in the beauty of the light, the whole idea is to develop the majestic sense of victory. I wish to assure you tonight that it is yours. It belongs to each one of you. It is your sovereign right and reality. You should not think that it is the prerogative of only the Messengers or the Ascended Masters. It is your prerogative and you have the right to take it, but you don’t have the right to then display it to people in order to make them see how great you are. No, it’s how great Thou art.

Collectively and individually, our role is to glorify the God within us. As we do this, we develop the majestic sense of victory, and what a wonderful sense it is! It is the Christ sense. It is centered in the six-pointed star of Victory and it brings people to the realization that when they attain their victory, they will have helped to do it even though God actually does it, because the great tide of the universe flows only in one direction.

If we cast ourselves into the mainstream of the flow, we will be carried along with it. If, when we’re in the stream, we just let ourselves float and the stream is going the right way, we will go down the river with the stream. But if we paddle, we will go a lot faster. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with developing a majestic sense of victory to paddle with. It becomes an attractive magnetism of a spiritual nature, which will pull out of the universe the power we need to attain our victory.

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