The Sounding of the Light of Helios in Your Heart

The Sounding of the Light of Helios in Your Heart

This post is an excerpt from the dictation by Helios published in the 1991 Pearl of Wisdom Vol. 34 No. 40.

You have heard the “Victory Symphony” and I tell you that victory, beloved, is the fanfare of our presence. And this music has been given to Beethoven by ourselves that you might have the spirit of victory in sound.

I say, play it and play it again and play it every day until you have victory in every way in your personhood, in your church, in this nation and in this planet. And play it, beloved, in this court when you shout your fiats of the judgment, that victory might come shining through. And see that victory descending as a mighty V that parts all darkness, which can no longer coagulate–no, beloved!

Let the full power of the “Victory Symphony” descend into your very midst and let it be the power of that music which does amplify the sounding of your word and the sounding of our light in your heart!

We come, beloved, that we might face you heart to heart and help those precious hearts to grow and expand and be the magnanimous hearts of Helios and Vesta and the God and Goddess Meru and the Messengers Lanello and Mother. Therefore let this descent and deceleration of the fire of the sun come unto you, always quickening that heart to expand a little bit more.

Therefore clear the arteries of the heart! Clear the veins and the capillaries! Clear your hearts, beloved, of all hardness. Let the sunshine of Helios and Vesta pour through you now for the mightiest healing of the rainbow rays of our Causal Bodies and the secret rays of the Dhyani Buddhas, who live in the heart of the sun! Amen.

Listen to the Beethoven's Victory Symphony

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