Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 47 No. 26 - Beloved El Morya - June 27, 2004

The Dedication of the Chapel
of the Threefold Flame of Liberty

Part 2

You ought to have your calendar marked with a large circle around the twenty-third so that you will know that each twenty-third of the month you must invoke the violet flame until you have transmuted the karma that has descended in the earth and that which has descended upon you personally. There is not a living soul on the planet who is exempt from dealing with this energy, so do not count yourself as the exception.

You are Keepers of the Flame but you must make the specific call on the twenty-third of the month for the transmutation of that soot of karma descending. It increases in its weight, in its intensity, in its fierceness, in its momentum, beloved, until finally you reach the dregs of your cup of karma and finally the earth does receive the dregs of her cup.

May you stand as pillars of white flame, then. May you stand in the earth acknowledging yourself as a member of the Order of the Golden Lily that you might defend life and see how the cities can experience renewal and how the economy will be less and less depressed according to your healing of your own depression in your world and making the calls for the binding of that depression in the worlds of others.

Depression is a few steps removed from death. It is a negative spiral. It sets the entire body up for negativity. And that negativity results in a disintegration spiral when the soul no longer has the will to live, to fight, to rejoice and to defeat every enemy of the light within her being.

Do you not realize, beloved hearts, that from this hour to the hour of your transition—may it be your ascension in the light—you will continue to face challengers of your Christhood? And each and every challenge that you meet with Christ-victory shall be a victory for you and you shall relish these victories. And you shall thrust the power of the sword of blue flame into the forces of defeat, defeatism and depression. You will pierce the veil of death and hell and you will stand and still stand.

Instead of wearying in the opposition, understand that those who would walk in the footsteps of the ascended masters and the Goddess of Liberty must prove themselves in the earth, must prove their loyalty to God and to this cause, must prove their oneness day after day after day. And as you do so, you increase those rings of the Tree of Life.1 You increase the protection of your lifestream. You increase the power of your own tube of light and the power of your spoken word.

Do you not understand that if you are zealous in the balancing of your karma, your own words given forth as affirmations and decrees and direction shall be mightily empowered the less karma you have and the more karma you balance?

Karma is a significant factor in the lives of each and every one of you. Do not overlook it! Do not overlook it, do not set it aside and do not discount it. For it can be something that thwarts your day or you can rise early and give your calls and decrees and attend our early morning services at the ranch and in our teaching centers and get rid of your karma for the day so that you can work on your projects and work on your psychology. And each and every day of your life, you are becoming more and more whole, more and more bold, and more and more capable of dealing with every tool of the adversary. Most people are tools, beloved, and they are tools of the adversaries of the fallen angels, who may or may not be in embodiment.

Remember, therefore, that the battle lines are drawn. El Morya and El Morya’s chelas have drawn that line in New York and have said, “On the fourth of the month you shall not pass!” I say to you, one and all, may you say it each and every day of your life. And do not even think of going forth from your homes in the morning to your places of work and service until you have made those fiats whereby you stand tall and you are the conqueror, in the name of your Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, of death and hell. And in the name of your Mother Mary and her Immaculate Heart, you are the conqueror of all forces of opposition, including the opposition to the children to come into embodiment.

Now, beloved hearts, we do deal with the matter of the Church and the accusations leveled against the Church by individuals who spend their lives, full time, figuring out ways to attack the messenger, to defame her and to disgrace her. May you understand that this is an attack on the Christhood of each and every one of you, a Christhood that is aborning within you.

Let your light shine! Let your Holy Christ Self enter your temple. And let your temple and your four lower bodies accommodate [your Holy Christ Self] rather than expecting your Holy Christ Self to accommodate you and your human consciousness and your human momentums.

I can tell you, those of you who are listening with all of your hearts and with your inner ear to me, you can indeed make progress in the twinkling of the Eye of God. You can step out of that old mold, that old snakeskin, and you can do it a dozen times over by listening, by entering in, by bonding to my heart this day with all your love. You may step forward many miles in who you are, what you are able to accomplish, and what your victory shall be.

I can assure you that I am working in every nation in the earth and in every city. And I tell you, beloved, what is most sad, and that is when I find those who are the lightbearers who have not found the Path and who are yet giving prayers which, while they are useful and may be profound yet simple and devotional, still, they do not deliver the punch that is needed when you are engaged in all-out war as hand-to-hand combat with those fallen ones.

You, therefore, rise as Keepers of the Flame and as chelas of the sacred fire. You have come up higher. You have determined to be at that level where light does meet darkness and swallow it up. I can tell you that the messenger stands on that line. You can stand on it, too. But, beloved ones, make haste to right the imbalances in your life, including the imbalances in your diet, which throw off your emotions and then throw off the workings of your mind.

I have not spoken of the diet of the Eastern adepts, which is known today as the macrobiotic diet,2 for nothing. I have spoken of it because when you come to your tests, such as the test that the Goddess of Liberty passed that she might sponsor this nation and planet, I tell you, you must be prepared and you must not be out of alignment or in a weakened state. You must have all of your forces summoned. For you never know when the blow of the dark ones will befall you or the initiation of God will be before you.

