Ring the Planet with Violet Flame

Ring the Planet with Violet Flame

This excerpt on the violet flame is from the Goddess of Liberty's 1996 address, A Fierce Determination to Save This Planet published in the 2003 Pearls of Wisdom Vol. 46 No. 12.

Now you have heard of Saint Germain's great need for the violet flame to forestall a cataclysm that, once begun, will not be turned around.1 You have also heard from Omri-Tas and his dispensations.2 Blessed ones, in order for the violet flame to be effective, it must pass through your throat chakra as you demonstrate to all life the science of the spoken Word, which is the all-power of God and his Word in the Beginning.

It is not enough to know about the violet flame. You must pursue it. You must take your mantras that you know and say them even between dialing phone calls or waiting for a bus or having downtime here and there. Shout your violet-flame fiats to the heavens, beloved.

You may be small in numbers but you are vast in the multiplication of your causal bodies. As you could see those causal bodies combine as one, you would see the superstrength that you have in God. The key is to believe that you have that strength and the power of that causal body and that mighty I AM Presence to bring down to the earth that power of transmutation.

Beloved ones, you see what you can accomplish here. I ask you truly to discover ways and means to multiply that action. When you tie in through the phone patch3 to King Arthur's Court, you have points of light all over the United States and anywhere in the world where there are keepers of the flame and telephone service. You have the opportunity to ring the planet by the conveyance through the telephone lines with violet flame, with violet flame of Arcturus and Victoria and all the legions of the Violet Planet.

1. Saint Germain's great need for the violet flame to forestall cataclysm. On March 2, 1996, Saint Germain said: “If you who know better do not engage in serious karma balancing, giving powerful fiats to the violet flame for world transmutation, you could very well see come to pass that cataclysm that has been predicted for so long. And if it come to pass, the advances civilization has achieved to this hour could take thousands of years to regain, depending on the severity of earth changes. Continents could be severed and nations divided….

“Understand this, beloved: The sine wave of the ages continues regardless of the comings and goings of humanity. It is irrevocable. It can no more be stopped than the rising and the setting of the sun or the rotation of the earth around the sun. But the course that humanity takes in the cycles of the night (the cycles of returning karma) and the cycles of the day (the cycles of opportunity to sow seeds of good karma and to balance negative karma) will determine how the ages are outplayed….

“Humanity must reverse the tide of their descending karma so that they might transmute that karma by their violet-flame decrees before it crystallizes in the physical octave. For once humanity's negative karma does crystallize in the earth, in the four lower bodies of the people and in all life…, it will take a tremendous effort…to purify the world of its human effluvia. If this should come to pass, then planetary cataclysm will become the solution of God and Nature to humanity's misuse of their material and spiritual resources. And humanity's self-created nightmare will be irreversible….

“By your diligent application of the violet flame you can not only forestall cataclysm but also accelerate world enlightenment. Beloved, if you can keep ahead of the descending avalanche of negative world karma through your violet-flame decrees and your service to me and to the Darjeeling Council, then we may have a victory that is without precedent in the annals of the Great White Brotherhood!” (1996 Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 39, no. 8). See also Saint Germain, July 4, 1996, “Give Me Three Years” (delivered following the dictation of the Goddess of Liberty), in 1998 Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 41, no. 27.

2. For background on Omri-Tas and key violet-flame dispensations, see 1991 Pearls of Wisdom, pp. 746-50. See also Omri-Tas, July 4, 1996, in 1998 Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 41, no. 28.

3. Connection to King Arthur's Court via telephone patch. In 1996, headquarters and participating teaching centers and study groups began using teleconferencing equipment to bridge, or “patch,” the audio program in King Arthur's Court to groups throughout the United States and Canada as well as to international groups. This process allowed devotees at these centers to simultaneously participate in conferences and services conducted at the ranch. That technology has since been replaced with Internet broadcasts.

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