Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 57 No. 19 - Beloved Elizabeth Clare Prophet - October 1, 2014


The War of Absolute Good and Absolute Evil

We welcome into our midst beloved Archangel Gabriel and enlist his support on a very important subject, one on which he himself has spoken numerous times through dictations and very often to me personally, and that is the subject of terrorism.

Archangel Gabriel's message is that terrorism is the rent in the garment of God-government, society and institutions, and it is the beginning of anarchy. Terrorists declare that they want a better life for the people and that they are working for the good. But in fact they desire anarchy—the breaking down of society, the destruction of the lawful means of evolution upon the planet and the destruction of the democratic process for bringing individuals to office.

The terrorists of this planet are the worst gang of hellions walking the earth. We realize that were they to gain momentum, the life of every man, woman and child, every citizen, could be in jeopardy twenty-four hours a day. It is worse than murder and the murderous intent. It is worse than assassination. For the goal is the destruction of the very foundation of life, which is the foundation of the Mother, the culture of the Mother, the ancient cultures of the golden ages of Lemuria and early Atlantis.

We understand, therefore, that the crack in the door of America is upon us. And we must push back, as it were, the nose of the camel before he is completely inside the tent.

Inflicting Terror
to Extract Light from the People

Terrorism, of course, comes from the word terror. And the purpose of terrorism is the inflicting of terror upon the people, and this terror in itself is the ultimate fear. There is no greater word for fear that you can use. In gradations of fear, you can talk about anxiety, nervousness, tension, fear, doubt, and then you come to the word terror. When something strikes terror in your heart, it's like facing the living death or the living hell. It's the ultimate fear, and that is the point.

There is a great deal of satisfaction on the part of the devils and fallen angels to be able to extract this reaction from the children of the light, because when there is terror in an individual, as you can imagine an individual being wide-eyed with fright, there is a wide opening of the chakras. It's like the spilling of blood and it is the spilling of light. If you are in a state of terror, you are not in God-control to retain and control the light.

So, you see, the ultimate purpose of terrorists is to extract light from the people in large quantities, to store it in reservoirs, and to have it to use when they themselves no longer have the tie to the God Source. So its purpose is not only the destruction of democratic institutions but also the milking of the people.

Mass terror and fear on the part of a population is part of the game of murder. Terrorists never murder without first inciting extreme fear. And therefore to incite mass terror and fear in a population before they are killed is to extract the greatest amount of light from them.

The Archetype of Absolute Evil

The presence of terrorism can be calculated best by the type of evolution involved, where their hatred comes from, whether it is an absolute hatred or a relative hatred, which is terminology that Archangel Gabriel taught me. He has explained that Absolute Evil started with a force of rebels and a galactic rebellion, beginning with an archangel and many angels who fell. And in their rebellion they swore an eternal vow against the living Christ, and they determined to destroy absolutely the living Christ and the organization of that Christ. These archetypes, as we know, figure in the Book of Revelation.

We understand that relative evil is demonstrated in those acts, which may be called sins, that are committed by children of God and can be rectified and forgiven because they are performed by individuals who if they knew better would do better. But there is a group of individuals running around the Matter universe who have sworn eternal hostility, not the hostility of the ones who have declared the counterrevolution against the forces of evil, but in fact the ones, the very fallen angels, who have sworn eternal hostility against the living Christ. You have forces in embodiment representing Absolute Evil who have an absolute determination to the death to destroy that which represents the light and freedom of the planet, which comes down to the United States of America and her allies, to the I AM Race.

When you consider the stakes and the Final Judgment and their enmity with Christ, you understand the suicide mission. You understand that they have nothing to lose because these are devils in embodiment who have already been judged for the Final Judgment, whose names are not written in the Book of Life, who therefore are like an ever-present firecracker ready to go off in one last hurrah and very capable of being the tools of a suicide mission for larger minds who plot the destruction of the planet itself.

My assessment of the Iranians who have called America “the Great Satan” is that they have the absolute hatred of the living Christ. They have suffered a role reversal, such as the individual who totally identifies himself, his cause, and Iran and the Khomeini as the force of Absolute God-Good. And he sees America and everything that it represents as the reverse, and therefore he is threatened by what he perceives as evil and he considers his cause righteous.

Now, though such an individual may not admit it, we have known for centuries that those who kill in the name of Allah, those who kill for the destruction of the enemies of Allah or the enemies of the Muslims, or if they kill in the process of converting infidels, they believe that they will go straight to heaven and see Allah and have an eternal reward.

