Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 56 No. 8 - Beloved Mother Mary - April 15, 2013

The Mystery of an Initiation
in the Secret Chamber of the Heart

Part 2

I come, then, in the great Spirit of my beloved Raphael. I come into your presence, revealing to you, by drawing some of the veils, the mystery of an initiation in the secret chamber of the heart. There are others, beloved. As I am enfolding you in this hour of our togetherness, I am allowing you to feel the enclosure, the protection, the wondrous love of this very special place.

I would tell you also that as much as ye are able, it is well to understand that as far as the physical body of the earth goes, it is the very Heart of the Inner Retreat, where our Word is given forth, that does symbolize and represent the Buddha of the heart, as Maitreya, speaking from the inner mountain to devotees gathered at the outside of the doors that may open one day to a cave of light.

Thus, see how they gather to hear the teaching, to prepare themselves, to be washed clean, to be charged, to be balanced and initiated. See how they come, knowing that one day, to each and every one who is a true devotee of God, the Divine Mother may open the door that that one might behold and embrace Maitreya.

I speak of these things as though we were deep in the sea or in the waters under the sea, as though we were sealed in the very depths of the earth, while the turmoil and tossing and tumbling on the surface should take place. I draw you into this fiery center that you might equate with it when giving the call to Cosmos’ secret rays,1 that you might feel yourself in the heart of a sun, yourself a sun, directing needlelike rays—infinite in number, from my heart, your heart as one— into the conditions in the earth that must have this sacred fire. And this is so that another day and another hour, week by week, might be given as opportunity—opportunity for the Great White Brotherhood to reach a helping hand to another and to another who may also be rescued from the turbulent sea of life.

Pick a Mantra and Let It Carry You
to the Secret Chamber of the Heart

Blessed ones, Saint Germain has said that you ought to pray, and to pray fervently without ceasing. May each of you pick one of his mantras, not necessarily long, but pick a mantra, beloved, and begin to repeat it without ceasing. Repeat a mantra of Kuan Yin or the Hail Mary or the Om Mani Padme Hum, the Om Namo Narayanaya.2 Understand, beloved, that it is well to discipline the mind that, through the mind and the heart, the soul might travel within over the inner Word that is recited as you serve.

Meditate well on what shall be thine own. Tell it to none, save the messenger if it pleaseth thee. Let it not be written but only spoken. And therefore let it carry thee continually to the secret chamber of the heart, to the threefold flame. There, beloved, I will show you what are the imbalances in your threefold flame and how these must now come into alignment and into balance, that they might balance the rising, the powerful rising, of the Mother within you.

The Greatest Need Is for the Balance of the Threefold Flame

Blessed ones, some who know they have power consider that the blue plume in themselves is greater than the rest. But, beloved, if this is misused power or abused power, it will not signify a large blue plume but rather a good deal of substance of karma in the electronic belt in the misuse of that flame, which can only grow as you indeed transmute the substance of its abuse.

Therefore the violet flame given each evening is so precious to us. We gather each descent of this fruit of the wine of the Spirit and apply it to the area of greatest need. The greatest need is for the balance of the threefold flame. Therefore our angels direct the violet flame, by your leave, into the electronic belt for the freeing of energies that will result in the increase, in balanced fashion, of each of the three plumes.

Understand, then, beloved, that the accompanying quality of God-mastery that is the gift of Lanello to you this year is most essential.3 For without mastery and without challenging the old human habit patterns, you find yourself misusing again the first, second and third rays and the white light of the Mother, thus returning to the old accustomed imbalances.

The habit patterns in this life are dyed deep; so are the channels deep. Therefore remember the work to be done for the clearing of the way for the balanced threefold flame. Thus, the power of balance, the wisdom of balance, the love of balance, the purity of balance—these three plus the white are the squaring of the circle.

Access to My Threefold Flame

I, then, bequeath to you access to my Immaculate Heart flame, my threefold flame. If you will call to me, you will, beloved, have the Electronic Presence (in other words, the immaculate image) of my threefold flame superimposed upon your own as a magnet to impel you to increase that threefold flame according to the divine pattern rather than according to the old ways.

My threefold flame does enhance your ability to receive the pattern of your threefold flame from your Holy Christ Self. Thus I assist as Mediatrix of God and of Christ, and you may understand why millions pray to me to intercede for them before the Father and the Son. For it is this intercession, beloved—that which does facilitate the increase of the threefold flame—that is my holy office.

