Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 44 No. 19 - Out of the Flame of Mother - May 13, 2001


Out of the Flame of Mother


I AM the River of Life <1> flowing within you. I AM the energy of God. I AM the release and the activating principle of all that is above now manifest here below. I AM the release of the fiery fire of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.

I AM the Shakti of the Gods. I AM the mastery of the feminine principle that you in your soul, rising and rising and rising, might also be unto countless lifewaves Mother--Mother as that which releases light. So is the Shakti the feminine counterpart of every Ascended Master. Each one of you fulfills that role, being a director of energy.

When you are a chela of the Ascended Masters, the development of your own feminine potential determines how much you can be the polarity of God, how much polarity of Saint Germain, El Morya, Kuthumi or Lanto you can manifest here below. Can you expand the sphere of your consciousness of Mother, of white-fire purity, so as to be here below all that the Ascended Masters are above? This is the challenge of being Mother. This is the challenge of being whole.

You do not want to manifest only a pea compared to a giant causal body of a cosmic consciousness. When you stand under the vine and fig tree <2> of the Great Divine Director with hands upraised in the receptive mode of consciousness to receive of his great liberating life force, will you limit that release by a tiny thimble of consciousness that is an excuse for a chalice? Or will you raise the crystal chalice, the cut glass of many facets of attainment showing the bursting forth of light as crystal, as crystal-fire mist and emerald and gems of the Mother’s Self-awareness? See, then, that you strive to keep the balance of the worlds.

Souls Have Not Conceived of Themselves as Mother

The dilemma of your planet in Matter is that so little of the energies of the Tree of Life <3> flow as the river of Mother. Imagine millions of ascended beings focusing the masculine principle of the Godhead with unending energy. Imagine, then, the energy crisis that occurs in Mater because souls have not conceived of themselves as Mother, because here in the West the term shakti is not understood. The feminine role as the one who releases the energy of the masculine ray is also not understood--the concept that the masculine in Matter is passive until the active element of the feminine releases it.

It is just the reverse in Spirit. It is the masculine that is the active and the feminine that is the passive. And so these roles intertwine and they change as you ascend the scale of consciousness. The roles are the weaving back and forth of the caduceus of the Father-Mother God.

Each time you rise to a new chakra, a new level of consciousness, these roles are balanced, these roles are interchanged. And so within each individual there comes the flow of Alpha and Omega and of the masculine and feminine principles, so that neither man nor woman is incomplete but each one, through this cosmic exchange, puts on a cosmic identity containing all in One. But then when you expand to the entire creation, you see that all life that is unascended is as Mater, feminine ray.

A Dictation from the Cosmic Consciousness of Mother

I speak to you today, then, out of the flame of Mother that is anchored in Matter. I speak out of the fiery core of the earth and out of the fiery core of your own Mother chakra. I am speaking, then, from cosmic dimensions which God has sealed in this very plane. And so you are hearing for the first time a dictation of the cosmic consciousness of Mother that originates in the white-fire core of Matter.

This is that you might understand the permeation of Matter with the energies of Spirit, that you might know the energies of the Om Mani Padme Hum. Reverence, then, to life here below is given from the Aum of Alpha to the Hum of Omega. You find that life flows and flows and flows: Aum, Hum, Aum, Hum, Aum, Hum.

Now experience, then, from the very depths of being how God has placed himself with you not alone in threefold flame, but in the chakra that is Mother. God has placed himself as a life force, as an activating principle that is designed to balance, to release, to energize Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

The Path of Initiation in the Mother

Let all enter the path of initiation, the path of Mother, as Mother adores the Buddha. Let all enter this path and perceive that the putting on of the many faces of Eve is the adornment of self with the many Madonnas who have graced the earth. The identity of Mother is in so many strains, so many cultures. You can see Mother in all ways as the mirror of self, the mirror of every culture, every nation, every religion--each the unique face of Mother for a peculiar people of light, of evolution, of karma and of dharma.

Out of the flame of Mother within you is the voice of the Ancient of Days. <4> Out of the flame of Mother is an ascension current. Out of the flame of Mother is the balance of worlds whereby mankind learn the paths of equilibrium, developing in the outer only that which has been developed within.

The culture of the hidden man of the heart, <5> of the very Christ Self that you are, is a culture that the soul puts on by the path of initiation in the Mother. Putting on this culture within, the soul takes its first steps in Matter, learning to crawl and to walk, to examine the myriad manifestations of Mother. Point, counterpoint, let mothers and fathers of earth teach their children first within, then without--the inner design, the outer manifestation.