We must realize that it has always been true that at inner levels the false hierarchy of fallen angels enlists, in their support, their tools, their mechanization man and their underlings, who are ill-informed and who become convinced that they are serving the cause of truth worldwide and the cause of freedom. They become convinced that they are serving the real hierarchy of light. In that belief, they can carry out their actions as instruments of Absolute Evil against that very light, and when they do cross to the other side, they do meet their god. They meet the highest ranking fallen angel, who to them is the image of God, and they believe that they have arrived at the very place where they knew all along, so to speak, they were going.

So there is an entire false hierarchy all the way from the gutter activities of the ones who are involved with the suicide missions to those who plot them, to those at inner levels, to the highest ranking of that inner-level, astral false hierarchy. It is the counterfeit of the Great White Brotherhood.

The Consciousness of Relative Good and Evil

However, many of the people of this country cannot live with the fact that we are facing Absolute Evil and that Absolute Evil has to be challenged where it is. It cannot be ignored. When it is ignored, it only grows. I have never seen anyone whose consciousness was tied to Absolute Evil whose consciousness of evil could ever be reduced except by challenge and the judgment. There is no will within these individuals to change. There is no desire for Christhood. There is no desire even for eternal life.

And so when you understand the psychology, you realize that our entire diplomatic base—the base of international relations, the base of our politics—is not grounded in reality. It's not grounded in real politics. It's not a real understanding of power on this planet. All politics is power politics. But it is not understood in terms of the fallen angels. And when you have the theologians of the West denying the very existence of embodied angels, of the very possibility that angels could embody or fallen ones could be in our midst, then you have the wiping away of the necessity for the encounter with darkness.

Then they try to make Absolute Evil relative. If all things are relative, there is no need to get excited about anything because in the end everybody is going to be good. When we finally get there, everybody is going to be good. So you can live with relative evil. But unless you are willing to take a stand for Absolute Good, you cannot live with Absolute Evil. And the only way to get rid of Absolute Evil if you don't want to take that stand is to deny it or ignore it—ignore it until it swallows you up and you are no more. There are some people who would rather die in a state of sleep and unknowing than to ever have to awaken and really believe that we have a threat of Absolute Evil in this universe.

So, as you know, it gets introduced in science fiction, in movies, in every way but the real way. And in fact, if you try to bring it up as being real, you’re laughed at as having a Star Wars consciousness.

Intellectualizing the Issue

Therefore I am not enormously comforted by the consciousness and the awareness of the representatives of the United States government and the absence of their perception of the real facts of the geopolitical configuration of the planet. There is a sleepiness, a density, an animal magnetism, if you will, a collective unconscious. I do not believe that they are properly conscious or centered in the God-source of consciousness to effectively protect me, this nation, my family, my community and the fifty states. We have seen examples of this. Who will trust them? How can we trust them? How can our allies trust them?

Some of these representatives and various individuals talk about so-called overreactions and reasonable approaches. And they like to intellectually discuss, round and round, the issues, for instance, that there are so many hundreds of posts and embassies and all of them are different. What difference does it make? What is different about murder? What is the difference between one murder and another? If your son is dead, your son is dead. What is different about all of these situations when what we have precisely is a truck with explosives driven by a terrorist or bombs planted? How many different types of terrorismdo you have to sit and intellectualize about?

So that particular approach to the subject sometimes seems to be the only one they have, and it seems to allay their own anxieties about the subject. But it doesn't face the reality that we are seeing the forces of Antichrist moving against the light and that whoever the lifestreams are, all representatives of the United States on this planet are representatives of Saint Germain because he has made them so.

Call for the All-Seeing Eye of God

It's time to draw back the curtain so that our representatives and our people know what is happening. For there is a great andmajor crisis in America today—the unwillingness to see what is and to take action on what is seen. I trust that our prayers and our decrees may lessen the gap between what is fact and what our representatives are willing to see as reality and unreality.

One cannot look away from this hatred once one has seen it personally and directly. I have seen it personally and directly. I know what it is. And I know that this hatred will not die until it is no more. The individuals who contain it will not change their course.

The Transmutation of Fear

In dealing with this issue, each individual's approach and opinions are not always based on the facts that he says they are based on or what he knows or what he doesn’t know. They are often based on his psychology and his ability to deal with terror as a force and a tool of Absolute Evil. And the more he approaches the ability to face that fact, the more he is awake, the more he will know, the more he will expose, and yet he will not fear.

