Meeting the Master and More at Summit University!

Meeting the Master and More at Summit University!

Unveiled Mysteries

Have you ever wondered what it takes to have a face-to-face encounter with an ascended master?

Elizabeth Clare Prophet teaches on “meeting the master” in the Summit University extension course Unveiled Mysteries, which is based on the esoteric classic of the same title by Godfré Ray King.

Take the first unit of this course—for FREE—and go deep into the mysteries of this life-changing book. Discover how to travel to the etheric retreats of the ascended masters while you sleep, and practice a meditation from the ascended master Saint Germain to help you gain control of your thoughts and feelings. Get your free Unveiled Mysteries unit now.

And there’s more! We also offer free units from our “Relationships” and The Emerald Matrix Courses. Don’t miss them!

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Important: you must apply for a certificate program by July 13 for Fall Semester 2015, which begins August 18. Choose from Ministering Servant, Leadership or General Studies.

Hello, Summer! Hello, SU Seminar!

It’s almost summer at the Royal Teton Ranch in Montana. That means it’s time for the annual Summit University Summer Seminar. Embrace the deep mysteries of the heart and the ruby ray during this year’s profound seminar, The Fire of Initiation.

What exactly is the ruby ray, and how does it relate to the mysteries of the heart?  What are essential characteristics of the tests of the ruby ray?  How do you recognize these tests when they begin to act in your life?  And above all, how do you pass them?  These questions and more will be addressed in this in-depth study of the path of the ruby ray.

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