Angels and Archangels

  • The Mandate of Victory

    The Mandate of Victory

    What Is the Victory Consciousness? Success is the byword of our modern civilization. Yet, few people reach the pinnacles of success that […]

  • Angels Decree Booklet

    Angels – Decree Booklet

    This booklet of prayers, decrees and affirmations will help you keep the angels by your side. (See the “Angels Prayer and Devotions” […]

  • Talk with Angels

    Talk with Angels

    Learn about the seven archangels including Archangel Michael and angels of protection, Archangel Raphael and healing angels, Archangel Gabriel and angels of peace, plus the archangels of forgiveness, wisdom, love, and joy. Powerful prayers to build life-changing personal relationships with angels today!

  • How To Work With Angels

    How to Work With Angels

    Work with the angels to bring miracles into your everyday life. Learn to develop your own relationship with the angels or expand the contact you already have. Introducing many types of angels: Angels of Protection, Healing, Peace, Wisdom, Love, Joy and Mercy. Inspirational angel stories and prayers.

  • Fallen Angels and the Origins of Evil

    Fallen Angels and the Origins of Evil

    Did rebel angels take on human bodies to fulfill their lust for the daughters of men? Did they teach men to build weapons of war? That is the premise of the Book of Enoch, a text cherished by the Essenes, early Jews and Christians but later condemned by both rabbis and Church Fathers. Denounced and banned, the Book of Enoch was lost for over 1000 years.

  • Fallen Angels Among Us

    Fallen Angels Among Us

    Fallen angels…Who are they? Where are they? What do they want? Strong ties bind the fallen angels in the earth to the dark prophecies of our time and to the evil that is enacted daily through mans inhumanity to man. Elizabeth Clare Prophet tears the mask from the face of the ancient deceivers of mankind…exposing their profile of evil and tracing it back to the fall of heavenly angels into human bodies.

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