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Alchemy of the Heart

Alchemy of the Heart

Partners, parents, children, divorce, loss, addictions… even the most intense relationships and lessons of the heart can become an open door to a higher love.

These sensitive, profound, and rare insights help us gain entrée into the most precious, and misunderstood, component of our being—the heart. They show us that while love can be compassionate and nurturing, it can also be powerful, dynamic and practical—a catalyst for spiritual growth.

You’ll learn how the mature heart overcomes hidden blocks to giving and receiving more love. How you can soften and strengthen the heart to create more meaningful relationships in all areas of your life. And how even the most intense lessons of love, if we are willing to learn from them, can be the open door to a higher love—and a higher way of loving. Alchemy of the Heart is filled with spiritual wisdom for your personal journey of the heart.


There is no way you can read this book and not feel more love for those around you-and as you do, you can see the healing changes that love will bring. – Magical Blend Magazine

It is critical for personal well being and the betterment of world relations to open the heart to its highest spiritual potential—that is, divine love. This book explores how we can recapture this experience by nurturing ourselves, cultivating gratitude, overcoming self-criticism, using affirmations and prayers, guarding against toxic thoughts and feelings….Prophet guides us through these processes drawing on her extensive spiritual experience…with frequent use of anecdotes and quotations….Through this ‘pocket guide to practical spirituality’ we learn the alchemical means to heal and empower our hearts, fulfill our reason for being, and extend our capacity to love. In other words, we learn how we can become ‘a living transformer of love.’ – Bodhi Tree Book Review


The Story of Your Soul

The Story of Your Soul

The soul…a pearl cast into the sea of the material universe. To go after that pearl and recover your true identity is the goal of life. How? By awakening and overcoming. Find answers to your soul’s questing and questioning “Who am I?” with a concise overview of: Your soul’s divine potential Free will and karma… Continue Reading

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