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Saint Germain On Alchemy

Formulas for Self-Transformation

Saint Germain gives you the principles of alchemy, the best use of violet flame mantras and visualizations, and how to use them to change your life. more



Train to be a master with Saint Germain…the Man Who Would Not Die!

Saint Germain On Alchemy shows you the deceptively simple steps of spiritual alchemy that can create miracles in your life! Want to affect your health, wealth and peace of mind? Saint Germain reveals the principles of alchemy, the use of violet flame mantras and visualizations, and how to effectively use them.

Enjoy spiritual, mental, emotional and physical transformation.

However, let’s start at the beginning: Saint Germain On Alchemy introduces you to the ascended master Saint Germain by following him through his last lifetimes: Christopher Columbus, Sir Francis Bacon and the Comte de Saint Germain. Finding the common thread in these lifetimes, you gain a deep appreciation for a soul who never stopped in his quest. And you learn how to recognize your own soul’s determination, what it is you are here to do!

Alchemy for the Fastest, Safest Way of Change

Then unravel the steps of initiation that your soul faces to open your heart, rein in the intellectual mind (that for all its smartness still gets misled by the five senses) and build mastery changing the world within and without.

Top it all off with one of the greatest spiritual expositions of the nature of your fiery heart. Defeat the mind games the world plays to make you forget who you really are. Who you really are, in the end, is what it is all about. It is also more expansive, powerful and loving than anything you’ve ever imagined.

The Violet Flame – the Secret Alchemical Ingredient

The violet flame is the friend of every alchemist. When called into action, it always brings the “perfect work.” As an aspect of the Holy Spirit, the violet flame naturally brings you closer to your inner divinity. It is the key to the putting off the corruptible and putting on the incorruptible as Saint Paul put it.

Saint Germain On Alchemy is a book. You on alchemy is a world changing event. Go for it!


  • Format: Paperback, eBook, Kindle Edition
  • Publication Date: January 1, 1993
  • Lenght: 548 pages
  • Dimensions: 4.25 x 1 x 7 inches
  • Weight: ‎ 0.035 ounces
Author Elizabeth Clare Prophet

About the author

Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Elizabeth Clare Prophet (1939-2009) was an author, teacher, messenger and leader of The Summit Lighthouse. Like her husband, Mark L. Prophet, her calling was to be a prophet of God, or one who delivers the Word of God. Trained by the Ascended Masters, she delivered their messages to the world through the power of the Holy Spirit.

These messages, known as “dictations,” contain the words of the heavenly host, as well as a transfer of light for soul quickening and initiation. While receiving these dictations, she was fully conscious yet in an exalted state. The messages occurred through the conveyance of the Holy Spirit and not through psychicism or spiritualism where a disembodied spirit takes over the body of a channeler.

Editorial Reviews

If you think alchemy is just some archaic sleight of hand for changing lead into gold, “Saint Germain on Alchemy” will set you straight. It’s about transformation: transforming yourself first spiritually and then materially. But it doesn’t stop there. Alchemy aims to transform the world itself, to guide the unfoldment of history. Don’t say it’s incredible until you’ve read the book, experimented with the techniques and seen the results for yourself. Then you’ll know: Saint Germain is for real.

– Richard Nolle, author of Critical Astrology: Investigating the Cosmic Connection Verified Buyer Reviews

  • Change your thinking by changing your mold

    Since the day you were born you have been molded. Here is a book on how to break your mold and create a new one. I learned about this book from myself funny enough while doing meditations. The name kept appearing and so I looked it up. The book has helped me further my growth and insight into myself. It has also helped me to grow as a person. I've found that it's been read by all kinds of people and everyone says they've learned something from it. I highly recommend it to everyone!

  • Understanding Who You Are and Why You Are Here

    This book has very clear and direct explanations on the advantage of the Alchemist. This is very important because they can become who they are suppose to be to humanity. St Germain is a wonderful Master and Teacher and in this book becomes the leader to any who are willing to put all on the line and become who they are ordained to be. It is not a book that will let you play at this, but it is a book that will instruct you how to Walk the Walk and not just talk it. I loved the book and would suggest any serious student of alchemy to buy it.

  • Invaluable Knowledge

    This book changed my life. I randomly picked it up on the shelf of a bookstore one day with some interest in Alchemy. When I saw how inexpensive it was, I bought it. From a beginners point of view, this book was ideal for me. It's not so much about any practical laboratory alchemy as it is "Formulas For Self-Transformation." Reading about Saint Germain and his efforts put forth to help humanity is quite amazing. It gave me a personal figure to aspire to probably about the same as Jesus himself. And I wasn't at all religious before reading this book, but it helped to give me a new concept of the world of saints and of alchemy. This is a golden nugget of knowledge, highly recommended. After flipping the first few pages and reading, "Dedicated to the disciples of East and West who would be the first alchemists of the Aquarian age," I moved this book to the top of my priority list of reading material, and am very glad that I did!

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