The Power of Pure Love – The Story of the Miller and His Wife

The Power of Pure Love – The Story of the Miller and His Wife

In the cynicism of our age, we've lost the sense of the power of pure love. We no longer have the buoyant joyous attitude toward life where each day is a new opportunity to give our love as a unique gift to those around us.

Too often we underestimate our ability to transform lives through our example. Djwal Kul, known throughout the world as the Master DK, once related this story of the miller and his wife.

There lived by the sea a gentle soul who was a miller. He and his wife served together to grind the grain for the people of their town. And it came to pass that in all the land there were no communities where so much happiness reigned as there. Their countrymen marveled and wondered, for they recognized that something unusual must have happened to make the members of this community so singularly wise and happy. And although the townsfolk themselves were born, grew up, matured to adulthood and passed from the screen of life within the community, never in all of their living were they able to understand the mystery. Tonight I shall draw aside the curtain and tell you what made the people of this community so happy and prosperous, so joyous and wise.

It was the service of the miller and his wife and the love which they put into the flour. For this love was carried home in sacks of flour on the backs of those who patronized their mill and was then baked into their bread. At every meal the regenerative power of love from the miller and his wife was radiated around the table and it entered their physical bodies as they partook of the bread.

Thus, like radioactive power, the energy of this vibrant love from the miller and his wife was spread throughout the community.

The neighbors did not know the reason for their happiness and none of the people were ever able to discover it. For sometimes–although they live side by side–mankind are unable to pry the most simple secrets about one another. And so the mysteries of divine love continue to defy probing by the human consciousness, but we of the Ascended Masters’ octave occasionally choose to make them known to you by sharing these gems with you.

The instruction which I would bring to you tonight concerns physical properties and their power to retain the radiation of those who handle them. The food which you eat, beloved ones, when prepared by hands charged with divine love, enters into your physical body and creates a much greater degree of spiritual happiness than mankind would at first realize. Those who are wise will recognize the truth of what I am saying; and if they must partake of food from unknown sources, they will be certain that they have removed by the violet transmuting flame those undesirable momentums of human creation whose radiation can do no good to the individual who partakes thereof and much harm to him who is unwary and therefore unprotected. (1972Pearl of Wisdom Vol. 15 No. 15.)

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