Divine Feminine

  • Mary's Message of Divine Love

    Mary’s Message of Divine Love

    The second book in the Golden Word of Mary series, representing the pink plume of love. Read the fascinating account of Mary’s […]

  • Mary's Message for A New Day

    Mary’s Message for A New Day

    First book in The Golden Word of Mary series. Reprint of My Soul Doth Magnify the Lord with a new cover and […]

  • Mary Magdalene and the Divine Feminine

    Central to the whole question about the role of Woman in Christianity is Mary Magdalene. Was she a leader in the early Church? What was her role in relation to the twelve apostles? Was she, as some have claimed, the wife of Jesus? What is the role of Woman in the Church? And what is the spiritual understanding of male and female?

  • Age of the Divine Mother

    The Age of the Divine Mother

    Elizabeth Clare Prophet shares her personal experiences with Mary and offers to readers a deeper understanding of the mystic Mary and the […]

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