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Why It’s So Important to Come to the Inner Retreat This Summer (Discounted Prices Expire on Friday, June 14)

      Chela and the Path #10 - excerpt on the importance of conferences

The Desire of Beloved Helios to Be Personally Present at the Conclave in the Heart of the Inner Retreat

On September 4, 1983, the Goddess of Purity announced “the desire of beloved Helios to be personally present at the conclave in the Heart of the Inner Retreat in the summer of 1984.

“The coming of Helios is a great event to the planetary body for the holding of the balance of extraordinary configurations and cycles of systemic karma that is the karma of this solar system.”

Keepers of the Flame worldwide were asked to “pave a golden pathway from their hearts and the Heart of the Inner Retreat to the Temple of the Sun of beloved Helios and Vesta.”

The Goddess of Purity explained:

“A constancy in the use of the mantra to Helios and Vesta, personal preparation, bringing the gifts of the translations, publications, the fruits of the harvest of every lightbearer to the Heart of the Inner Retreat, all service and application of the Law of Love/Wisdom by the chelas will determine to what level of the physical octave beloved Helios may descend, meshing the golden pink glow-ray with the earth, sealing her for a time and a time and a half, establishing balance on behalf of all souls who strive so lovingly to nourish life on earth.

“I pray that you will understand that your reception, receptivity, and preparedness will determine this event.

“For it is the deep desire of Helios to enter the valley as the cradle, the cradle of a new age and civilization.

“But it is the mandate of the chelas, enacted day by day in life, that will actually determine what the Great Law will allow beloved Helios to accomplish, the balance being held by Mother Vesta….

“Thus, with almost a year for preparation, may you all live in the joy, the great, great joy of being present physically that you might carry with you till the hour of your ascension the momentum of Helios for the balance of earth.”