Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 47 No. 17 - Beloved Goddess of Liberty - April 25, 2004

No Other Concept but Victory for This Age

Hail, sons and daughters of Liberty!

I come in the fire of holy freedom and I hold you, each one, to my heart! [16-second standing ovation]

I would speak to you of my agenda in the coming months and years. So be seated, my beloved sons and daughters.

We have long desired to see purged from this entire hemisphere not only the records but the actual presences of black magicians and fallen angels who have moved against the nation of Canada, who have moved against those of Central and South America. We see that this entire hemisphere must return to the light.

And you have heard of the teachings of the God and Goddess Meru regarding the reembodying on this continent of South America of those children of the light who were once there.1 And the story has been told in their dictations of how the people lost their civilization and how they went down and the sun went down upon the golden age that was once there. And you are aware that Amazonia, with Hercules, was the sponsor of certain individuals in that civilization.2

Beloved, if we move out from the shores and the boundaries of the United States into these nations, we must have those of you to go to these nations to speak to the people and to deliver the message to them. Therefore, I commend the Keepers of the Flame of Canada, of Central and South America, for you are doing an immense work on behalf of the Great White Brotherhood and you are fulfilling the fondest dreams of the Great Divine Director.

And therefore, we bow to the light within you and we say, keep on keeping on and accelerate and you will win. And you will see your very continent and your nations coming into that golden age even in your lifetimes, beloved! [32-second standing ovation]

I AM the Goddess of Liberty. I also sponsor the age of Aquarius. And I am also determined to see this age through to the victory. In fact, beloved, I have no other concept but victory for this age! "[16-second standing ovation]

Do Not Be Concerned with the
Sensationalizing of the News

I would remind you, beloved, that what you see and hear about in the media is often that which is the most shocking, not necessarily what is the beauty of the spirits of the rank and file of the people in all nations in the earth. You do not hear about all of the good and wonderful things that people are doing, and you have seen that in your own movement here.

Once reporters come and find out just what you are doing that is positive, many of them go away without writing articles because they cannot write something that is sensationalistic, that somehow will draw the lower mind to accuse and to put down and to somehow upset but never to bring the reality of the people of this world who are the wondrous people—the people who follow the Buddha, the Christ, Zarathustra, Lao-Tzu, and on and on and on.

Yes, beloved, that is why we have the sense of the victory of the age. The loudest ones are the proud talkers and those who do nothing. The loudest ones are those of whom you are ashamed in the highest offices in the land, as they betray the people and must continually apologize or not apologize for those wrong turns they continually make in the road of destiny of America.

Well, beloved, all of the wonderful people of the whole world add up to one thing, and that is that the greatness of God and his people—even though they may be fewer in number—those people of God who have causal bodies and an I AM Presence and a Holy Christ Self, they are the ones who hold the planet together. They are the ones who will have the victory. They are the ones who will be there for the fullness of the Aquarian age, beloved. For all the rest of these fallen angels will have long gone for their judgment to the Court of the Sacred Fire.3 [19-second applause]

Do not be concerned with the sensationalizing of the news. Do not be concerned, beloved. These individuals are more concerned with their ratings than bringing the important news to the people. Let it be understood, then, beloved, that there is more than meets the eye. And Saint Germain and the Goddess of Liberty and the hosts of the LORD and the Darjeeling Council have not revealed their cards and they have not yet played all of them. [18-second standing ovation]

Establish a Wall of Fire Round about Your Forcefield

Therefore, I go where there is a teaching center, where there is a study group, where there are those who have not yet connected with these. And I go everywhere on the planet and I will continue my visitations and I will breathe upon you for the increase and the balancing of your threefold flame. For have I not delivered that flame to each and every one of you with the Lord of the World, Gautama Buddha?4 Indeed, I have, and I have kept that flame. Do you think after all these decades, beloved, that my arm tires of holding the torch of illumination? Never. Never, beloved. [15-second standing ovation]

Truly, I lift my lamp before the golden door.5 And the golden door is the door to the etheric octave. The golden door is the opening to these shores of immigration from all over the world that souls might find the Path. Yes, we sponsor souls to be here who have that spiritual quality and we sponsor souls who are very dark who must come here for another opportunity to pay off the karma they have made. The Lords of Karma are fair and just to all, beloved. And that’s why we have said, if someone is in embodiment we have authorized it, we have approved it.

And apart from that, beloved, there are always fallen angels and demons who seek to enter embodiment. And this is why we have taught you to draw the circle of oneness about your lives and about your homes and families, so that no demons or discarnates may sneak in and try to displace within your womb that child of light and of Christ that is coming through. Protect your forcefield, beloved, and establish round thereabout a wall of fire6—yes, a wall that does keep the innermost sanctum of your being.

