Rub the Violet Flame Lamp…

Rub the Violet Flame Lamp…

…and See What Happens

This violet flame post is an excerpt from Elohim Arcturus' 1993 Easter Retreat address, published in the Pearls of Wisdom Vol. 36 No. 30.

So you will decide whether the violet flame shall be for you the point of the springboard of your victory!

So you will decide whether this vessel of chakras shall now be the seven openings for the flame of violet fire to pass through as you allow yourself to be Krishna’s flute!

So you will decide what the violet flame will be as the x factor in the turning around of your life, your economy, your outlook!

Everything that happens to you in this world can be altered by the violet flame! Only you can decide. The violet flame sea is in place. Omri-Tas is in place. We, Elohim of the Seventh Ray, saturate the earth daily with violet flame dew.

So, beloved hearts, you will decide whether the waters under the earth, whether the earth itself, whether all this pollution that is killing wildlife and killing the bodies of human beings shall be transmuted or whether it shall not. For somehow this human mind that carries the cast of the dweller-on-the-threshold and the not-self does not quite believe, even in the minds and hearts of chelas, that the violet flame can do everythingeverything that you need to have done.

I am going to take you on tours once again. I am going to take Lightbearers who make it to the universities of the Spirit in the etheric octave on tours to the Violet Planet. I want you to see with your very eyes, your spiritual eyes and your spiritual senses, what the violet flame can do for you day by day and what you can do for planet earth. All rests in the hearts of those who become true believers in the violet flame.

Now, many of you believe you are true believers. But, beloved ones, true believers will truly do more when they see daily and nightly on the news and in the papers the catastrophes that are happening everywhere.

Have you been swift, then, to douse the explosions with violet flame–the most recent one having been in the Soviet Union, where there has been toxic chemicals, toxic radioactive substance spewing forth? Have you been quick to leap upon this and that situation with your violet flame decrees?

Well, beloved ones, if you have not, I understand. For I see clearly that the violet flame has not sunk deeply enough into your being and consciousness to absolutely convince you that your voice giving the violet flame calls will make the difference, and that those calls shall be multiplied ten thousand times ten thousand, and that your mandates shall be carried out by all legions of the violet flame and those whom you send under Sanat Kumara and the Seven Archangels according to the dispensation given.

Yes, beloved hearts, seeing is going to be believing. And we are going to see to it that at some level of your being, both conscious and unconscious, you shall acknowledge the miracles of the very violet flame that you invoke.

When an alchemist goes to his laboratory, if he does not perform the experiment, if he does not engage in alchemy, nothing happens. Well, if you do nothing, you will see nothing! And so the experiment must include your invoking the violet flame for a certain amount of time each day until you have a momentum building in your aura.

After all, beloved, you are used to paying a price for a Popsicle or a candy bar or a bottle of Coke. Why not pay the price, through giving decrees to the violet flame, for more violet flame to come along and multiply everything that is good and beautiful in your life and clean out of your life all that is not good and beautiful?

The violet flame is the wonder drug of the century. It is the wonder flame! And it can make the difference as to which way planet earth goes.

I don’t mind if you whistle the violet flame, sing the violet flame, jump and dance to the violet flame, do circle dances to all of your music to the violet flame, create new music to the violet flame decrees. I don’t mind whatever you do. Make games out of it! Do marathons with it! But whatever you do, beloved ones, you have to get busy with exciting and innovative methods to bring that violet flame into every area of your life and to bring it there at the point where it counts, with the science of the spoken Word–your word, your tongue, your vocal cords and your chakras.

. . .

Many of you have seen the film Aladdin, and you have said to yourselves, “Now, that is just what I need–I need a genie!” And then you have stopped and thought and said to yourselves, “Wait a minute. I have a genie. El Morya is my genie! El Morya will do anything for me that I ask him to do that is within the will of God and that is the will of God.”

Well, Saint Germain is a genie also. So you have your genies. In fact, you have ten thousand-times-ten thousand genies! For look at all the Ascended Masters and hosts of the Lord who when they hear just one command from you, when that command is qualified by the will of God, will answer your call and perform for you so long as what you are asking for is the will of God and it is in keeping with the cosmic timetable for that event.

So you see, you cannot cry boohoo that you do not have a genie. You are all Aladdins and all you need to do is rub the violet flame lamp and see what happens! Are you not even interested in seeing what will happen if you turn up the violet flame decrees, beloved ones?

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