Western Mysticism

  • Kabbalah: Key to Your Inner Power

    Elizabeth Clare Prophet explores the Kabbalah, the once-secret Jewish mystical tradition, with intriguing perspectives and how to apply the principles to your […]

  • Quietly Comes the Buddha

    Quietly Comes the Buddha

    This is the story of Sumedha—the soul of Gautama one with the soul of humanity. In it, the Blessed One reveals his experiences in the mastery of the Ten Perfections of the Law during many lifetimes prior to his final incarnation, when he answered the call of the Ancient of Days to be the Buddha.

  • Prayer and Meditation

    Prayer and Meditation is an inspiring combination of Christian mysticism and Eastern meditation, Jesus instructs you in the art of perpetual prayer and Kuthumi teaches the way to the lightning-like experience of higher meditation.

  • Mary Magdalene and the Divine Feminine

    Central to the whole question about the role of Woman in Christianity is Mary Magdalene. Was she a leader in the early Church? What was her role in relation to the twelve apostles? Was she, as some have claimed, the wife of Jesus? What is the role of Woman in the Church? And what is the spiritual understanding of male and female?

  • Buddhic Essence by Elizabeth Clare Prophet

    The Buddhic Essence

    We all have the seed or “essence” of Buddha within us. Because we do, we have the potential to become a Buddha. Here, Elizabeth Clare Prophet gently traces upon the heart the pathway that can lead to Buddhahood. She helps us relate to the different stages and also see them as steps that we can accomplish in our daily lives.

  • Becoming God – The Path of the Christian Mystic

    Mysticism is the vital, animating element at the heart of every religion. The aspiration of every mystic is one and the same: union with God. The mystics tell us that the spiritual marriage is not merely a conforming to the ways and will of God but a total transforming of the soul into God… And this is the heart of the teaching that you only whisper: The soul that is transformed into God is God.

  • Kabbalah by Elizabeth Clare Prophet

    Kabbalah: Key to Your Inner Power

    What is Kabbalah? It is a subject so mysterious that for centuries only married men over the age of forty were allowed to study it. That view is no longer universally held, and today both men and women of any age study the basic principles of Kabbalah. As one Kabbalist wrote, “From 1540 onward, the most important commandment will be for all to study [Kabbalah] in public, both old and young.”

  • Reincarnation: The Missing Link In Christianity

    Reincarnation: The Missing Link to Christianity

    Beginning of Chapter 4: “Gods in Ruins” from Reincarnation: The Missing Link In Christianity Text: “Self-luminous is Brahman, ever present in the […]

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