Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 57 No. 20 - Beloved Serapis Bey - October 15, 2014

Discipline Is the Highest Compassion

Conquer the Self
and Thereby Become Champions of Humanity

Let the strings of the soul be taut for the striking by the hand of the Master Harpist. Let the strings of the soul be God-taught. Let them be disciplined in the sacred fire, pitched at the point of celestial harmony.

The geometry of the soul is impelled into manifestation by discipline. And so I come, sent by God, as the Guru of initiates of the sacred fire. If you would wait a million years for mastery, go find another, for Serapis is impatient for perfection. If you would while away the hours in self-indulgence, find another teacher. Find one who is willing to wait with you for the sands in the hourglass to fall one by one until, after the indulgence is spent and the most precious beads of life are gone, you come to the feet of your God empty-handed.

This is an hour when those who desire initiation through self-discipline are called to Luxor.1 For the Lord has need of those who will be true of course to the Self within, true of course to the hierarchy of light, but above all true to the cause of truth itself, true to humanity.

It is one thing to love the Inner Self. It is another to serve for the sake of God. But I say, I am looking for initiates who come forth to be disciplined, not for self-mastery, not for the universal order, but for humanity. I look for those who are willing to make the sacrifice to lay down their lives if necessary, as it was said of the Buddha, who laid down himself in the path that another of the hierarchs of light might pass over. And in the face of this humility of the Buddha, the great hierarch declared that that humble servant—that one who had placed his body in the rut in the road that another might walk over—that that one would one day be the Buddha.2 And so it came to pass, in evolutions beyond evolutions, the realization of the Buddhic light and the Christ consciousness because selflessness reigned.

Above All, Serve Humanity

Therefore, serve the light, serve the Real Self, but above all serve humanity. For they require your love, they require your ingenuity. And to attain these, you must have the discipline of the Master, the Master Harpist, who would play the strings of your souls. A string for each soul shows the necessity for interaction, for one string is not a melody but a tone of the arc of the Infinite.

Therefore understand the group mandala in hierarchy—souls meshing tonal qualities, souls pitched for the perfect harmony, souls ready to act in unison; an army of light, if you will; a snowflake of light, as I see it, each crystal a soul. Moving as one across the cosmos, you find that the greatest reward is in group effort for group action for humanity.

But I tell you, working for humanity, you will not find the rewards from that humanity, but the reward is always from within, from the Real Self, from the energy source of life. For you see, inasmuch as ye have done it unto the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.3

To serve the Christ in all is to receive the reward of the Christ. To that end, I discipline. To that end, I initiate. And I am concerned with the top flight, the gold of consciousness. I am concerned with those who have the discipline, the military sense of the geometry of God, the rhythm of the “Triumphal March,”4 the rhythm of destiny, of the conquering hero who conquers the self and thereby becomes the champion of humanity.

Oh, I say to you, come apart. Come out from among them! Come out from the density of the lesser self, and be the ennobling factor of the Real Self of all. You can endow life. You can impart a flame. Within you is an energy that can be conveyed. As a fan flows from the hand of the Mother, so the facets of life flowing from you are the transforming energies of God.

We need not complicate cosmic law. Cosmic law is love in action. Cosmic love is law in action. Cosmic love and law are your faith, your hope, your joy.

If you would be initiated, then I say, be willing to come to the feet of your own reality first. Then be willing to accept that there is a reality which God has vested in beings, in masters, who have gone beyond this phase and this plane, who have a greater grasp of the Real Self than you now do, though you have equal opportunity to attain that grasp. They have reached for the Infinite and they have won! But they look back and extend a hand, for they won by love for humanity.

Therefore I say, take the hand of hierarchy. Take the hand extended. Walk slow or swiftly, but walk with measured beat, steady in the rhythm of your own reality. Press toward the mark and the prize of the high calling—the calling of the law of your Inner Self. And know that if you would attain swiftly, I am there to impel you forward. I am there with the sword of the ascension flame to strip you of your human consciousness, to strip you of your preferences of self over and above that vital link in the chain of hierarchy, humanity itself.

Strive for Perfection
as a Reinforcement for Souls Who Will Come after You

There are those who have come to Summit University who have understood and felt my presence there these past twelve weeks5 as the initiate, as the discipline of the sacred fire in you. I have left a permanent focus of my flame there. For to me, the discipline and the love of the discipline is the highest love of all because it is the willingness to press for those microseconds of perfection, the willingness to go all the way for the perfect mark, the willingness to not be satisfied with mediocrity. Do you understand that if you set a record of life and impress that record upon the ethers, upon the history of the sands of a planet, that record will be stamped also upon the molecules and atoms of the being of all, for being is one.

Do you understand that there is always the chance that those who follow after you will not quite make the matrix. As you set the perfect square, so those who follow may not quite have the momentum for the square.

And so you always have to count on the fact that unless you strive for perfection, those who come after you will follow far short of the mark. And therefore to start with mediocrity is to end up with a very, very poor showing of energy. And so, you must count on a certain dissipation of a focus as that focus is transmitted generation to generation.