There are always fallen angels who can find their way into life that is at a low level, life that has no integrity, life that has lost all contact with God. And that is why you find such individuals in embodiment: because the people do not know how to protect themselves from bringing in lifestreams who in fact are not approved or sponsored by the Lords of Karma.

Think upon this, beloved. It is a call you can make to see to it that these individuals or entities or fallen angels are bound and cannot take embodiment, especially not through lightbearers but not at all. For the law of God has decreed it, yet the law of man, in ignorance, has not stopped it and therefore they have come through.

All Things Do Go Back to the Heart

Now, beloved, let us speak. Let us speak of the education of the heart. I deal with the hearts of all of the people on earth. The heart has many facets. Some people assume that because one has derived a conclusion in a meditation of the heart, that one’s conclusion is always correct because the heart is always correct. Yet the scriptures record that there are evil hearts, that there are lustful hearts, hearts that are not pure. I bring this to your attention, for the heart can lust after the flesh. And you may have experienced this even though you may have never spoken of it. The heart, then, may be filled with all wickedness.

Thus, when you consider that the secret chamber of the heart is close to the physical heart and then close to the heart chakra, would it not be wise, beloved, inasmuch as so much emphasis has been placed on the balancing of the threefold flame and then its expansion, in that order, that you should go about using your circle and sword of Astrea to clear the heart chakra? Is it not, after all, the most important chakra, beloved, inasmuch as it relates to the physical heart and you must have a beating heart to continue on earth?

I ask you to purify the heart, to look through the positive qualities of the twelve lines of the clock and the perversions of those qualities7 and recognize that any one of those qualities may be a part of the heart. The heart may be fat and full of substances that are toxic. When you have such a heart, beloved, do you think your heart can be a clear vessel for the heart of God? Well, I tell you, no, it is impossible.

Do you think you can expand the threefold flame if the heart has this lust or this enmity or this jealousy? Have you not heard it said of someone, “He has a jealous heart”?

Well, beloved, all things do go back to the heart. And for the purification of the vessels that you have, the four lower bodies, I would suggest that you draw a circle around the heart chakra and give daily some portion of Saint Germain’s Heart Meditations8 that you might develop the heart and the love of the heart and that this love might become so intense for all life that that love shall melt all the lesser adjectives that I have already named concerning the heart. This is indeed something to ponder. There is no part of the human vessel that you can trust until you have gained your Christhood in this body. Therefore, clear the heart.

Your Salvation Is through the Spoken Word

And when you feel you have done enough of your violet flame decrees, your Astreas and your calls on the heart, remember that what I deem to be most important as a secondary chakra to the heart is the throat chakra. When the throat chakra is misused with vile statements and profanities, when it carries conversation into low levels, talking about things that never should be talked about, well, beloved, think of what a karma is made! We have mentioned it before that most people make their karma through the throat chakra, by what they say and how they say it, whether they allow the rage to come through or keep in rein all of their forces so as not to misqualify energy.

Inasmuch as your salvation is through the spoken Word that is given unto you that you might decree and call out to God, I would suggest that you realize this is the most important chakra you have and the most important gift that you have, as has been said during this conference. If it is your greatest gift and your greatest way out and you have to shout your way through your decrees until you finally reach the heaven-world, then what will you do if you do not set about swiftly, now, the purification of the throat chakra in every way, manner and form?

I ask you to continue your study of your chakras that you might put them in an order of priority and see what you come up with based on the standard of what is most essential to your victory. Now, my beloved, since we are rooting for your victory, we expect you to have it and we shall stay with you.

Lay Your Greatest Gift on the Altar of God

I remind some of you that you must assess what is the greatest gift you can lay on the altar of God. When you discover that—what is your greatest talent—then, I ask you, if at all possible, work with that talent and put that talent and your soul before the Brotherhood that they might work through you.

I ask you not to go into ventures, businesses and other types of activities that do not gain for you points of balancing karma, but only gain for you an increase in livelihood and of materialistic goods. You can have both, beloved, but be careful that the pull upon you to make a go of a business deprives you of the ultimate business, which is God’s business. And God’s business today, beloved, is to bring in the souls of light that they might have their day just as you have your day. [14-second applause]

I speak to you, then, of illegal aliens entering this country by any port, by any area. And I tell you, beloved, it is lawful to have immigration and it is lawful for individuals to come into this country lawfully. Those who do not come in lawfully, beloved, are already making karma. And that is a pity.

