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Whole Food: The True Fountain of Youth

Steven Acuff with Angelika Bertacco

This book will help you understand how to eat in a way that promotes wellness and will improve your quality of life regardless of your age. It is based on a holistic approach to health—drawing on traditional wisdom about food and insights from the author’s personal experience as well as cutting-edge scientific research.


Food, Consciousness and Karma

Healthy Eating for Spiritual Growth

Discover through this lecture with author Steven Acuff how food relates to health, healing, consciousness and the spiritual path. Learn how to apply these practical and profound teachings in your daily life, and enjoy better health!


More than 200 recipes show how the principles of food for health can be applied in a very practical way. The recipes cover a broad spectrum for everyone interested in eating well—from recipes that focus on self-healing to healthy snacks, quick and easy meals, and delicious desserts.

Anyone can master the simple art of preparing healthy food!

About the Authors

Steven Acuff

Received personal tutoring from Michio Kushi, a leading macrobiotic author and teacher, and he is co-founder of the Björklyckan Center for Natural Food Education in Sweden. He was a whole food nutrition consultant at a medical clinic in Kassel, Germany,and is the author of the German best-seller Das Makrobiotische Gesundheitsbuch (The Macrobiotic Health Book). Steven has lectured in 27 countries around the world about food and its relationship to health, healing, longevity and consciousness.

Angelika Bertacco

Co-author of Food, Consciousness and Karma, has been exploring the connection between food and health for the past 20 years. She has studied at macrobiotic health centers around the world, including the Kushi Institute, near Boston, and the Vega Study Center, in Oroville, California. Angie lives in Melbourne, Australia, where she teaches courses in whole-food cooking and natural fermentation of vegetables.

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