Therefore, leave the most perfect, the most pure, the most loving, the highest truth, the highest law you know as a reinforcement of all souls abiding here. And be satisfied only when you awake in the likeness of your Real Self. This is the only satisfaction, not pride in mortal accomplishment, for mortal accomplishment can always be exceeded. There is always someone to break the record to exceed mortality. But perfection as a goal is an instrument for the conveyance of cosmic virtue. Every mark of perfection is a cup which you extend to a brother, to a sister.

To Deny Your Essential Reality Is to Deny Love

Be not brittle in your self-discipline, but know that discipline is the highest compassion because it is the tender regard for the Real Self, the elevation of the Real Self at the price of the synthetic image; and thereby of course the synthetic self is deprived of energy, of identity, of Be-ness. And therefore take care that as that synthetic self moves into the spiral of the flame and is transmuted, you do not tarry, in sympathy, with the disintegration spiral whereby atoms and molecules are separated, refined, purified and renewed for the more noble creation of the Real Self.

Therefore I say, the discipline of the energies of the four lower bodies is the highest compassion, the highest love. Those who are steeped in sympathy, in self-pity, in their mourning, in their agreement with the human dilemma, these will not understand the sharpness of the two-edged sword keeping the way of the tree of life eastward in Eden.6 These do not understand the sword that comes with the Christ, who said, “I came not to bring peace but a sword.”7

The sword is the living flame of the sacred Word that strikes through the being and consciousness of man, cleaving asunder the Real from the unreal. It is the sword of the Cosmic Surgeon. And the cut is clean. It is swift and sometimes sudden. It is the highest compassion.

If thy right eye offend thee, cut it out, and thy right arm, cut it off.8 These are the words of the disciplinarian of the hierarch of Luxor. Be willing to sacrifice any aspect of self for the greater effulgence and the fulfillment of the law of the Real Self. And do not tolerate the whispering in the night of the fallen ones, who plea and cry, “Where is love? Where is pity? Where is charity?” For I say, to be in sympathy with the lesser self is to deny to the Real Self the all-consuming flame of cosmic charity.

I ask you to reconsider love, then, as the highest form of agreement with the law of God. I ask you to consider that the failure to obey that law that is the geometry of your own inner being is a total absence of love. And no amount of prattle about love and the love generation will ever change the fact that to deny your essential reality is to deny love.

Love, in the highest sense of the word, is sacrifice of the aspects of the lesser self that impede the flow of cosmic light to a world burdened with selfishness. And the pus of selfishness festers in the earth, in her people. I say, lance it! Expose it! Let it be consumed by the sacred fire! Let mankind be purged of this nonsense—this preference for the nonreality nonessential not-self. Let them be purged! Let them come into alignment! And by alignment, let them know the only true freedom. The freedom to be is the freedom to be one with Reality.

I pledge to you my flame in support of your God-reality. If you will allow me to enter your life, to flow with you, to be with you in the hour of testing, you will see what love is made of, what stuff the stars are formed of. You will see what causes a universe to tick and tock to the beat of the heart of life. You will see what that flame can produce as regeneration, as the recalling of the soul's potential within you.

Do you know that the ascension flame, when applied to the caduceus, can raise up the Mother flame within you? And the feminine ray is the exaltation of life in man and in woman as creative potential and intuitive faculty, as the ability to create and coalesce in Mater the City Foursquare. Do you know that the ascension flame applied to your soul chakra can resurrect, by a touch of the fire, the Real Image, the seed pattern destined to become a star?

Invitation to Witness the Ascension of a Soul

Here a star is born, right here in the ascension flame. I invite you, one and all, without preference, to come to Luxor this night. For some of you this will be an unprecedented occasion, for heretofore you have not been admitted. The doors have been shut, for only initiates and candidates of the ascension have been allowed in certain classes.

I am inviting you to come as a cross section of humanity. I invite your soul to journey there in its finer body this night so that you can have impressed upon your memory the vision of the ascension flame. And there is scheduled for this night, during the period assigned to your rest, the ritual of an ascension at Luxor. One candidate of the sacred fire has passed the tests and fulfilled the plan, is ready to step into the flame.

I desire that a group from among mankind, believers and unbelievers alike, should witness this, the greatest miracle of life, to behold the ascension of a soul—the merging of the soul with the Spirit of God for the immortal reunion. And I desire that, in each one of you, there should be impressed within your four lower bodies the record that perfection is attainable, that victory is nigh, that if you try you can win.

And then I will show you the record of the book of life of this soul, whom you can welcome and who will welcome you—this soul, a newly ascended being. And I will show you the history of the striving and the devotion. I will also show you the mistakes, the struggles, the trials, the failures, and finally success after success spiraling into a momentum leading to the feeling, the joy, that ultimately bursts within the heart the affirmation: “I can win. I know I can. By God I know I can win!”