So I warn you that if you would see the economy rise, if you would see America maintain her position in the Brotherhood, if you would see that maintained, beloved, then take care of your nation. And I extend that call to people of every nation. So long as you yet live in that nation and are citizens of that nation, then give your life to your people. Give your life to their victory.

A Miniature Fleur-de-Lis Sealed upon Your Heart

Now, beloved, a gift from my son Paul the Venetian: Paul the Venetian places upon your heart and seals the secret chamber of your heart with a fleur-de-lis. This fleur-de-lis does have a measurement from one-quarter of an inch to one-half inch in height. Whatever you have earned in the balancing and expanding of the threefold flame, you now have sealed upon your heart a miniature fleur-de-lis that is the sign that you have taken up the calling of the Order of the Golden Lily.9

You recall that I founded that order and that I have asked you to pray each Friday night that all souls who go through the change called death might be taken to their lawful and rightful place. Many of you have been faithful to our Friday night services year in, year out. I tell you, you have numberless numbers of friends in the etheric octave who are profoundly grateful that you rescued them out of the astral plane with your calls. [12-second applause]

So it is, beloved—all of you have received your fleur-de-lis. And remember that in having it, you can multiply it—multiply and increase. You can increase if you master the balance of the threefold flame, for then there is no limit to how large that flame can be except the limitation of your love or the limitation of your love of the will of God and the wisdom of God or the limitation of your love of the Divine Mother as the white sphere that is the source of this Trinity.

Twenty-four Records of Valiant Service

Thus, beloved, I honor you. I honor each and every one of you at the level that you deserve that honor. And I promise you that your Holy Christ Self deserves the honor.

And I also promise you that if you do not feel honorable in this moment, call to me. I will come to you and lift you out of the doldrums of self-condemnation and into the awareness of the honor of the soul. And I will give you twenty-four good reasons why you should feel honorable, for I shall show each one of you twenty-four records of valiant service through the ages. This I give to you as my gift, beloved, that you might know the appreciation of the hosts of the LORD for your sacrifices in all ages. [applause]

I AM the Goddess of Liberty. I seal you now. Go forth, for you have much to offer the world—much more than you came with, beloved. So take what you have received and go and love all people.

[36-second standing ovation]

Heart-Centered Prayer

Excerpt from Alchemy of the Heart: How to Give and Receive More Love
by Elizabeth Clare Prophet and Patricia R. Spadaro

The revolutionaries of the Spirit have discovered how to harness the fires of the heart. Through the white-hot heat of meditation and prayer, we too can release the imprisoned lightning of our heart.

Our meditations in the secret chamber are very private experiences. They start with removing our attention from what’s happening around us and going within—“all the gates closed, the mind confined in the heart,” as the Bhagavad Gita says. Christian tradition calls it recollection, withdrawing the mind from external affairs and placing our attention on the presence of God within. When we go within by devotion and love, we contact the inner flame and commune with the energy that is God. “The little spirit spark of our personal identity is the key that connects us with the Universal,” Mark Prophet once said. “[God’s] Spirit is the fabric of our world. His energy, his pattern is the only saving grace. We ourselves have to reidentify, reintegrate, repolarize ourselves with that light—and it’s got to be done consciously.”

Through prayer and meditation we turn our attention back to the Inner Light, which is the real source of our being. We become drenched with light—renewed, refreshed and replenished—so we can give more of the light to those who need it. We build up our reservoir of love. As we commune with our Higher Self, who sits on the throne in our heart, we can also access the wisdom of the heart to find solutions to knotty problems.

The mystics advise us to combine our meditations with spoken prayer that comes from a heart on fire with love. For instance, the Zohar instructs, “Whatever a man thinks or whatever he meditates in his heart cannot be realized in fact until he enunciates it with his lips.” The spoken word activates the fruit of our meditation upon the Divine and coalesces it in the physical.

NOTE: See also “Prayers and Meditations for Entering the Heart,” in Alchemy of the Heart, pp. 172-91.

“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance o’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

This dictation by the Goddess of Liberty was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Tuesday, July 4, 1995, during the eleven-day conference FREEDOM 1995: “Soul Evolution—A Fusion of Mind and Spirit,” held June 24 through July 4, 1995, at the Royal Teton Ranch, Park County, Montana.

1. A golden-age civilization shall rise again in South America. In a dictation on November 19, 1960, the God Meru prophesied: “Here in South America, a great race shall once again manifest. The beloved Great Divine Director awaits—as do so many others of the ascended hosts—the revival, the lifting up, the building of the magnificent cities, like Brasília and others, that shall arise from the ashes of the old. For here in South America many, many long years ago, beautiful civilizations flourished [because their citizens, in] dignity and honor, [gave] glory to the Godhead.”

