Send Us Your Higher Selfie™

Send Us Your Higher Selfie™

Virtually everyone knows what ‘selfies' are…those personal self-generated smart phone and tablet images taken in the middle of day-to-day life.

Social media sites are flooded with images of people posing in front of active volcanoes, skydiving, captured in the midst of turbulent events and human dramas, framed within the backdrop of national landmarks and natural disasters, capturing moments from family visits to vacations, births to memorials…and all of them self-portraits, hence the term ‘selfie.'

There are even apps and other tools for creating selfies easier and faster.

So what does this have to do with the ascended masters and spiritual pursuits? Plenty, as it turns out.

We think it’s time to take the selfie to a whole new level.

Introducing…the Higher Selfie™!

We want to show people who we are as active spiritual seekers and students of the ascended masters. And we think a great way to do that would be to create a venue for personal expression that has all the freedom and flexibility of the selfie…with a twist.

If you’re willing, we’d like to ask you to submit your own Higher Selfie™ in answer to this statement: What the violet flame means to me.

Click here to send us a still image with quote or a brief video. Also, we’d like your permission to publish your Higher Selfie™ on our website. While we promise not to use your name, it wouldn’t be a selfie without your face…so you won’t be completely anonymous. Nevertheless, it is for a very good cause. Why?

Everyone needs to know about the violet flame. What it is. What it does. And what it’s done for you!

So, please. We’re appealing to your Higher Self. Send us your Higher Selfie™ and do your part to spread the good news that the violet flame is for everyone…it makes life better, takes consciousness higher and transmutes karma!

Here’s all you have to do:
1. Take your selfie responding to the statement “what the violet flame means to me”
2. Send it to us here.

If we use yours, we’ll send you an email to let you know. Thank you!

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