Shiva’s Light for Longer Life

Shiva’s Light for Longer Life

Happy Mahashivratri:

A day dedicated to Lord Shiva

This article is an excerpt from a dictation by the ascended master Lord Shiva through the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet

I enter for a solemn purpose, beloved. I enter because I desire to give myself this night to the mighty warriors of Light, whom you are, to the blessed devotees, to the blessed mothers and sisters and daughters and knights and heroes all over the world.

I desire to give you a boost! I desire to give you that much of myself which the law of your being allows.

Each day the law of your being is read to you by your Holy Christ Self. The law changes almost like the readings on the stock market, beloved, for there is the coming and the going and the rising and the falling as you make negative karma, as you balance the negative by the positive and as you continue and continue and continue.

Now then, beloved ones, I am desiring to give you more Light for prolonged incarnation.

I can give this to you, beloved, today but the one sure way for you to sustain it and maintain it is to recite or sing one of these bhajans to me daily.

In the power of the sound you have generated and will generate again and again, may you have a recording of this assembly in this place in the Heart, in this place that is purged physically and at inner levels by the mighty rain of Alpha, by the mighty rain of Omega. (The clearing of the earth is one of the points on the agenda of this conference for the Darjeeling Council and for others of our bands.)

So, beloved, if you will take the recording of the sound* that is echoed in this tabernacle of the congregation, resounding amongst the hills and the mountains, you will know that I will surely jump inside of you again each day for the giving of one, a single one, of these bhajans.

I look to your longevity, for I look for pillars of fire in the earth! I look for those who shall walk with the walking stick of Shiva, who will walk with my flame and in the honor of God and who will be a focus of that white fire, dispersing Death and Hell where'er they walk.

Yes, beloved ones, I look for Western Shaivites who will follow me, who will be myself that I might be their self—and that is the key! If you will allow me to be yourself for moments of the day, I will repolarize you.

Observe the Rules of the Great White Brotherhood

Take care, then, that you observe the rules of the Great White Brotherhood, that you let not the sun go down upon your wrath, that you resolve all things by the fire of Shiva, by the fire of the violet flame, by the blessed heart of the great avatar Saint Germain.

Yes, beloved ones, we rejoice that the Western yogis and yoginis are pursuing the path of the violet flame. It is an action ray which, when coupled with the ruby fire that I bear and the white light, will bring immense change in the earth!

Now, change needs to come quickly, yet not so quickly as to be a scorching fire that destroys in the process of the change. The violet flame will bring it about gently. I can tell you, in these days deep changes are taking place gently by transmutation.

Oh, thank you for the violet flame you have invoked this day! All elemental life blesses you, honors you and bows before the Light of God within you.

You need these servants of God and man in nature, beloved ones. And when they see your auras blazing and your dedication in their behalf, there is a ripple of mighty hope going forth through the mountains, the forests, the hills of all the hemispheres!

And they desire to see this entire body of students transported here and there over the earth! So we shall accommodate them, shall we not? [“Yes!”] Therefore we shall go this night.

You have made your certain connection with the Great White Brotherhood. Make the call and seal yourself in that Sacred Ritual for Transport and Holy Work**.

So do it, beloved, without the necessity of going through again all of the words; but accept and affirm in your inner being before you retire that you shall therefore journey with Shiva. You will journey to the places in the earth where earth is violated, elemental life is violated, the resources are violated and the toxins and the poisons are violating the bodies of all people but most especially those of the Lightbearers.

Let there be a cleansing in the earth without major cataclysm! This is our goal. To this we call you!

Saint Germain has called you in the past and many of you have responded, giving day after day your calls to the violet flame.

I ask you to consider again, as the cycles are turning in this decade, how you will multiply the mantras of the violet flame by the Ruby Ray, and the Ruby Ray by the power of the mantras to Shiva, to Lord Krishna, and see what you can do to clear the minds, clear the opposition, clear those conditions that you hear about in the media.

* Shiva! Sacred Chants From The Heart Of India

** Ashram Rituals

This dictation from the ascended master Shiva was published in the Pearls of Wisdom® vol. 35 no. 31, given at the conference FREEDOM 1992 “Joy in the Heart”

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