Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 48 No. 10 - Beloved Mother Mary - March 6, 2005

I Come for the Healing of the Very Depths of Being

1991 Summer Solstice Address

Part 1

This light that I bear to you tonight is the pearl of great price. It is the pearl that I bring to you. And it is the pearl that you will match. Therefore, as you consider that one thing most important in your life, consider, then, the one who did sell all that he had for that pearl of great price.1

The pearl is the symbol of the soul and the great price that is paid by the living Christ for the salvation of every living soul. The pearl is also the causal body of light and the seed in the center as the living Christ. The pearl, beloved, is a sphere of light that contains all of the essence of your spirit outpictured here below in the spirit that dwells in your temple.

Thus, beloved, all of this essence that is yourself I would draw together for the victory of the soul, for the outpicturing of the wholeness of the inner being. I would gather substance of self dispersed, substance of self that you have allowed to be taken from you. I would teach you how to gather the parts of self and fragments that you have vested in others as a portion of identity lost—misunderstanding that self-worth, above all, must be the drawing of the circle. And the dot in the center of the circle is the seed of your life.

As you draw that circle that does mark even the circumference of your being, beloved, so you define identity that you amass and concentrate, even at first as a concentration of the cloud of infinite energy that you invoke by Saint Germain’s ritual.2 That cloud intensifies, solidifies and does contain in itself a universe of your selfhood. This is the making of the pearl of self. Many have lost portions of being by attention gone astray, by absence of center, by loss of the threefold flame. Some have no center and are scattered to the winds, else live upon the surface of life.

Now feel the angels of the fifth ray as they bring to you the mass of your microcosm as it begins to fill in and you begin to understand what is being, what is Selfhood, what is the I AM THAT I AM of me and where is the portion, my original portion that God gave to me.

And then you come to the moment of realization that you have allowed it to be taken from you. As your God has created the pearl of the soul, layer upon layer upon layer, so you have let go of it—not holding onto it, not considering the preciousness of this gem.

So, my beloved, understand now the meaning of that pearl of great price. For to regain it, to have it again means to sell all the substitute-stuff substance, personality build, all of the accoutrements of a false identity that cannot stand* the acid test that the pearl must stand, in the day of her union with the living Christ.

Now see how greatly to be treasured is this pearl, beloved, how greatly to be treasured. For only when the components of self are regathered and placed together can you fulfill the calling unto the alchemical marriage.

Therefore, in bringing together the real parts of self from hither and yon across the earth, so know that you must disperse and let go of those false selfhoods, those masks and many-layered fronts that are not true being. The pearl must occupy the cavity of being that is for the place of the soul.

Now understand, beloved, that when you have come to value union with God, then you come to this moment of valuing the pearl of selfhood and its wholeness. Therefore, some are sick and know not that they are sick, or poor and know not that they are poor, impoverished and know it not. Yes, beloved, understand that the soul is the identity gone forth, no longer clad with a causal body or the garment of Christ, that the soul can be lost and the soul that sinneth unto the end of time and space shall be no more.3

Therefore, O souls of the heart of Jesus, I speak to you, I come to you. I come with my garments of healing and my cup of light. I, Mary, come to you; for I have seen your love and your devotion and your fervor. And those who feel they have not given as much as would be warranted for me to see and know and respond to, beloved, simply breathe a prayer to me and I will be there to assist you in the building of a momentum of spirituality and spiritual fire whereby the magnet of the Spirit does attract the components of the soul that must regroup and become that unity of life.

O the spherical whole of being! O the soul who is bride, weaving the deathless solar body! That deathless solar body is actually part and parcel of the soul, veil upon veil upon veil, as the pearl comes together layer upon layer.

See how the iridescence of the mother of pearl, of the resurrection spiral is there, beloved. See how all of the seven rays you have qualified return. See how the pearl is the sign of the resurrection flame and the sign that this soul, too, must pass through the initiation of the resurrection which Jesus passed through and all who have ever ascended unto God have passed through.

I come for healing wholeness. I come for the healing of the very depths of being. I come to those who have made a commitment on the path of the life that is theirs—the life to be cherished, the life to be lived as chela, the life to be shared as communicant, receiving the consecrated bread and the consecrated wine.

Yes, beloved, the lineage of the Lord Jesus Christ is upon you as you accept your chelaship through the messenger, who wears the mantle of Guru in this lineage beneath Padma Sambhava, Jesus Christ, Lord Maitreya, Gautama Buddha, Sanat Kumara. Yes, beloved, it is the true lineage of the descent of a hierarchical chain whereby the blessing is conveyed from the point of the Divine Mother and the Divine Father.

So Alpha and Omega, in the beginning and the ending,4 have consecrated this Church Universal and Triumphant. How grateful we are that souls upon earth have recognized that this Church must become physical and that you are the lively stones and the living Church as you have consecrated your temples to this purpose.

Thus, beloved, in the path of initiation, some things are ordained, and it must be so. My beloved, I say to you, let your hearts understand what a weight the presence of this Church, as the magnet of the Central Sun, can be to hold the balance and a counterpoint of such light as to disallow much of the infamy and death of death and hell to be outpictured upon the earth in this decade.

Blessed hearts, truly this Church is the repository of the light of the saints (as you have been told in other dictations) which has been placed here, whose causal bodies have been placed here. And this property itself is consecrated to the white-fire core of this Church that will one day expand. For that white-fire core shall be made up of those who have drawn together the skeins of light for the re-creation and the reconsecration of the pearl of great price.

Understand, beloved, that the price you pay for having the pearl of the soul is the payment, in full, of your karma. And the price that Jesus Christ does pay is his causal body, his heart, his life, his body and his blood.

