Summit University Seminars and Weekend Retreats

Summit University Seminars and Weekend Retreats

Summit University Spiritual Retreats

Summit University retreatsWeekend seminars and longer Summit University spiritual retreats provide one or more in-depth topical programs on the teachings of the Ascended Masters®. Students not only immerse themselves in the subject matter but also find ample opportunity for experiential work through meditations, introspective and interactive exercises and prayer work.

Many have described Summit University as a truly mystical experience, especially since each seminar or spiritual retreat is sponsored by one or more of the ascended masters. The ascended masters work with Summit University students to give them profound insight into their psychology and provide them with inner guidance for their spiritual development.

In short, Summit University can provide a powerful personal transformational experience for serious students on the spiritual path.

Check Summit University's full worldwide event calendar and find the next spiritual retreat or seminar near you or at our Corwin Springs, Montana spiritual community.

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