The Great Commandment, Part 3

The Great Commandment, Part 3

This is Part 3 of 5 of a sermon on Mark 12:28-34 by the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet delivered on Palm Sunday, April 15, 1984, at Camelot. It is published in Pearls of Wisdom Vol. 27 No. 23 – May 28, 1984.

Love God with All Thy Mind

The Great Commandment teaches us how much striving, how much strength we need to draw forth from God in order to love him—first with all of our heart, then with all of our soul, and then with all of our mind.

Now, this path of filling the mind with God can be seen in the path of Buddhists who seek to still all emotions and establish the equanimity of the mind in oneness with the Mind of God. All of thy mind means that one must simply—and I say simply—dismiss the carnal mind and the ego and call for the mind that was in Christ Jesus to come into one’s temple.

First we love God with the mind that we have—the intellect, the mental body. It becomes a chalice filled and overflowing with the love of God. Soon it cannot contain the love. And the love that we bear with the faculty we have becomes the magnet for the very transcending of that faculty and its displacement by the Mind of God.

The Mind of God which was in Christ Jesus came to him over centuries of reincarnation. The development of that God consciousness proceeds daily if you hold fast what thou hast received of the Mind of God and retain it, and let no man take thy crown chakra.

You will discover that the Mind of God is cumulative. By steadfast love, placing all of one’s attention one hundred percent on the I AM Presence, you will enter in to that God consciousness, and Jesus will say of you, Thou art not far from the kingdom of God—the consciousness of God.

The one who received that comment had meditated long upon the principle that Jesus was teaching. He knew it to be true. He didn’t suddenly originate it, because these commandments had been given long, long, long before Jesus came. Jesus stated the fulfillment of the law of the prophets in this Great Commandment.

Therefore, the attention upon the I AM Presence. How do you, in all practicality, go about your daily work and schedule and keep the attention of your mind upon the Mighty I AM Presence? Well, it is like a compartmentalization. The mind is a vast presence that you have. It’s a conscience, it’s also a conscious awareness. It extends out from you. It perceives and feels the world. You can feel a city when it mourns the death of a hero. You can feel a nation when it is joyous. Your mind perceives; it also has the gift of prescience.

A portion of this mind, because it is infinite, may always be stayed upon the I AM Presence while the lower vehicle of the mental body has the capacity to take full charge of that which is at hand. There is always a part of you— if one could describe it, it is somehow centered in the back of the head—that maintains the sense of being one with God.

It has to do with the raised Kundalini fire that you exalt from the base-of-the-spine to the crown chakra and keep focalized at the third eye. It is an intensity of light which is a living presence. And you can feel the I AM Presence within you, commune with that Presence, and carry right on as the most effective and successful career son or daughter of God in the things of the Spirit and the things of Matter—being practical, of detailed consciousness, not a dreamer, not always in the skies or in the psychic realm, not impractical, and never wanting in love. Oneness with God through the heart, the soul, and the mind gives you a cup running over which enables you to give the same love you are giving to God to those around you.

The greatest gift of this commandment is that God becomes your nature and therefore you no longer deal with your fellow creatures as though they were something apart from him or vile or sinful, but you deal with them as souls of God that must be brought back to the center of oneness, whose cause must be championed, who must be fought for, lived for, healed for, and finally raised up as one would raise a child in his arms.

When you deal with one another as the nature of God, you prove you have made contact with him and you prove that you are successfully channeling your energy through the heart chakra, the soul chakra, and now the mind which focuses through the crown and the third eye. This commandment, of necessity, engages four of the chakras. In order to maintain any God consciousness in the crown chakra or the third eye, you must have raised the fire of the base-of-the-spine chakra; thus, your obedience to the Great Commandment also includes that Mother light and that Mother flame.

Consciousness focused in the physical body must be focused through the seven chakras. If you dissipate energy in idle conversation, scattered habits, or disorganization of time and tasks, you find that you are wasting enormous quantities of light that would tie you to the very source of God and quickly prove to you how much God wants you Home, because God becomes so much a part of the way you think, the way you love, and the way your soul vibrates.

You become godly as you love God, and you are not even conscious of the fact, because there is no separation between you and God for you to be aware of yourself being like him. You simply are of him and in him, you are of his nature. In him we live and move and have our being, for we are also his offspring. His offspring are like him, made of him.

When you perceive an ungodly vibration in yourself, you can be certain that you have somehow allowed energy to flow in another channel. It has built a powerful momentum of habit, it is about to turn you in the opposite direction; but because the soul is wise, the desire is set, the will to go Home has been planned, you pull that energy out of that channel and give it to God. For a moment it seems painful. It seems like you have lost something you wanted—some pleasure, some this, some that. But the moment it is rechanneled into God, you forget the former way; it is as nothing, like an illusion or maya. And the energy goes back to God, and your soul is locked into that river.

God sends a river of life to you, you send a river of life back to him. And pretty soon, you are going to be the Buddha in the little raft paddling your way back to God because you have sent forth the energy before you.

God has given you all the energy you need to return to him. You need to create the river so that you can sail home to God. Every day you have enough energy from God. If you would give it all back to him, you could return to his heart in a mighty celebration of communion, of samadhi, of entering in.

You find that when you put your body to rest at night, if you have directed your energy to God in this way, you have a clear channel to the higher etheric octaves. The World Teachers receive you at the Royal Teton Retreat. You come and you are given the precise mystery, the teaching, the secret that you need. Something that is holding you back, something you must overcome—a karmic record—you work it out at inner levels. And because in the daytime you are dedicated to this love of God, the masters are able to bring into your life someone, some situation, some challenge, and you are able to meet it with excellence, with dexterity, like a runner who is in practice, like someone who is going to the Olympics and knows he’s the winner. You are ready for the test! You are ready and waiting for those who need your love. And as you give it, you are building this mighty spiral staircase back to the heart of God.

So often people act as though they are taken by surprise. They get upset because some calamity has happened, some new challenge, a new direction. All of a sudden they have to stop everything and do something else. And they allow it to totally disrupt them instead of saying to themselves, “Is this sent from my I AM Presence, from the World Teachers, from my Christ Self, or is this a distraction of the sinister force deterring my soul from the Path?”

Experience will teach you attunement and vibration, but never be caught off guard. Heal whatever comes to you with love. Be so ready with that love that you have going to God and he has coming to you that you pour that love upon the stranger in thy gate—the friend, the enemy, the known, the unknown. And Love itself resolves whatever equation may be knocking at your door.

Love itself is the discriminating intelligence. Love is your Christ Self that will take care of that which is intrigue or treachery or darkness or malintent. When you have all of your being centered on God, God protects you and you do not need to become a psychic or a sorcerer to anticipate every move of those things that are unreal all about you.

To be continued in Part 4 Love God with All Thy Strength

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