Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 56 No. 21 - Beloved Archangel Gabriel - November 1, 2013

The Annunciation of the Soul’s Ascension

The Hour When the Soul Becomes a Sun

Hail, souls of fire! Hail, transcendent ones!

I come in the flame of the annunciation. I come in the Spirit of the Most High God. I come in the oneness of celestial fires.

I AM here! And I salute you as the holy ones of God, highly favored, as the flame within you is that favored essential element of individuality. I come to proclaim your right to individuality, your right to be caught up in the flame of God and not to be swallowed up in the darkness of the nonentities, the not-selves, in those aspects that deny individuality. The test of the age is the preservation of the soul’s individuality.

Do you not see how at every hand they try to take from you the essential grace, the childlike innocence, the purity that you long for when you go to the mountains to commune, the purity that you quaff in the waters of the fresh springs and the first snow and the purity of the air? Do you not know that the soul hungers after purity as for nothing else? Although all life upon earth seems to flow to the contrary in the muck of confusion and delusion here below, it is not so, I tell you. The soul yearns to be free in purity. The soul yearns for oneness.

And therefore I release fires of purity as streams of ribbon, flaming ribbon from the center of life, flowing now in the wind and in the breeze of the Holy Spirit, cleansing the atmosphere of the mind, cleansing the waters of your desiring to be God-free, cleansing your body temples and clearing the way for the coming of the Holy Ghost.

I AM the Angel of the Annunciation, and I send forth radio* beams to the planet earth from the heart of the Central Sun twenty-four hours a day, and my angels with me, beaming forth the annunciation of purity and of the soul’s ascension, of the soul’s union in the white-fire core. Feel now my momentum of locking the soul into the purity of the sphere of the Mother’s heart.

Flow, flow, flow, O purity from the heart of the Sun! Let life flow! Let life flow! Let life flow!

Here in the heart of the earth, let the energies in the white-fire core spiral forth. I call (according to the call given unto me by the Most High God) to the heart of Helios and Vesta, as the edict has gone forth for purity, energy, light to be intensified from the heart of your own sun, both the physical sun and the spiritual Sun behind the sun, for the changing of light and for the change of lifewaves.

You know of all those things that have been predicted and of all those dark manifestations supposedly coming upon the earth and so many centers of conflict. It is as though mankind had kicked over a giant anthill and now were trying to stomp out the ants, one by one fleeing, scurrying hither and yon. Here a crisis. There a crisis. And how can mankind cope when crisis reaches dizzying proportions? And mankind sink back in uselessness, hopelessness, and they cry out to the living God, “What can we do? What can we do? How long, O Lord? How long, O Lord? How long?”

Become a Magnet
for the Release of Sun Energy

Now I come to tell you the mystery of the Sun and of the energy of the Sun. For, you see, only a minute increment of light from the heart center of your own solar system is required for the balancing action of the planet. Do you know that, by comparison in your own world, that portion of the Sun’s energy which could be for the exaltation, the balancing and the bringing in of a golden age is microscopic? Think of that, precious hearts! Think of what a grain of spiritual light from the altars of your own God-center, your own atom, could do for Terra.

I say, then, hierarchy waits to release that light. I shall make the call, but the call must be ratified by you. And therefore, I have been bidden to recommend to you, as the course that you may take by your free will, to give the invocation to Helios and Vesta—Helios and Vesta, Helios and Vesta, let the light flow! Let the light flow! Let the light flow!—and also the invocation of Lord Lanto, these two brief prayers, that you might become magnets for that Sun energy to be released.

I ask, then, that you secure a copy or make a copy of these invocations and that you make a solemn determination within your heart—with all the fire of your faith, of your purity and your holy innocence—to give those simple prayers, to be electrodes for the Sun, to ratify the call of an archangel, and then to watch how, through science, through culture, through the Mother, mankind one and all converge at the point of solar awareness.

Solar Awareness Results in Soul Freedom

What is solar awareness? Solar awareness is the soul’s awareness of self as the Sun of God.† Solar awareness is that consciousness that you put on and become as you merge with the true identity and the blueprint of your soul, that mother-of-pearl sphere of light.

To become aware of the Sun, to become aware of the essential light of the Sun—this is the requirement of the hour. In actuality the Sun is the soul of Helios and Vesta. And so you see what your soul can become—a flaming forcefield, a vortex of light nourishing billions of lifewaves.

See, then, that it is the soul that is the key in the Aquarian age through the flame of freedom locked in the heart of Saint Germain. It is soul freedom that is the result of solar awareness. Becoming aware of the self as the Sun, you then have at your command the fire of freedom for infinite creativity and the boundless, limitless flow of love and energy for the bringing forth and the enshrining of the culture of the Divine Mother. This is the promise of the Aquarian age. This is your opportunity to be free of the drudgery of the industrial age, the age of mechanization, the age of crude forms of energy that rob the earth of its balance.

That age will pass, and the age of the Sun† will dawn. And that age of the Sun will be when the soul of every man, every woman and every child communes daily with the sun in the heart, in the center of the earth and in the being of Helios and Vesta.

