Support Elemental Life with I AM Affirmations, Songs and Decrees

Support Elemental Life with I AM Affirmations, Songs and Decrees

Support the Elementals!
With 24/7 Streaming Decrees and Songs

Elemental life is greatly burdened everywhere by mankind's abuse of Light and Life. But you can help to lift their burdens by giving decrees in support of the nature spirits and elementals.

And now we offer you a great new way to do just that!

Introducing 24/7 streaming Elemental decrees!

With decrees and lively songs to the Elementals playing around the clock, there is always a perfect time to tune in. Join this worldwide momentum of spiritual support for these precious beings. The gnomes of the earth, sylphs of the air, fire salamanders and the undines of the water appreciate your help.

We need them…and they need us!

Connect With I AM Affirmations, Songs and Decrees for Elemental Live!

Click Broadcast Log In to log in to the Member Area and go to the Broadcast page.
On the top 24/7 line, Click > Elementals to immediately connect!
free broadcast

Subscribers can also connect directly in your media player!

I AM! I AM! I AM! the Resurrection and the Life of All Elementals — Fire, Air, Water and Earth!

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