Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 57 No. 17 - Beloved Pallas Athena - September 1, 2014

The Great Fountain of Truth
That Is within You

To All Lovers of Progressive Truth:

The desire of the soul for those great personal and cosmic triumphs—that can and do rise in the domain of the individual who is successful in his search for self-mastery—is indicative of the inherent striving for perfection with which the Lord has endowed his creation. Jesus voiced this mandate of being, this raison d'être, when he said, “Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.”1

Nevertheless, there are times in the quest when men grow weary, when they are detoured, when even the light seems but shadow, colored by the environmental factors of the human mind or the infiltration of discouragement.

Take hope! The closer men approach the goal of Christ victory, the more frequently they are assailed by the forces of Antichrist. The fact that they encounter opposition does not mean that they have taken a backward step. On the contrary, in most cases it indicates that they have come to the place in their spiritual development where they are recognized as advocates of truth by those moving on astral levels who have espoused the cause of darkness.

Let no one despair because of the apparent intensification of evil upon the planet. Rather, let all understand that this is to be expected from the hordes of darkness, those who have not taken advantage of their opportunity to walk through the doorway that leads to their divine estate. Having no life in them, they vainly beat the air,2 seeking to draw attention to themselves or to extract some form of personal favor by attacking the faithful followers of God.

Beloved hearts of light, remember the words of the great master concerning the antics of the rebellious ones: “Ye entered not in yourselves, and them that were entering in ye hindered.”3 Thus they expend their dying breath in defiance of the light, to which they may never again have direct access and in which they may finally be extinguished, though the process require centuries or even millenniums.

We who view time and space in a different framework and from another perspective than your own understand that the disintegration of the consciousness that is wed to evil, or the energy veil, requires a certain amount of time, as you would say, or a predetermined number of cycles, as we would say. We realize how difficult it is for some among humanity to penetrate these mysteries. Rest assured that the outworkings of cosmic law are both precise and just.

The Search for Truth

For the benefit of the true follower of God, let me say that the powers of light on the planetary body are not only winning, but they are also gaining footholds in the most unexpected places. Public acclaim for the invisible God is being expressed in many quarters and in many ways, yet we also note that in some areas what is still given the greatest accent in life is its temporal manifestations and the debris of the collective subconscious that rises to the surface for transmutation. Fear not! The light is being invoked in countless hearts, and many are turning to the Christ even today.

The conflicts between those of this and that religious conviction will continue. This is natural in the search for truth and ought not to be cause for concern. Remember, O hearts of light, many of today's dogmatists, who are dogmatic about their own particular version of truth, will be numbered among the students of ascended master law when they once come to understand for themselves just what truth really is. We deal with no small matter here, for the search for truth has been going on for centuries, even before Pilate asked, “What is truth?”4

Truth is often difficult for men to comprehend in their initial contact with its tenets. This is because of the configuration of preconceived ideas, human opinions and interpretations of scripture within their minds, which do stand as shadows in the doorway of their illumination. I do not say that these convictions ought to be disregarded, but I do say that they ought not to be regarded as absolute. For God himself has placed within the human psyche an especial factor of recognition, referred to by the Good Shepherd when he said, “My sheep know my voice.”5

It is at all times difficult for mankind to separate the voices crying in the wilderness,6 to decide for themselves just what is really the voice of God and what is the voice of opinion, even their own. Those who truly wish to separate the sheep from the goats7 within their consciousness and truth from error abroad in the world, where many voices cry, “This is the way,” must first understand that a man can be his own worst enemy simply because he does not recognize the potential of his own divinity, the potential for Christ-mastery, which God has given to every son and daughter. In reality, the knowledge of the kingdom of God and of divine truth is basic to life and can be simply understood. However, those who advance upon the Path do not find it difficult to enter into the greater complexities of the mind of God.

What Is Darkness?

Yes, light exists and darkness exists. Some men have tried to simplify this concept by saying that darkness is an absence of light, whereas others have equated darkness with evil, seeing it as a virulent force that seeks to overthrow the light. There are elements of truth in both statements. For example, in the mind and being of man, the vacuum that is referred to as darkness, or a lack of light, is not a positive force. It is not a negative force. It is not even a misappropriated force. It is simply an absence of the realization of light's potential. On the other hand, that darkness which results from the misqualification of light, from its conversion into darkness, is of another type, which can be categorized as a negative force or a positive evil.