Thus, you are as pilots. As your mind becomes one with the mind of Christ, you make decisions for the soul at the same time as you are your soul. Contemplate this mystery of being, how the mind of Christ can be in you before the soul is fully fused to that Lord, the Holy Christ Self, how you yourself come into life to save your own soul.

It is a blessed, dawning day when the chela says, “I must save my soul! I must save my soul!” It shows that the chela has touched reality, the chela will not be drawn here and there to save other souls and, in the process of giving away oneself, therefore giving away the components of soul and losing one self through the unfortunate and unwise path of human sympathy. Sympathy bleeds the soul in the mistaken notion of that individual that, in giving away the substance of soul, somehow one is laying down one’s life for another.

You do not have yet that attainment to lay down your life and take it again, beloved. It is a high initiation to give all that you are and to be able to attract again, by the magnet of the geometry of self, all of God that you have given away.

Thus, we speak of the enlightened self-interest of the individual who knows that first and foremost he must save his own soul and do so with all due diligence and not consider that, though he considers himself to be more advanced than those around him, therefore he can afford to go after those who are lost.

Blessed ones, you have seen it happen again and again where one falls into the sea and is drowning, another goes after that one and drowns also. And it is repeated again and again until many drown, attempting to save the one and then the few.

Blessed hearts, it surely must be remembered that God is the great Saviour of all and that—by the building of the magnet of the soul of being and increasing the layers of the Tree of Life, as the layers of the pearl certainly are—you are developing a momentum of strength, of the balance of the threefold flame, of virtue and mass itself and weight of light. And this counterforce that becomes a magnet in your being will truly be that light of the Christ raised up in you whereby you will draw all men unto Jesus Christ, unto their I AM Presence, unto their Holy Christ Self.

Concentrate on being, beloved, and let God extend himself through the chalice that you carry to help others. Your soul, beloved, is your capital. You must not spend your capital, for the soul can be lost. And the sin of human sympathy may be the cause and only cause of some lightbearers losing their souls.

I have come because many do not know that they have rents in the garment, the garment that should be the deathless solar body. I have come (as the Maha Chohan has come) to instruct you, to call for the mending of the garment by the violet flame, by the resurrection flame, by the healing thoughtform, the Emerald Matrix and the fifth-ray decrees.

I have come to show you that they who are not whole, who have rents in the garment, are indeed sick at some level. We come to bind up the brokenhearted, to mend the flaws in the garments, to work with you on the balancing and integration of the four lower bodies, to assist you in expanding the heart.

I have opened the heart of the messenger for a purpose this night, beloved. For you well know that God and Jesus have called her to that healing mission and to be the instrument of healing. Yet the healing we would give, beloved, is not merely the healing of the flesh, though this is a great necessity, but it is [also] the healing of the soul. And because you do not see the soul or the diseases of the soul or cannot consult the doctors of the soul—who are the ascended masters—you know not what is the condition of your soul in this hour.

If the soul shall draw back the light of Helios and Vesta endowed in the Beginning (for truly that is the essence of the soul, the substance of God Parents who have sponsored you in respective sun centers of a cosmos)—yes, beloved, if you get back that substance, you then can heal that which proceeds from it, the layers of the four lower bodies; and ultimately that fire of the soul can infuse and ignite many cells that die daily in the temple and some which are not reborn.

Therefore you see, beloved, that that sun of my soul, that s-u-n of my soul, is surely the original endowment of that God stuff and that sacred fire in the Beginning, a portion of God that you would multiply, that you would consecrate and that would go forth in the exercise of free will in order to return by the ladder of attainment to the heart of God.

There are profound needs at every level of being. I pray truly that your souls be healed and be made whole by your dedication and concentration upon this matter that I have laid before you, that you do so in time, that when affliction comes upon the physical body, that center poise of balance will be there and will be the magnet.

There is a magnet of the soul, there is a magnet of the Spirit—the soul the Omega, the Spirit the Alpha. They are both in the body temple. Then there is the magnet of the heart and there is the magnet of the mind. There is the magnet of the desire, and so forth. Thus, you see, in many planes of being you draw the substance of God and retain it, and it is there for this consecration purpose, the purpose of consecrating anew the living soul that you are.

What of those who are lost souls or who have lost their souls? Yes, beloved, there are some who walk the earth who no longer have any point of soul identity. How are they to be helped?

If there be a seed of light or a point of God anywhere in them, it can become the nucleus for the gathering again of the skeins of being. But these ones, beloved, who know they are lost and yet desire to find their Lord again—they must know how arduous is this journey and how self-disciplined they must be until there is that reigniting.

Therefore, beloved, all things are possible while there is an age of opportunity, while there is sponsorship, while there is a body of chelas who will understand that the strengthening of the Church, as they become one by one communicants, will truly be the lodestone in the earth for the saving of many.

Continued in Part 2, published in Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 48 no. 11.


“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance o’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

This dictation by Mother Mary was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Saturday, June 22, 1991, at the Royal Teton Ranch, Park County, Montana.

1. Matt. 13:46.

2. In Intermediate Studies in Alchemy, Saint Germain teaches how to magnetize millions of “focal points of light” into a brilliant pulsating “cloud of infinite energy” that can be directed into personal and planetary problems for the healing of specific conditions, including disease, pollution, crime and war. (See Saint Germain On Alchemy, pp. 191-251. See also The Sacred Ritual for the Creation of the Cloud CD and booklet; or a 65-min. recording for Keepers of the Flame [45-min. ritual with 20 min. of supplemental invocations to and for the elementals], A83050.)

3. Ezek. 18:4, 20.

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