Master Saint Germain on Memorial Day

Master Saint Germain on Memorial Day

Master Saint Germain – A Memorial Day Dictation

Through Mark L. Prophet

The following is an excerpt from an ascended master dictation through the Messenger Mark L. Prophet published in the Pearls of Wisdom®.

To Our Gracious Readers, Dedicated to Love's Service the World Around—Our Beloved Saint Germain Speaks:

As the anniversary of Memorial Day approaches again this year, in addition to the more sober moments of contemplation it brings to mind, I am hoping that it shall also bring to all who so enjoy the blessings of this great land, most joyous feelings of sincere and loving gratitude for all the endeavors (and tremendous energies expended therein) of the unascended of this world, as well as those of the ascended host—to produce and maintain as much freedom as you do enjoy here.

Take heart—beloved ones! The so-called “dead” you honor today have not died in vain for, in the permanent golden age into which the earth and all her evolutions are now entering, there shall be no more war—no! nor even memory of it—for there is coming here the reign of eternal peace.

Truly, America was designed from our octave and given so much assistance from there to be “the land of the free….”!

Now, every nation and its people are dear to our hearts—for all are some expression of God's Life and His Life is the only Life there is. Each nation has a divine plan of its own to fulfill and, according to their divine destinies, the various nations of the world represent the various parts of the earth's body. Therefore, in the new age, the land of India shall represent the “head” of such an “earth body” and the land of America the “heart”. Take notice, please, that the name “India” begins with the letter “I” and “America” with “Am”. Is this not significant?

The land of America—in the main so little understood by most of the dear lifestreams she shelters—is of far more importance to all life on this planet than most imagine. America is a land somewhat different from others—for she has gathered to her bosom many from every land who love freedom. Since that particular virtue is the one I personally embody (and is my “reason for being”), these individuals are particularly dear to my heart. Is not America considered to be “the melting pot” of the world?

You will remember the words “Conceived in Liberty….” which appear in the “Gettysburg Address” spoken so eloquently by the beloved Abraham Lincoln nearly a century ago. Privileged was I to have inspired the words of that address.

Therefore, designed from our octave also was the idea of placing the great Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor—that open door to your great land. The radiating light and flame of divine love from the gracious Goddess of Liberty through that statue (whose “likeness” it is) is a much more powerful protection to your Eastern seaboard and entire nation than any unascended being has any idea.

Statue of LibertyAs a gigantic focus of true Mother-love, illumination and protective power, that statue is shown holding in its left arm a book and in its right hand a torch. Why this particular symbology? Also—why are those God-inspired words of blessed Emma Lazarus inscribed upon the statue's base:

“Give me your tired—your poor—Your huddled masses—yearning to breathe free….I lift My lamp beside the Golden Door!”

Surely no one thinks these words to express mere sentimentality; they convey very real meaning to all who will think upon them.

What is real liberty? It is opportunity to use life constructively and so fulfill one's divine plan (or “reason for being”).

The word “liberty” comes from “libra” which means “book” and the book held in the left arm of the Statue of Liberty represents “The book which contains the Law of Life”.

The torch, of course, represents illumination, by means of which all who live in America and all who enter therein from elsewhere may be enabled not only to read—but completely to understand and apply the Law of Life—I AM—which understanding and loving co-operation therewith brings true freedom!

Many are the love shrines and foci of the accumulated energies of lifestreams who, in the past, have loved liberty and freedom more than life itself in many lands—sacrificing their all for them.

To our beloved chelas in every land we say—”Be ever grateful—even as we of the ascended host are—for every one and every activity in your land which has brought and is now bringing greater light and liberty to your people”.
We mention America in this Pearl today because of her divine destiny—that for which she was created—to be the heart of the world in the permanent golden age which is quite rapidly opening before all.

Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty! Therefore, a strong and grateful love for one's country (not only his native land but also for his “adopted” nation) and a fervently determined desire to have them well-governed and invincibly protected at all times should not be considered as belonging only to a specified few who are able to dedicate their entire time and energies thereto.

Our loyal chelas will do all they can to this end—making at least one daily call to us and like calls should also go forth from every beating heart who lives, moves and has his (or her) being within the spacious borders of this dear land.

Will you give us of your life for this purpose that we may have the authority necessary to be given from your octave—to enable us to act for you?

Your manifest Freedom—I AM—Saint Germain (The Ascended Master)

Note: Gracious reader! May we offer a suggested decree for daily use?

Ascended Master Saint Germain“Beloved ‘I AM' Presence—
I thank thee for my birth
Into that lovely nation
Which has been ‘home' for me on earth.

“Now be that land America—
Or elsewhere on earth's sod;
I call through her Love's violet fire
To raise her now to God.

“Give Cosmic Light's protection
To all that's good and true;
Hold Freedom there inviolate—
Let God's Will govern too!

“Hold for her and her people
Eternal Peace to reign;
Until for every nation
Light governs there again!”

This ascended master dictation by the Master Saint Germain is published in its entirety in the Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 2 no. 20, May 22, 1959.

The Pearls of Wisdom® have been published continuously by The Summit Lighthouse since 1958.  The Pearls of Wisdom are available electronically as free ePearls (PDF Pearls of Wisdom sent by email).

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