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Summit University onlineWhether we're aware of it or not, our souls are constantly prodding us to remember who we really are, why we're here and where we're going. The answers to these essential questions are what all of us who aspire to expand spiritually seek.

And…answering these questions is the essence of the Summit University Online experience!

Seek, and ye shall find!

Summit University is an exciting voyage of discovery and opportunity that leads to higher consciousness, wholeness and fulfillment.

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Imagine how much more you could get out of life if you had access to a practical, everyday roadmap that would lead you unerringly to the fulfillment of your goals. Think you might find that useful? Better yet, what if your teachers were the ascended masters?

To Master Learning,
Learn from the Masters

When you embark on a learning journey with Summit University, your sponsors are the ascended masters themselves. Through highly qualified mentors, these masters work one-on-one with each student, deepening the learning experience to levels that cannot be achieved in any other school.

These masters have excelled in every important field of human endeavor. Their teachings are true, their methods sure and this higher learning is imparted to SU students by instructors who pursue the integration of mind with spirit…and who live by the principles they teach!

Your Challenge:
Come up higher and acquire
learning that encompasses a universe!

When you become a student of Summit University, you become part of something greater than yourself. You are exposed to universal truths and immutable laws that govern a cosmos. In essence, you come to the very fountainhead of the learning that all souls seek who desire to ascend and return to the very heart of God.

You will be challenged. You will be expanded and empowered. You will be raised in consciousness. And you will be given the tools to transcend the limitations of the human mind and awaken to the Divinity within! Sound good?

Transform Yourself
Change the World

Learn how to harness the power in your being to face and overcome life’s challenges.

Learn practical, proven strategies to transform yourself, your family, your community, your work…and the world.

Learn how to be a servant leader and address problems in today’s world to bring about personal and world transformation.

Gain new insights, reshape your vision and learn higher and better ways of understanding why things are as they are…and what you can do to change them for the better!

Join a Virtual Community of Light!

Connect with others of like mind who share your desires and goals. Your SU Online experience will expose you to a worldwide community of lightbearers who all aspire to come up higher…and who support each other in the process!

Together, SU students become the hands and feet of the ascended masters in all aspects of life, working to bring the world into a higher vibration and purity.

This is a high and holy calling. If you’re ready, we’re ready for you.

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