In their November 21, 1965 dictation, the God and Goddess Meru prophesied that certain people would move from North America to South America to unite with South Americans in order to build anew the great cosmic civilization that once was in South America. They said: “We are determined with a great inward determination that holy wisdom is going to become a fountain of cosmic illumination until North America is saturated with a radiance of our retreat at Lake Titicaca. And then, when the great exodus begins where the chosen lifestreams from the north will come. . . into South America to revitalize and unite with certain lifestreams now here, to begin to build again anew the great cosmic civilization in South America, there will be an action of the sacred fire reflected from north to south and from south to north, merging the cultures of east and west and north and south in the great cosmic advancement that is even now beginning to shine upon the sky of the perceptive magi.”

2. In a dictation given April 13, 1979, the Elohim Amazonia described an ancient mystery school that was located in the southern portion of the continent of South America where devotees gathered for initiation in the power of Elohim and mastery of the first ray. Certain women initiates, after “having gained all that they could acquire within our school...determined to go out and join the rebellious angels to take control of the earth.” They directed their hatred of God the Father against all representatives of the masculine ray, attempting to destroy their self-identity. Amazonia explained that these fallen women have reincarnated today, spearheading the movements of abortion, sterilization, and lesbianism. See Spoken by Elohim (Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 21), pp. 336-38; and “The Story of the Mystery School of Hercules and Amazonia” on The Quest for the Resurrection; also available at (Search for item number: B7924).

3. Final judgment at the Court of the Sacred Fire. Elizabeth Clare Prophet writes: “The Book of Revelation speaks of the ‘second death,’...the death of the soul. It is written in scripture, ‘The soul that sinneth, it shall die’ [Ezek. 18:4]. This shows the possibility that the soul who does not choose to glorify God, to bend the knee before the Christ and to walk in the way of Christ (or of the eternal flame of that Christ as it appears in the Buddha, in the Mother, and so forth) may face the second death in the last judgment. The last judgment takes place at the Court of the Sacred Fire before the Four and Twenty Elders, who sit before the great white throne—the throne that is the forcefield of Almighty God. There is the possibility, then, that the soul who rebels against God may be canceled out as an energy field, as a consciousness. And the energy of God and the Christ within, as well as the I AM Presence, would then be returned to the consciousness of the universal Christ and the universal God ” (Inner Perspectives, p. 216). See also Rev. 9:1-12; 11:7; 17:8; 20:1-3, 11-15.

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5. “I lift my lamp beside the golden door” are the concluding words of Emma Lazarus’s poem “The New Colossus.” The poem is engraved on the base of the Statue of Liberty in New York City's harbor.

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8. Saint Germain’s Heart Meditations I and II, delivered by the messenger at Saint Germain’s request, are for the clearing, strengthening and initiation of the heart chakra and the balancing of the threefold flame. They include devotional prayers, decrees, mantras, hymns, meditations and visualizations as well as instruction and invocations by the messenger and the opportunity for participants to offer personal prayers. Saint Germain's Heart Meditation I, given May 3, 1987and Saint Germain's Heart Meditation II, given July 10, 1988, at the Heart of the Inner Retreat, includes a dictation by Saint Germain available on the MP3 album Saint Germain's Heart Meditations I & II.

9. In a dictation given in Washington, D.C., July 7, 1963, the Goddess of Liberty placed the symbol of the Order of the Golden Lily over the hearts of those who would help her “lift the torch” on behalf of mankind both in and out of embodiment. Those initiated into the Order of the Golden Lily have the opportunity and responsibility to invoke the intercession of the hosts of the LORD for the illumination and the cutting free of souls of light trapped on the astral plane, especially those passing through the transition called death, that they might be safely escorted by angels to the octaves of light and the retreats of the Great White Brotherhood. Keepers of the Flame gather each Friday night for the Ascension Service to fulfill this commitment. In her dictation the Goddess of Liberty said: “I urge all who wear this golden lily upon their hearts to recognize that they have my power. And if you will in consciousness call unto me and to your own Mighty I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self and recognize that you are one who lifts the lamp of light in order to be a wayshower to mankind, both those who are here below and those who are in the psychic and astral realms, you will realize that you are working with the Angels of Deliverance and with Archangel Michael.” See the Goddess of Liberty, July 7, 1963, “The Order of the Golden Lily,” excerpted in “The Radiant Word,” 1991 Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 34, no. 13, pp. 182-83.

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