Lifetimes of Serapis Bey

Lifetimes of Serapis Bey

Serapis Bey's devotion to the flame of purity is evidenced in his service throughout his embodiments on earth.

On Atlantis, Serapis Bey was a priest in the Ascension Temple. He carried the ascension flame up the Nile River to Luxor just before Atlantis sank.

While other Masters with their circles of devotees transported the various flames they guarded on the continent to focuses across the earth, establishing both etheric retreats and mystery schools adjacent to temples built to the Divine Mother (at a time when the flames were still enshrined in the physical octave), Serapis and his band, leaving Atlantis well before the final cataclysm, bore the ascension flame to Luxor, Egypt. For the most part, his major embodiments have been in Egypt, guarding and nourishing the ascension flame for all mankind.

In the fourteenth century BC Serapis was Amenhotep III who built the temple at Karnak.

In the sixth century BC he was embodied as Phidias, the Athenian architect and sculptor who designed the Parthenon and supervised its construction. As Leonidas, King of Sparta, he paid with his life at the Pass of Thermopylae in 480 BC, rather than yield to the Persians.

In about 400 BC Serapis Bey accepted his own immortal victory, the ascension in the light. Serapis has legions of seraphim at his command. They are the beautiful, tall angels who serve at the Ascension Temple.

Among those attending classes at Luxor are artists, musicians, sculptors, architects, planners, and the most staunch disciples of every ray.

The hierophant tells us why, out of the seven, he originally chose to serve on the white ray of the Divine Mother:

“When I was a chela determining on what ray I would serve, what ray I would preserve in the office of preserver of Life, I contemplated all, but I came to the light of purity, and I said—master of geometry that I was—‘The shortest distance between two points, point A and B, is purity. Purity I shall be.’”

To the students who make it to Luxor, Serapis introduces himself with characteristic directness:

“I am the hierophant of Luxor, Retreat of the Ascension Flame. I am known among the Brotherhood as the disciplinarian, and among my disciples as the fiery Master, and among those who have rejected the disciplines of our retreat by various and sundry names.”

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