Understand how beautiful it is for me to go before the soul to lead that soul, to protect the soul in moments of fear and doubt and torment as she does make her way through the labyrinth of the electronic belt, seeking and determining to balance the threefold flame, that that flame itself might therefore expand and grow as the mighty anchor of the heart, that the soul might unite with her captain.

See, then, the anchor, and see it become a balanced threefold flame. And see how it is the anchoring point whereby there is safety and mooring in the astral plane. Only the threefold flame expanded can take you where you must go. I say “must go,” beloved, for there is truly an impelling to enter the heart of hearts of God in his holy mountain.

I have come to give you peace. So you may say, “In the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I trust.” And this, too, may be your mantra—In the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I trust. It is the Ma-ray that I AM incarnate. That ray does not begin or end with the “I” who does speak. It is a giant loop through the Central Sun and back again. Thus, In the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I trust—this does give you, therefore, oneness with me always. Through my Immaculate Heart you may say, “In the Sacred Heart of Jesus, I trust.” Doors beyond doors leading to the Holy of Holies—thus understand hierarchy as a chain of the cosmic rosary.

May you know that I come with this peace and promise. For the hour is late, the peril great, and the need for your attention to the altar does increase daily.

I seal you, beloved, with the wine of the Spirit and roses.

[32-second pause]

Angels of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I summon you. I summon you in this hour. Succor thine own. Deliver them now from a sheath of density of ancient misqualification of the first secret ray.

Angels of my heart, angels of the Sacred Heart of my Son, perform thy perfect work that these might be refined in soul and sensitivity and grace. Let the refinement come by the grace of gratitude.

Thus know grace by gratitude. And know thy place at the side of the Goddess of Liberty.4 Fire of the heart of Leo, so now, burn in these hearts! Purge, purify. It is done.

“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance o’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

This dictation by Mother Mary was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Wednesday, March 11, 1987, at the Royal Teton Ranch, Park County, Montana. Part 1 is published in Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 56, no. 7. [N.B. Bracketed words have been added by the editor for clarity in the written word.]

1. The decree “Mighty Cosmos’ Secret Rays,” 0.03, can be found in Prayers, Meditations and Dynamic Decrees for Personal and World Transformation; available at or by calling 1-800-245-5445 or 406-848-9500.

2. For a mantra of Saint Germain, see Prayers, Meditations and Dynamic Decrees for Personal and World Transformation, decree 0.07A and the section on “Transmutation Decrees,” 70.00-79.99. The mantras of Kuan Yin, Om Mani Padme Hum, Om Namo Narayanaya and the Hail Mary can be found in the Church Universal and Triumphant Book of Hymns and Songs, nos. 670, 673, 625, 653, 96; both books are available at or by calling 1-800-245-5445 or 406-848-9500.

3. The gift of Lanello. In a dictation given on February 28, 1987, Lanello said, “My offering to you, beloved, on this 2/8 axis is the full-gathered momentum of my mastery in the heart of Christ. Remember that this is the line of the solar plexus. Through the solar plexus erupts planetary war and the warring in the members. Here you consecrate the place of peace daily by the Great Sun Disc. Inasmuch as this place is the seat of desiring, and inor- dinate desiring brings all suffering, and suffering itself is a yoke that ties one to the syndrome of old age, disease and death; and inasmuch as the cause of karma becomes the split in desiring—a portion of oneself desiring God, a portion of oneself (the dweller and the electronic belt) being pulled by a magnetism of evil and of the glamour of fallen angels and the offering of the world—I therefore bequeath to you, from my causal body, the momentum of the flame of the Prince of Peace given unto me and which I have drawn forth from the Elohim Peace. This power of peace, beloved, is the sealing of your solar plexus and your desire body, or astral body, if you will it so. This dispensation shall continue and not be held back year upon year.” The “Great Sun Disc” decree, 0.02, can be found in Prayers, Meditations and Dynamic Decrees for Personal and World Transformation; available at or by calling 1-800-245-5445 or 406-848-9500.

4. The Goddess of Liberty is the hierarch and initiator with the Lords of Karma under the cosmic hierarchy of Leo, testing the souls of earth in the quality of God-gratitude—soul sensitivity to and appreciation for every part of life.

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