Online Radio: Saint’s Secret Technique

Online Radio: Saint’s Secret Technique


Saint’s Secret Technique
For Eradicating Negative Karma

Just like us, every saint and sage who ever lived has had to reckon with negative karma. It comes with the territory (of human experience). We’ve all got to deal with it, because what negative creations we’ve made, we must unmake. This is a requirement for all of us who wish to advance on the spiritual path.

All victorious lightbearers have discovered
a potent energy
for accelerating progress

Every soul of light from East and West, from every religious and spiritual path, who is committed to achieving everlasting life, has discovered a secret. They’ve learned to harness the highest energies emanating from the heart of God. These energies can be understood as light frequencies that vary in intensity, focus and function.

Perhaps the greatest of these cosmic energies that have propelled all successful spiritual aspirants to their victory is the Violet Flame. It is the healing, forgiving, merciful flame, the universal solvent, the key to the transmutation and balancing of karma.

Violet Flame
A wondrous gift to mankind

This priceless gift from God is truly a way out of the rigors and challenges of life in the physical plane. And now this secret of the saints is a secret no longer! This great Violet Flame dispensation, bequeathed to us in this age by Saint Germain, is truly our escape from the cycles of human density…and the fuel that will carry us home to the heart of God.

What’s the best way to gain
full value and effect from Violet flame?

Decrees, powerful and dynamic vocal prayers, are the proven method for focusing violet flame wherever it is needed. The ascended masters teach us how to use these dynamic decrees to call forth (as a Co-creator with God) the full manifestation and power of this flame to heal, forgive, illumine and transmute both new and ancient karma.

Every spiritual aspirant (and future saint) needs to have the Violet Flame in their spiritual toolbox. Join us this Tuesday on The OPEN DOOR to learn more.

Listen to the August 12th for REVEALED! Saint’s Secret Technique for Eradicating Negative Karma on The Open Door, Ascended Master Online Radio Programs LIVE every Tuesday at Noon, MT

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