Can you not feel the rhythm of this creation and the rhythm of this life and the soul responding to my words because the soul has such a great need to go within in order to come without? Millions and millions among mankind live without, on the periphery, on the surface, without experiencing the tutoring of their souls, the balancing of the elements. They become as dried reeds. They become without flow or flowering of the chakras. They become mechanical, functioning, then, according to the mechanization man.

Out of the flame of Mother, I call these souls to the center. I call souls of America, of Russia, of China, of every nation in Europe and Asia and Africa; I call to the souls of the nations of South America--all lands, all seas, all elements. I call for balance in the four petals of the Mother’s light. Come into my arms and be aligned! Be aligned, be in balance. Know the comfort and the bliss of the fiery cross of life flowing evenly--flowing fire that becomes water, flowing water that becomes air, flowing air that becomes earth, cycling and recycling.

You feel within your system now what it is like to truly be in balance. The mind is restored to balance, free from the entrapments. The emotions are restored to balance in the Word of Christ, “Peace, be still!” <6> And in the very center of the petals of the white chakra I declare, I AM THAT I AM. <7>

Energy in Balance Is the Need of the Hour

I AM the will of the Lord and the law of his life! I AM releasing spirals, spirals of God becoming God within you. Out of the flame of Mother, energies are encircling the earth, flowing to the chakras of you who have prepared and of all souls of light who have prepared, who have opened the windows to receive Mother, to give Father, to give Father, to receive Mother--in and out, by coming in, by going forth. Energy in balance is the need of the hour, and the Mother comes to teach her children this balance.

Now enter your third eye. Let your concentration increase; let your concentration increase. From the tiny emerald that I place there, let it increase to a sphere of brilliant emerald fire. Now meditate upon this emerald fire and know that the virgin consciousness within you is now restored at the etheric plane.

Heretofore, your Christ Self has held that balance of the vision of the Virgin. Now there is a lowering from out the flame of Mother in Matter of the virgin consciousness that will be released cycle by cycle through the mental body, the emotional body and the physical body. My angels have anchored now that very record of all that you saw, all that you knew, all that you were in the beginning in the core of creation.

This is a very powerful electrode. This is a very powerful force. Do you know that my coming into this octave is that force that creates tidal waves and cataclysm, and the coming of the judgment and the sudden death and the passing from the screen of life of individuals, and wars and rumors of wars? And so you see, the prophecy of Jesus for the last days <8> was the prophecy of the coming of Mother. It was a veiled prophecy. He did not say, “When Mother comes, you will have pestilence and famine and plague.” If he had said this, who would have welcomed Mother? Who welcomes disturbance? All move back into the comfortable ways, yet all find that they cannot resist the oncoming light.

Mother Is Concerned Only with the Salvationof the Souls of Her Children

Mother in her coming seems destructive. But she is the Shakti of Shiva, and therefore her destroying action is the breaking down of the walls of partition, the breaking down of all misuses of her light that the soul might be free.

Understand, then, the perspective of the Mother. The Mother is concerned only with the salvation of the souls of her children, not with their mere mortal comfort. And therefore when she finally comes after thousands of years, coming through the marketplaces she overturns the moneychangers in the temples, <9> and much more.

Individuals are stripped of their wares, their conceit and their deceit, their mortal tyranny. Individuals are stripped of that which is the manipulation of the innocence of the soul. Upheaval, then, is for the direct goal that the bird might take flight and enter the heart of God. To the Mother, all else is dispensable.

It is Mother who taught her Son these words: “I came not to send peace, but a sword.” <10> First the sword, then the sacred Word, then the cleaving asunder of the Real from the unreal. And then the sword, and then peace.

First the sword and the action of the sword as the shakti of peace. First the sword as a pillar of fire, as an energy that is at once brutal and compassionate. The sword of the Mother is the surgeon’s knife, the Great Surgeon cutting away all that is hindering the soul on the Path.

The Rumbling Sound of the Movement of Energy

Welcome, then, the bursting forth of this fire of Mother within you as the bursting forth of the fire of Vesuvius, of Mauna Loa. From the very heart of the earth, suddenly there is the rumbling, the rumbling sound. It is the sound of movement of energy in the base chakra of the earth. And before the night is over, fire and the lava--molten rock, elements rich, rich in the ore of the Mother--burst forth at the surface of the chakras of the earth. There is an inundation and there is life becoming life.