The Soul’s Destiny to Nourish Life

So let the spirals flow. So let all mankind know that thirtythree centuries ago Ikhnaton worshiped the atom of Aton, at-one-ness, and presaged the hour of the Aquarian age as he founded a real culture, as he adored the flame of the Divine Mother, as he brought forth the spirit of life, tearing down the old forms and encrustations, challenging the black priests of Egypt.1

So Aton, thou ageless one, thou Son of the Sun, come forth! So Ikhnaton, one with the Sun, let thy soul be the testimony and the witness that all mankind can come into the union of the Holy Spirit by that very tangible reality, that selfhood that is the soul becoming whole, becoming the Christ and preparing for the marriage feast.

So then, your Lanello in this age is the ascended master whose soul represents the archetype of the souls of humanity, brooding as the soul of the Mother, hovering near, loving humanity. So is the Son of the one who will be to you, then, a very near presence, imparting the energies of soul, the matrix of soul; and so that soul is as a swaddling garment itself, wrapping the world in light. Even as the Christ Child is aborning in the womb of time and space, so is the scintillating fragment of the soul, the seamless garment of the soul, the placenta for incoming avatars, nourishing that life. So is your soul destined to be that vortex of energy for the nourishment of souls aborning in the heart of the Mother.

So understand how great thou art, O soul. Souls ascended, souls in time and space, I call you, then, by the magnetization of the heart of Alpha and Omega. In the name of the living God, souls, arise! Souls, arise! Souls, come forth in the hearts of all mankind, and be free!

I proclaim your individuality! I proclaim your freedom! I seal you one and all in the spheres of your own causal body of light. I infuse souls with purity. I impress souls with the annunciation of the ultimate victory, the ascension in the light.

I magnetize victory. I AM victory. I AM the illumined action of every soul. And I AM with you alway, even to the fulfillment of cosmic cycles within your soul, even to the hour when your soul becomes a Sun of worlds within worlds and worlds without.

I AM a flaming one, and I move with the seraphim across the curve of infinity, proclaiming life as purity! I come with purity and I proclaim the victory of purity! For the darkest hour precedes the dawn, and the white-fire core of the sun ascendant is the sign of the coming of the Christed ones.

Now let the avatars come forth. Now the way is cleared. Now the magnificent pearl is released. Now life shall be triumphant. I proclaim it! I maintain it! And I keep the vigil with you until the hour of your own God-realization of solar fire’s awareness!

I AM Gabriel, servant of the flame.

*radio: related to “radiant energy,” which is “energy traveling as electromagnetic waves” (Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, Eleventh Edition) Electromagnetic waves are frequencies of radiation, including radio waves and visible light.

† The Sun in “self as the Sun” and “age of the Sun” could also mean Son.

Salutation to the Sun

O mighty Presence of God, I AM, in and behind the Sun:
I welcome thy Light, which floods all the earth,
   into my life, into my mind, into my spirit, into my soul.
Radiate and blaze forth thy Light!
Break the bonds of darkness and superstition!
Charge me with the great clearness    of thy white fire radiance!
I AM thy child, and each day I shall become
   more of thy manifestation!

Father-Mother Light Mantra

Helios and Vesta!
Helios and Vesta!
Helios and Vesta!
Let the Light flow into my being!
Let the Light expand in the center of my heart!
Let the Light expand in the center of the earth
And let the earth be transformed into the New Day!

Lanto’s Prayer

In the name of Almighty God
I stand forth to challenge the night,
To raise up the Light,
To focus the consciousness of Gautama Buddha!
And I AM the thousand-petaled lotus flame!
And I come to bear it in his name!
I stand in Life this hour
And I stand with the scepter of Christ Power
To challenge the darkness,
To bring forth the Light,
To ensoul from starry heights
The consciousness of angels,
   Masters, Elohim, sun-centers
And of all of Life
That is the I AM Presence of each one!
I claim the Victory in God’s name.
I claim the Light of solar flame.
I claim the Light! I AM the Light!
I AM Victory! I AM Victory! I AM Victory!
For the Divine Mother and the Divine Manchild
And for the raising-up of the crown of Life
And the twelve starry focal points
That rejoice to see the salvation of our God
Right within my crown,
Right within the center of the Sun
Of Alpha—It is done!

These decrees are printed in the decree book Prayers, Meditations and Dynamic Decrees for Personal and World Transformation , pp. 254-55, nos. 20.19, 20.20 and 20.21.

“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance o’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

This dictation by Archangel Gabriel was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Sunday, December 8, 1974, in San Francisco, California.

1. Mark L. Prophet, now the ascended master Lanello, was embodied as the pharoah Ikhnaton, who ruled Egypt (c. 1375-1358 B.C.) along with his wife, Nefertiti, an embodiment of Elizabeth Clare Prophet. He founded a monotheistic religion based on the worship of one God, Aton, represented in the symbol of a sun disc or orb with diverging rays, each ending in a hand bestowing blessings upon all life. Ikhnaton believed that everything that lived had its being through the sun’s rays and that he himself was the son of Aton. He prohibited the worship of the old gods of Egypt, particularly Amon, the chief god, and ordered their names and images erased from the monuments. These were both embodied and disembodied fallen angels, to whom the black priests had erected their altars. The black priests viciously conspired against Ikhnaton and Nefertiti, eventually murdering them; they reestablished the former gods and obliterated the names and images of Aton and Ikhnaton. The CD Incarnations of the Magnanimous Heart of Lanello—Ikhnaton, Messenger of Aton is available at or by calling 1-800-245-5445 or 406-848-9500, and also available for download at

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