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Free Spiritual Lessons

Free Spiritual Lessons

In October, The Summit Lighthouse launched four “free spiritual lessons” sites: angels, karma, chakras, and The Story of Sanat Kumara.

These lessons provide interactive online paths of practical spirituality for you. This isn't just book learning – but information and tools to experience working with angels, transcending your karma and clearing and using the Light of your chakras.

Study groups can also use these lessons for their online or offline studies.

The special site dedicated to the Story of Sanat Kumara is very close to many of our hearts.

Visitors are greeted with a slide show to the song “Arise, Shine, For Thy Light Is Come” along with the soul-moving story told by Sanat Kumara of his descent to earth with the volunteers from Venus.

Angel Lessons

Want to learn how to improve your life or – on a greater scale – make the world a better place?

With the aid of the seven archangels, that becomes an exciting opportunity! The Archangels Lessons website contains ten lessons to help you build a strong and long-lasting relationship with the archangels, your guardian angels, and …well all the angels of the rainbow rays!
archangels lessons

Start your Angel Lessons!

Chakra Lessons

Gain powerful insights and tools for wholeness based on the science of the body’s subtle energy system with a series of Chakra Lessons – each one with meditation, visualization and “Prove it!” exercises.

chakra lessons

Vitalize your seven energy centers!

Karma and Reincarnation

Lessen your karma with Karma Lessons. Overcome the challenges of your negative karma, leverage the momentums of your good karma, plus learn the great secret of transmutation.

Transcend your past and transform your future …once and for all!

karma lessons

Start Lessening Your Karma Here

The Story of Sanat Kumara

Who can forget the story of how many of the lightbearers came to earth on a rescue mission?

Unfortunately, most of them.

At the Story of Sanat Kumara website, souls can reconnect with that dim memory, that heart call from home, the reason they feel like an off-worlder on this war-torn planet.

Starting with a moving slide show (!) to the “Arise, Shine!” song to Sanat Kumara, visitors then unroll the scroll recounting – in Sanat Kumara's own words – how the journey began.

The Story of Sanat Kumara

Go to the Story of Sanat Kumara




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