• Keys to the Kingdom Pocket Guide

    Keys To The Kingdom (Pocket Guide)

    Opening New Dimensions of Being: An introduction to the teachings of the Ascended Masters. Summarizes 50 years of teachings from the ascended […]

  • Path to Your Ascension

    The Path to Your Ascension

    Rediscovering Life’s Ultimate Purpose A personal guide for the soul’s liberation—the ascension. Offers practical techniques to accelerate spiritual growth. And it gives […]

  • Dossier on the Ascension

    Dossier on the Ascension

    Serapis Bey shows that the ascension, the soul’s reunion with God, is the goal of life for all. He gives practical keys for spiritual growth that can help you earn your ascension.

  • Mysteries of the Holy Grail

    The Earth is going through a period of great turmoil. There are unknown forces in motion that affect your life. Some are benevolent. Others are not. Your understanding of the two can mean the difference between triumph and tragedy.
    Experience the radiance of the Holy Grail caught by an Archangel and applied to present problems we face. Each chapter unlocks a mystery of self. A formula for practical day-to-day self-mastery unfolds—transforming the spirit…

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