That there are various types of darkness was clearly pointed out by the Master Jesus in his exclamation, “If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness!”8 This may be read as a question by the earnest disciple: “How great is the intensity of the darkness in me? Is it a misqualification of light, an energy veil, or is it an absence of light, a lost opportunity? How great an impediment is this darkness to my understanding of truth?”

Truth as a Spiral of Understanding

Let all understand clearly, then, that there is no conflict in the Divine and that all conflict exists at human levels. Those who place their hand in God's do not need to speculate. They trust and they perceive. Moreover, their perceptions are guided by their own realization of the divine potential. But as long as they are convinced that they cannot understand great cosmic truths, then so long will they fail to apprehend them.

Conversely, as their faith in God mounts and they allow the hand of heaven to direct their lives in service, greater and greater truths will be revealed. Quite naturally, those to whom these truths have not been revealed will cry, “Heresy!” Yet for nonbelievers as well as believers, the admonishment remains: “Judge not, that ye be not judged.”9 Therefore, men should not cry, “Heresy!” without understanding some of the points of the Great Law that are revealed to those advancing in the footsteps of truth upon the Path.

In matters of progressive revelation, God continues to speak to man today, breaking the bread of the living Word. If men are bound to the roots of error or even of stultifying dogma, refusing to build upon those fundamental precepts taught to them as children, then they must remain children until they choose to become otherwise. As Saint Paul said, “Every one that useth milk is unskillful in the word of righteousness, for he is a babe. But strong meat belongeth to them that are of full age, even those who, by reason of use, have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil.”10

Thus, let men understand truth as the flower of the Christ, the Rose of Sharon unfolding its petals within the heart and mind, as a spiral of understanding that rises in the being and consciousness of man. Let them also pray for guidance that they may receive initiation into those steps of the Law which reveal Christ as the ever-widening circle of the mind of God.

It is obvious to the careful observer that mankind in this age have tampered with the workings of natural law and that, in their analytical yet highly subjective view of life, they have distorted many facts and figures to their own advantage.  Why do more men not suppose that man has also tampered with historical fact as well as doctrine well established in centuries past?

Nevertheless, there is a place where the record remains inviolate. God has written the sacred scriptures within the being of man.11 But the letter that killeth12 has been tampered with, both in the past and in the present; therefore, humanity have again and again beenmisled into areas of discrepancy.

Be open to the Law as it is recorded in the archives of men, but guard zealously the sanctity of the source, the great fountain of truth that is within. To discern the body of the Lord,13 to discern the body of corporate truth as revealed from on high through the ascended masters' consciousness, is a gift of great price. It should be sought after and cherished. Yet men can find within themselves the white stone14 that reveals to the one who touches it the eternal truth, even as it purifies his consciousness. For then, when the consciousness becomes whited unto perfection, it is also able to behold, upon the rock of God's perfect order, the universe as he intended it to be. Man then sees it as a place where beauty and serenity as well as the stamina of purpose become adjuncts to the mighty outpouring of divine truth, which is an afflatus of the Holy Spirit that can never be gainsaid. And truth, as revelation both past and future, will bring comfort to mind and heart, enabling the body of God upon earth today to rise to meet the exigencies of the hour and to call a halt to the trampling underfoot of the children of the light by the powers of darkness.

Light shall increase upon the planetary body as men open the heart and mind to the freshness of the will of God and the fresh winds of the Holy Spirit. And the flame shall burn ever more brightly, not in the dungeons men create within but in the open window and open door. For he has said, “Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If any man hear my voice and open the door, I will come in to him and will sup with him, and he with me.”15

Let men, then, open their being and consciousness to the light and to the truth being brought forth through progressive revelation. Thus shall a new order of the ages be founded, one that is not based upon human vanity but upon the original desire and purposes of God, who fashioned man in his own image and likeness.

Devotedly, I AM your sister of light, Pallas Athena.

“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance o’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

This dictation by Pallas Athena was previously published by The Summit Lighthouse as Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 14, no. 44, on October 31, 1971. In 2014, the 1971 Pearls of Wisdom bound volume was out of print.

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