Fear is a major controlling factor in the representatives of the people today. And it does cloud the mind. It does make people bigoted. It does make them stubborn. Fear is a root cause of the way people approach life and reality and threats of danger. The way people deal with danger has to do with the psychology of fear.

So not only do we need Cyclopea, but we also need “Strip Us of All Doubt and Fear,” the Ray-O-Light decree. We need a mighty action of transmutation, because unless fear can be transmuted, the exposure of the truth is only going to increase fear. If people know more, they're going to get more frightened.

So the transmutation of fear is your assignment. And we know, through the teaching of our beloved Jesus, that what is coming upon us in the next Dark Cycle2 is the judgment of the fallen angels. Now how, pray tell, will the people deal with that very fact of life when the mighty are put down from their seats3 and all of this comes to pass? How will they deal with the reality of that very occurrence if they have not first conquered fear?

And therefore, I believe that besides the judgment calls and the dweller calls that need to be made on the origins of terrorismon this planet and beyond it, the greatest need is for the call to the Elohim Cyclopea for the All-Seeing Eye of God1 over our federal buildings and all who serve there so that there might be a pushing back of the threshold of awareness. The All-Seeing Eye of God is the answer to moving back the barriers in the consciousness of individuals, moving the barriers to their ability to face what is Absolute Evil, what is the impassioned hatred of the Iranians and the Syrians.

So it's necessary that we have a great victory over fear itself, over death itself, over doubt itself—all of which we know are illusions. Fear is not real. Doubt is not real. Death is not real. And ultimately it will be seen that hell is not real. It's making a pretty loud noise right now, but it will be bound. It will be overcome, and it can be done daily.

There Is Much We Can Do

So therefore, the situation of terrorism is not something we panic about, not something we overreact to, because our foundation and our inner strength is based on the knowledge of God, his science of the Word, his archangels, and the certainty that there is much we can do about it. There is much we can do to keep the flame and the vigil.

I trust you will enter into a great communion with Archangel Gabriel, because I know that he is determined to protect America. We must give our calls to Hercules, to Surya, to legions of light. We need sons of God in positions of power who can protect our representatives in the armed forces and in the diplomatic corps as well as the servants of God on our own soil. We must visualize every square inch of ground of United States soil or United States territory abroad, such as our embassies, covered by angels—every square foot of ground occupied by angels of light who move into action for the protection of the lightbearers, our institutions, our representatives.

Our national shrines are vulnerable. Each one contains a flame and ought to be protected. The key flame, as you know, is in the Washington Monument. It's time that we protect all of our embassies and that we understand we are in a state of war and this war is the war of absolutes—Absolute Good and Absolute Evil. It is Armageddon, and Armageddon is defined by the motives and the intents of the participants. This is not merely fighting to see who is stronger for a parcel of land. This is fighting to the death of the Christ consciousness of the planet.

We give a marathon to Cyclopea so that more people will be able to see what is real without fainting of fright in the process. And this is why we bring to people first the Coming Revolution in Higher Consciousness regarding the wonderful mighty I AM Presence, the violet flame, the teachings of the science of the spoken Word. When you are secure in God, when God is really inside of you, you can face Absolute Evil.

We can get rid of terrorists today because of our intercession with the hosts of the LORD, because we know that the mighty archangels take care of fallen angels. They strip them of their power. And we have no death wish regarding these individuals. We only know that they must be bound and judged by those for whom it is lawful to do that work, and that is the archangels.

So this is the mighty work of the ages. It always works. It never fails if you do your part. This is your assignment.

God bless you.

“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance o’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

This Pearl of Wisdom is a compilation of excerpts from the lecture “Terrorism in the United States,” delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Thursday, December 29, 1983, during the Class of the Solar Ring, held at Camelot, Los Angeles County, California.

1. The judgment calls, the dweller calls and the call to the Elohim Cyclopea for the All-Seeing Eye of God as well as the other calls mentioned in this lecture can be found in Prayers, Meditations and Dynamic Decrees for Personal and World Transformation, available at or by calling 1-800-245-5445 or 406-848-9500.

2. On April 23, 1969, the Dark Cycle began because of the intransigence of laggard activities in the Middle East. The Dark Cycle is a period when mankind's misqualified energy (i.e., their returning negative karma), held in abeyance for centuries under the great mercy of the Law, is released according to the cycles of the initiations of the solar hierarchies for balance in the time of transition into the Aquarian age. April 23, 1984, started the sixteenth year of the Dark Cycle.

3. Luke 1:52.

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