Ascended Masters

  • Morya and You - Love

    Morya and You – Love

    Get to know El Morya from his different lives and from these 26 messages on love. See Morya in a new Light and gain a greater understanding of his heart.

  • Fire From Heaven by Elizabeth Clare Prophet

    Fire from Heaven

    Two thousand years ago a small group of men and women gathered in the city of Jerusalem, waiting to receive “power from […]

  • Saint Germain's Prophecy for the New Millennium

    Saint Germain’s Prophecy for the New Millennium

    What can we expect through 2025? Saint Germain’s Prophecy for the New Millennium includes dramatic prophecies from Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, Mother Mary and the ascended master Saint Germain.

  • Sacred Adventure by El Morya

    The Sacred Adventure

    The Sacred Adventure is a classic collection of prose and poetry from the Pearls of Wisdom on the Will of God from […]

  • Hilarion the Healer

    Hilarion the Healer

    Saint Paul, now the ascended master Hilarion, guides and inspires scientists, healers, doctors, musicians and seekers of truth. Learn the amazing story of Hilarion’s lives and his keys
    for healing.

  • Opening of the Temple Doors

    The Opening of the Temple Doors

    The Opening of the Temple Doors contains letters from ten ascended masters who give profound teachings on the path of the ascension and prophecies on world conditions and coming earth changes.

  • Understanding Yourself

    Understanding Yourself

    Understanding Yourself reaches beyond the boundaries of the outer personality into the infinite world of the soul. Offers unique perspectives into how to master the components of being-the ego, karma, and the Self beyond the self.

  • The Chela and the Path by El Morya

    The Chela and the Path

    El Morya helps you meet life’s challenges by understanding who you really are and can be – the calm, centered, fiery being unmoved by today’s turbulent uncertainties. Connect with your spiritual allies: the ascended masters and archangels!

  • Ashram Notes from El Morya

    Ashram Notes

    The Ashram of Morya El is one answer to the call of people who desire to reduce world suffering and serve the cause of world awakening. With a message full of hope, it opens a door that no man can shut and establishes a shining pathway for you to reach up beyond the seemingly silent veil into the realm of pure Love.

  • The Shakespeare Code

    The Shakespeare Code reveals the codes concealed in the works of Shakespeare and other writers of his time. For over 250 years the codes were undiscovered. More than one person lost his life for daring to speak the secrets they contain. The codes reveal an explosive story: the hidden marriage of Elizabeth, the “Virgin Queen,” murder and scandal, corruption and lies at the highest levels. And they tell the true life-story of Francis Bacon, the one who devised the codes themselves.

  • Saint Germain On Alchemy

    Saint Germain On Alchemy

    Alchemy is a powerful spiritual method from Saint Germain for transforming yourself using mantras, visualization and the violet flame.

  • Lords of the Seven Rays

    Lords of the Seven Rays

    The ascended masters known as the Lords of the Seven Rays teach you to use the rainbow rays to bring balance, joy, harmony and greater spiritual progress to your life.

  • The Masters And Their Retreats

    The great lights that have come out of the world’s spiritual traditions are known as ascended masters. These great masters have retreats—temples and cities of light in the heaven world that can be visited during spiritual meditation and while our bodies sleep at night.

  • Afra, Brother of Light

    Afra – Brother of Light

    Ascended Master Afra is pledged to solve the problems of divergent peoples—local wars, discord in religion, strife between nations, and any where the divide and conquer machinations push people apart. We need this beloved brother of light today as never before.

  • Ashram Rituals by El Morya

    Ashram Rituals

    More than fifty years ago the ascended master El Morya dictated the Ashram Notes to his amanuensis Mark L. Prophet. The Ashram […]

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