Ten Tips for Peace

Ten Tips for Peace

By Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Excerpt from a lecture published in the Dec 9, 2001 Pearls of Wisdom® Vol. 44, No. 49.

Over the years the Elohim Peace and Aloha have given many tips to help us keep peace. I’d like to give you ten of these tips.

1. Make the best of things. This takes a very upbeat attitude. When working with others, make the best of each situation. Peace and Aloha have said, “We cannot guarantee perfect people anywhere….Do not lament another’s shortcomings, but by the flame of peace supply the difference!”1

Supply the difference that someone you are working with may not have a talent for, an energy for, a desire for. Make up the difference. Make the best of things.

Give of your heart and see how the blossoms of peace spring forth in the hearts of [others]….Serve the Christ in them and see how [positively] they will respond.”2

2. Write down the situations of nonresolution in your day planners. This can be knotty, because every time you open your day planner, you’re going to see the lists of nonresolution and you’re going to want to get rid of those things. And therefore, you have to come to resolution with whomever you do not already have resolution.

Use your day planner “to write down those situations of nonresolution in your life.”3 “Wherever there is a heart that daily does note in his [preferred] planner such nonresolutions and does determine to achieve resolution within himself and with others by sunset, there is a heart who rests in the heart of the Prince of Peace.”4 And that is a wonderful blessing.

So I wrote a mantra for myself that you can also use: “In the name of my mighty I AM Presence, I rest in the heart of the Prince of Peace.

“Rejoice to check off each day that you have said, ‘Peace, be still! Peace, be still! Peace, be still and know that I AM God!’ or when you can say at the end of that day, ‘Truly I have not allowed an incorrect vibration to emanate from this place of the sun (the solar-plexus chakra).’” 5

Let us give the “Peace, be still” mantra very quickly:

Peace, be still! Peace, be still! Peace, be still
and know that I AM God!

Peace, be still! Peace, be still! Peace, be still
and know that I AM God!

Peace, be still! Peace, be still! Peace, be still
and know that I AM God!

Who are you talking to when you say that? You’re talking to your feeling world. You’re talking to something that’s in your carnal mind. You’re talking to something in yourself that is not whole, that is not at peace. And you are commanding your atoms, cells and electrons, the organs of your body and your four lower bodies to be still and stop complaining and stop constantly nagging and saying, “Give me this. Give me that. I want this. I want that.” You are in the peace-commanding presence of your Holy Christ Self and you are the authority over all elements of your lower self through Christ.

3. Forgive and ask to be forgiven. Peace and Aloha say, “Forgive and ask to be forgiven even when you think you are not in the wrong. Do this because you live by the Master’s code of forgiveness. Do it to give another the opportunity to do the same.”6

Perhaps you know that someone else may need to be forgiven or to forgive. By bringing up the subject and being the first to express it, you make it very easy for another to apologize or to be forgiven.

4. Remember your vow. “Remember your determination and even your vow, if you have made it, that you will not be moved from the God-centeredness of love and peace, come what may, even in trifling matters. For have not trifling matters ignited world wars?”7

5. Seek daily resolution by giving the violet flame. Peace and Aloha said: “Seek daily resolution. Put everything into the violet flame!…Examine the rightness of your heart daily to be certain that you have not left frayed edges in any relationship, that you have not abruptly parted from someone without resolution, that you have not left any matter hanging, such as a simple disagreement or discourtesy.”8

Examine your heart. Sometimes people have the idea that the heart is perfect. The heart needs perfecting just as every other chakra needs perfecting. When we want to give love to someone, we call to our Holy Christ Self to send the love of the Sacred Heart of our Holy Christ Self to that person.

We must not assume that our hearts are pure. I think it is a misconception when people in the New Age movement say, “I’m speaking from my heart” and automatically assume “My heart is pure and therefore you can trust what I’m saying.”

We have to purify all of our being, including our heart. The heart is very burdened with its envy, with its jealousy, with its anger. All kinds of vibrations are in people’s hearts, as well as sluggishness from a lifetime of wrong eating. And the fat that covers over the heart is also a block to the flow.

So when we send blessings to people, let us remember to send blessings from our Holy Christ Self and our I AM Presence. And let us continue our daily use of Saint Germain’s Heart Meditations that we might perfect our hearts.

6. Be humble. This is a wonderful state of being, the state of being humble and of having humility. “Be humble before your God. Don’t be a know-it-all but…have a sense of holiness in the presence of one another’s Christ Self and a sense of the holiness of the flame that burns in the heart of the one that sits next to you.”9

When we say, “Be humble,” the corollary is “Judge not.” When we judge others, we are engaging in pride.

7. Forsake harshness. Peace said, “Forsake the jagged ways, the abrupt motions, the absence of grace and the harshness and the cruelty of the word idly spoken, for all of these are an offense to Elohim.”10

8. Do not chatter or criticize. “Take some moments each day to celebrate the vibration of soundlessness.” “Take a vow of silence from senseless chattering.”11 Do not engage in criticism and backbiting.

9. Make your body a chalice for light—every cell, every organ, the etheric, mental, desire and physical bodies. Peace said that we should make every molecule of our body a chalice for light.

“Solve the chemistry of being here below and the biochemistry….You are made of points of light….Seek the divine harmony…of all atoms and cells…and all organs in your being with one another and with the etheric matrix. …Find that equilibrium….Become alchemists of your own temple. See how much more of God you can hold within the chakras, organs and all the components of being.”12

10. Keep the peace with one another. Peace said, “Receive the gentle rebuke from anyone of this community when you abandon your point of peace.”13

Do Not React when Someone Reminds You to Return to Your Center

Here I should remind you not to take offense. If someone comes along and lets you know that you have a fault that they would like to tell you about, they may be right or they may be wrong; but you should consider it always.

I have learned the best lessons about myself from my enemies. I always listen to what my enemies say to me and about me. And I weigh whether or not what they have said is something that I should examine in myself and correct. We all need to do this.

I know that in the community here and throughout the world, there are many people who don’t take kindly to another Keeper of the Flame mentioning to them that they might benefit from changing their ways in this or that matter.

Elohim Peace said, “Remind one another, regardless of rank or position or background or standing, that where there is the breaking of harmony and the breaking of peace there is the fracturing of the mandala” of the entire Church throughout the world. “Do not react when someone…reminds you to return to your center,” to your centeredness in God. “Take the reminder and thank that one with all your heart. Call immediately upon the law of forgiveness….The byword of the peacemakers is ‘I shall not be moved.’”14 And putting that in a mantra, we would say, “In the name of my mighty I AM Presence, I shall not be moved!

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