And after you have had a victory here and a victory there—not in the pride of the ego but in the joy of communion with the Real Self, who is the overcomer—you know that if you have had a victory once, a victory twice, you can have it again and again and again until the snowballing of victory becomes a causal body on fire with love for humanity.

For that's the point of the striving. That's the point of the discipline. That's why we try harder at Luxor. We try because humanity is waiting—waiting for the sign, waiting for the promise, waiting for the hope, for an elder brother or sister along the Path to say, “Look, I made it. You can make it too.”

That's why I say, come to Luxor this night and see the ceremony of a soul taking flight. Come to Luxor and see. See what the purpose of being is, what life on this planet is all about, and where it leads and the goal. And then, when you return in the morning, though you may not have the direct memory of the inner experience, there will be a bubble of joy in your heart, a feeling of bursting with the inner conviction: “I can make it because God lives in me. I can make it because I AM a flame. I can make it because there is a flame at Luxor, because there is a Serapis Bey and a hierarch and someone who cares about loving me so much that he wants to discipline me.” That is love, precious hearts. Take it to your heart and remember, whatever skill you perfect, in whatever field of your endeavor, the perfecting of the skill is an exercise in self-discipline. Whatever you undertake, fulfill it. Fulfill it well. Complete the cycle. Do not start a project that you cannot finish. To fail to finish a project is to set up a momentum of failure, of incompletion.

There are some among mankind who never finish anything they start. They are full of dreams and ideas, and they start this one and they start that one. And so life to them is an abortion of sacred energy, and when it comes to the ascension, they have a momentum on incompletion.

Well, the ascension is the victory. The ascension is completion. It means following the course all the way to the last hour when the teacher hands you the diploma. When you have finished that last paper, that last exam, that is the hour when victory becomes God-power.

All power in heaven and earth is given unto me.9 I AM the hierarch, in the Christ, of the ascension flame. And to whomsoever I will, I impart that flame, and tonight I am waiting to instill that flame in you.

Come, then. Come on wings of light and wings of song. Come in a prayer. Come in the fragrance of a rose. Come in the bark on the cosmic sea, but come. Come and join in the celebration of the victory of a friend. For some of you know that soul as an intimate friend of love and light of old, and you will be so overjoyed to see that friend attain the victory.

My love is with you always. My love is with you as you strive for perfection, as you surrender every aspect, and as you trust the Eternal Teacher, the Self of God, the God-Self-realized Presence in you.

So then, reflect the glory with shining faces upturned. Reflect the glory of other spheres, of years beyond the years. Reflect that glory. And let it be shining, as a great sun disc, to all humanity who will see the beacon in the night and follow that beacon to the place where one day a group of souls will gather to commemorate an ascension, the ascension of a soul. And that soul, my friend, will be your own.

Until that hour, I AM keeping the flame at Luxor.

Welcome to the flame of purity.

“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance o’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

This dictation by Serapis Bey was delivered by the Messenger of the GreatWhite Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Saturday, December 7, 1974, during the Portals of Purity conference, held in San Francisco, California.

1.Serapis Bey's etheric retreat is superimposed over the physical Temple of Luxor on the Nile River in Egypt. At the Ascension Temple, located in this retreat, Serapis Bey, the great disciplinarian, trains candidates for the ascension.

2. That humble servant …placed his body in the rut in the road that another might walk over. In a dictation published on May 11, 1975 (Pearl of Wisdom Vol. 18, No. 19), Gautama Buddha told the story of Sumedha, a young Brahmin, who laid down on the path for the Buddha to pass over.Gautama explained that Sumedha “was filled with joy when he heard that the Buddha called Dipamkara was coming by the way. While Sumedha was clearing the path for the holy one of holies, he meditated. … And as he was meditating…, lo, came the Buddha, came Dipamkara! The path was not yet cleared, and so quickly he laid himself facedown upon the mud that the Buddha and his disciples might walk over him.… So then, Dipamkara the Buddha approached Sumedha prostrate in the mud and, stopping there, proclaimed to all the company that he, in vast cycles yet to be, would be crowned a Buddha, Lord of All the World.” The young Brahmin, Sumedha, was an embodiment of Gautama Buddha, and Dipamkara (literally “kindler of lights”) was an embodiment of Sanat Kumara. This dictation was reprinted in full in Elizabeth Clare Prophet, “The Perfection of Alms,” in Quietly Comes the Buddha, available at or by calling 1-800-245-5445 or 406-848-9500.

3. Matt. 25:40.

4. The “Triumphal March,” from Giuseppe Verdi's opera Aïda, is the melody of the ascension flame.

5. Serapis Bey was the presiding master for the 1974 fall quarter of Summit University (SU), held in Santa Barbara, California. For more on Summit University, see p. 11, this volume. For a schedule of upcoming SU retreats, seminars and online courses as well as registration information, go to or call 1-800-245-5445 or 406-848-9500.

6. Gen. 3:24.

7. Matt. 10:34.

8. If thy right eye offend thee, cut it out…. Matt. 5:29, 30; 18:7-9; Mark 9:43-48.

9. Matt. 28:18.

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