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Take a sacred journey in the comfort of your own home! Summit University's Sacred Adventure Series home study courses give you a great, interactive introduction to the teachings of the ascended masters.

Sacred Adventure series

The book series The Sacred Adventure, based on the Teachings of the Ascended Masters, offers an in-depth look at your spiritual origin and destiny.

Apply these practical tips and techniques in your daily life and see the change!

The Sacred Adventure Series is for those whose goal is self-mastery. It consists of several books that provide a road map for successfully traversing the spiritual journey of life while in the thick of everyday affairs. Life is a sacred adventure because we are spiritual beings sojourning and living in a physical world, coping with the pull of the soul's yearning for reunion with Spirit while simultaneously living through the mundane experiences of corporeal existence.

The Sacred Adventure Series explains how to engage fully in this challenge and reap maximum fruit from this experience. By following the down-to-earth steps, you can enter a more rapidly ascending spiral of soul evolution. Invaluable tips and keys will help you achieve an amazing transformation of consciousness over the course of time.

The Spiritual Quest - Sacred Adventure SeriesSacred Adventure Series, Book 1

The Spiritual Quest

BUY The Spiritual Quest

  • In-depth look at your spiritual origin and destiny
  • Exercises, meditations and spiritual techniques to accelerate your progress.
  • practical tips to help you apply these teachings in your daily life.
  • Includes links to free audio tracks
  • More intimately connect with your Higher Self.

The Spiritual Quest Audio links:

1. Meditation: Great Central Sun

2. Meditation on the “I AM THAT I AM”

3. I AM Affirmations exercise

4. Heart Meditation and Mantra

5. Introit to the Holy Christ Self decree

6. Meditation: Radiating the Light of Spirit

7. I AM the Violet Flame decree

8. Chakra Clearance with I AM Affirmations

9.Hail Mary prayer

10. Tube of Light decree

11. Radiant Spiral, Violet Flame decree

12. Traveling Protection decree

13. Balance the Threefold Flame in Me decree

14. Meditation on Your Ascension

15. Archangel Michael decree for protection

Meeting The Masters - Sacred Adventure SeriesSacred Adventure Series, Book 2

Meeting the Masters

BUY Meeting the Masters

  • Exploring our teeming Cosmos
  • The strength of Divine Will
  • Soul travel
  • The angelic kingdom
  • The comfort of Divine Love
  • The threefold flame
  • The brilliance of Divine Wisdom
  • Includes links to free audio tracks with meditations and exercises

Meeting the Masters links:

1. Meditation: Expanding the Boundaries of Your Consciousness

2. Spoken Word Practice: Giving Fiats

3. Throat Chakra exercise

4. Devotional and Chanted Decree exercise

5. Tube of Light decree

6. Crown Chakra exercise

7. Meditation: Expanding the Light of the Aura

8. Meditation: Contacting Angels

9. Fiats to the Seven Archangels

10. Heart Chakra exercise

11. Meditation: Expandingyour Threefold Flame

12. Proper Release of Fohat exercise

13. Heart, Head and Hand decrees

SA3 - Working With MastersSacred Adventure Series, Book 3

Working with the Masters

BUY Working with the Masters

  • The Joy of Divine Purity
  • The Light of the Divine Mother
  • The Science of Wholeness
  • The Creative Power of Music
  • The Power of Love in Action
  • Exploring Elemental Life
  • The Gift of Divine Freedom
  • Your Path of Personal Christhood

Working with the Masters links:

1. Meditation: Raising the Light of the Divine Mother

2. Decree 40.00 Prayer of Purity

3. Song 617 Bija Mantras to the Feminine Deities

4. Song 625 Buddhist mantras, Number 4, Om Tare Tuttare Ture Svaha

5. Song 625 Buddhist mantras, Number 5, Om Ah Hum Vajra Guru Padma Siddhi Hum

6. Decree 10.14 Decree to Beloved Mighty Astrea

7. Decree 50.03 Come We Now Before Thy Flame

8. Song 171 Come Holy Dove

9. Lyrics of Come Holy Dove PDF

10. Song 585 Great Central Sun

11. Lyrics of Great Central Sun PDF

12. Meditation: Tuning into the Music of the Spheres

13. Folk music sample

14. Waltz music sample

15. March music sample

16. Indian raga sample

17. Song 617, Bija Mantras to the Feminine Deities, Number 1 only, Sarasvati mantra

18. Song 96, The Hail Mary

19. Decree 1.00, The Keepers’ Daily Prayer

20. Song 393: Love to the Elementals

21. Decree 7.07, Set the Elementals Free

22. Mantra I Am a Being of Violet Fire, I AM the Purity God Desires

23. Decree 70.15, O Saint Germain, Send Violet Flame

24. Song 188, More

25. Song 211, Lanto, Beloved Lanto

26. Song 215, Paul the Venetian

27. Song 224, All Hail, Mighty Serapis Bey

28. Song 229, Master Dear, Hilarion

29. Song 232, Beloved Nada, Our Chohan Divine

30. Song 237, I Love Your Waltz to Saint Germain

31. Lyrics of Songs to Seven Chohans PDF

32. Meditation: The Island of the Seven Rays

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