Mankind have had thousands of years to prepare for her coming. Had they pursued self-mastery, the Mother’s coming would be the delicate feet upon the hillsides and in the meadows. Her coming would be gentle, gentle as the crown of the twelve stars. <11> But without preparation, the coming must be the upheaval.

We are speaking now at the very core of the reality of the meaning of Mother. As the veils of maya are removed from your eyes and as the veils of Mother are removed that you can see her face to face, you find that her face is very familiar. In your soul you know that you have seen that face, that smile and that sternness day by day for thousands of years.

The reality of Mother, then, is the acceptance of disturbance and rearrangement in your life as atoms and molecules are brought into alignment for the maximum attainment of energy flow in the chakras. Is it any small wonder that you have experienced such opposition to this conference, such opposition to the celebration of the bicentennial?

The Coming of Mother Inaugurates a New Cycle

The coming of Mother inaugurates a new cycle: the movement of Mother energies in Matter. There must be some who are responsible, who can be self-disciplined and not shrink or shriek in the presence of Mother. All is challenged and nothing escapes her gaze. And you dare not hide that something that is dear to you behind your back, for Mother will take your hand and open it and reveal that that which is hidden shall be revealed. <12>

Now that the pressure and the presence of Mother is truly in full force and in manifestation--with the turning of the cycles of America, with the turning of the cycles of the Aquarian age in this very month of the celebration of Mother by the hierarchy of Cancer--we trust, we hope, we pray earnestly that there be some devotees who, though yet the boat be rocked, will not be moved. Though there be a storm at sea, they will not capsize the boat.

We cannot promise you freedom from adversity. We can only promise you the protection of the defender of the Woman, the protection of Archangel Michael, <13> when you call it forth. Do not expect, then, that suddenly all will be well with the world or that peace will suddenly appear. There is a long, hard journey through the night before the coming of peace. If you prepare yourselves for the daily upheavals, then you will invoke enough light of the energies of God to counteract these upheavals and you will be found whole and one in the flame.

I Will Draw You into the Flame

Children of the Sun, it is understandable that some dare not enter into the presence of Mother. They must remove themselves so many meters, so many leagues, so many miles, for they cannot stand the pressure of that light. But if there be some who will come, who will stand with me, who will be part of this fire of the swinging sword of Kali--if there be some, then I tell you I will absorb you into myself that you might be in the white-fire core of Mother. As I have come out of the flame, so I will draw you into the flame so that by your courage to stand with the Virgin of the Earth you will also have her mantle, the momentum of her attainment.

Is this not also justice? Those who receive the Mother in the flame of the Mother ought to receive the reward of the flame of the Mother. And so the white-fire core of the teaching center and of the Church Universal and Triumphant has a very special purpose. And the communicants who have the white cube, they use that white cube to magnetize the flame of Mother and thereby draw themselves into the One.

There is little survival for those who are halfway. And so you see here, even here, an organization either of devotees or of no one. All who come here and who remain become ardent chelas of the Mother. And if they are not, they remove themselves far, far away. For when they confess within their souls that they have not the dedication, then they realize it is best to be gone, it is best to be as far as you can go to be away from the cataclysm that surrounds the intense fire of Mother.

With Total Surrender You Enter the Sphere of Mother

This is the key, then: total surrender. With total surrender you enter the sphere of Mother. And I tell you, for I am here in the sphere of Mother, that inside of this sphere there is such a wondrous cosmos. To the outer mind, the discipline seems as confinement. But as soon as that discipline is forged and won and you are transferred into the center, you discover the Spirit-cosmos that is all inside the fiery core of the base chakra of the one who has the mastery of the Mother.

Within that fiery core, then, there is once again an absolute God-freedom to create, to roam a starry cosmos, to be free in Mother. Mankind do not understand, and some who are on the Path do not understand that always and always and always when you give all to Mother, Mother gives all to you. God is obedient to this law. He made this law, and by this law he stands.

There is no purpose to having debris around the Mother, and therefore devotees are we, devotees of the flame. None other can manifest inside the Mother.

Here I AM in the center of the One. Will you come? Will you come? Will you come and be free in me?

This dictation Out of the Flame of Mother was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on July 2, 1976, at the freedom class Higher Consciousness, held in Washington, D.C. 

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