Cosmic Mirror in the Etheric Retreat of Saint Germain

Cosmic Mirror in the Etheric Retreat of Saint Germain

Cave of Symbols, Home of the Cosmic Mirror

Welcome to a glimpse inside the Cave of Symbols, etheric retreat of Saint Germain in Table Mountain in North America's Rocky Mountains. The Universities of the Spirit are held there for lightbearers to travel in their finer bodies at night.

The Cosmic Mirror is on the east wall of the Crystal Chamber.

When you have reached a certain degree of attainment, you can be taken by the master before the Cosmic Mirror, which keys into your etheric body and reflects your past lives, including the cause and effect upon your world of every thought, feeling, word and deed you have ever manifested.

The Cosmic Mirror also reflects the original blueprint of your divine plan that is placed upon the etheric body when the soul is born in the heart of God. In viewing your past lives, you then may learn what portion of the divine plan you have outpictured.

You may see what conditions in your world must be corrected and what good momentums you have developed that you can now use to overcome the difficulties of the past and the present and thus fulfill your divine plan in the very near future.

It is a very real and enlivening experience to stand before the Cosmic Mirror in this retreat.

But you need to be ready to look through the illusions, the fantasies and the synthetic self.  You must be able to own up to the deceits that the ego continually practices against itself.

If you sincerely would like to get rid of these illusions you may call to Saint Germain to be taken to stand before the Cosmic Mirror.

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Excerpted from The Masters and Their Retreats by Elizabeth Clare Prophet, ed. Annice Booth.

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