So know that you must be prepared and take nothing for granted. For you have engaged in a service to the light that necessarily engages you in the warfare of Armageddon with the forces of darkness who are determined to snuff out the light on this planet. And as far as their strategies are concerned, the sooner the better, because they know that the Keepers of the Flame of the Goddess of Liberty are on the march, the chelas of El Morya are on the march, and sooner or later they will win.

Thus you understand that there is a critical point, there is a timing at the place where this organization is about to become a world element of positive good, not that it has not always been, but I mean in the sense of many more rallying to the cause and to the defense of religious freedom. That moment is about to manifest and the messenger has seen its dawn. This is the moment for fierceness, for alertness, for one-pointedness, for this is the time when the few can make the difference and turn the tide.

Chelas of New York, of America and the world, all of you who have kept the vigil with me on the fourth of each month, I say to you, I multiply the light that you have invoked and I give it back to you at your weakest point, at your weakest chakra and at your weakest organ. And I multiply your light for the healing of your members that each and every month that you serve with me you might find a new strength, new wholeness, and inner healing. And then you may drink of the chalice of the sacred wine that I carry, even the momentum of your violet-flame decrees.

Blessed ones, let us celebrate Holy Communion together, for we are in the love of the living flame and this is the hour that we do celebrate our oneness. I am assisting you daily to overcome those things that may bother you, that might keep you from me.

O, know me! beloved. Know me in all of the ramifications of my being. Know me in the tenderness of a poet who is able to write the sweetest love songs to your soul. Know me in the tenderness of the Lord Krishna. Know me in the tenderness of the blessed Mary. Know me in the fierceness, truly the fierceness, that I have when dealing with any force of evil within you or within the planet. Beloved ones, I go after evil with all my legions of light and those of the archangels as you would go after a cancer in the body or some dread plague. For, I tell you, those forces of evil are insidious.

Let the victory come nigh. May you not be singed, beloved, because you have held back some part of the price of the surrender of inordinate desire. Nothing can touch you when you are alone in God. Therefore know me as the master of solitude and one of the Sons of the Solitude. Know me in my aloneness, which only God can cure. Know me in the aloneness of service. And understand that all true warriors of light and servants of the Great White Brotherhood will know those moments when, because they have chosen our cause, others have misunderstood, pointed the accusing finger, families have condemned and sometimes it seems the whole world is against you.

Well, beloved, that is one of the reasons the Great White Brotherhood was founded so very, very long ago: that there might be a brotherhood of the servant sons and daughters of God combining with the legions of angels and hosts of the LORD and that we might know that we are one, one in that Mystical Body of God. This you have experienced in your vigils that you have kept. I say, keep on keeping on.

And now I desire to seal this place as the Teaching Center of Church Universal and Triumphant in New York. Please stand, my beloved. [Audience rises.]

In the invincible light of cosmic freedom I, El Morya, establish in the Temple of the Sun my transformer of the will of God. It is there, beloved, for you to pull down by your decrees and your service and your love. May the action of this transformer of the will of God renewed once again be unto this line of the earth and this line of the Clock3 and this chakra. May it be, beloved, the full power of each one’s victory on the path of service to the will of God. And may its ability to multiply and transform your decrees accrue back to each one who so does contribute his life to my cause as the balancing of a karma and the preparation of your soul for the victory of light.

Precious hearts, please learn of me and know of me in all of my writings, in all that I have contributed in over a century of service to your hearts of love. Know me in every way and be willing to walk not only in my footprints but in my moccasins. For, indeed, I would have you know what it is like to be the lord of the first ray, and therefore you will know what it is and what it means to be a full Chela of the lord of the first ray.

May all those who seek the bonding to my heart seek it fervently now and celebrate your First Fridays and your First Saturdays.4 For the hour is coming soon to many of you, beloved, where you can know increments of that bonding in preparation for the ceremony of the wedding day, when you as chelas shall be one with your spouse and shall know me as your Guru, as your Husband and as your Father.

I AM in the shaft of fire of the blue lightning of the mind of God! I release it for the quickening of your crown chakras. And I move on now, for many have need of me and I, too, serve other planets.

Keep the flame when I am near. Keep the flame when I am far. For I AM Morya! And I salute you in the name of the entire Darjeeling Council. And I send to you greetings from the Lords of Flame of Sirius and from the God Star. In the words of old, Keepers of the Flame, keep on keeping on and you shall win in this life!

In profound gratitude I seal you now and I dedicate this sanctuary to the temple of the living God that you are. May you raise up the temple that the I AM Presence, the LORD God and the Son may dwell in you and with you forever. Amen.

[33-second standing ovation]

“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance o’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

This dictation by El Morya was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Saturday, March 13, 1993, during 24 Hours with Elizabeth Clare Prophet in New York City, a two-day event held March 13 and 14, 1993.

1. Gen. 2:9; 3:22, 24; Rev. 2:7; 22:2, 14. The Tree of Life represents the I AM Presence and the causal body.

2. The messenger has remarked: "While the macrobiotic diet is excellent, it does need substantial individual adaptation. Maintaining a healthy diet takes knowledge of nutrition and attunement to one's own needs." See 2003 Pearls of Wisdom, p. 65 footnote 5.

3. Refers to the Cosmic Clock. See Predict Your Future: Understand the Cycles of the Cosmic Clock.

4.Parallel devotions to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary given on First Fridays and First Saturdays of the month.

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