Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 43  No. 43 - Beloved Lord Maitreya - October 22, 2000

The Path of Initiation under Maitreya Buddha

The Quest for the Resurrection

Hail, sons and daughters of the Grail! I AM the Buddha of the Grail chalice. I come to anoint you in a path of initiation that is the fulfillment of the quest for the resurrection.

I would lead you in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake, <1> he whom I led out of the God Star unto the descent into Bethlehem and from thence unto the path of the novitiate, the one who was becoming the light.

Step by step he went. He went to Luxor and to the retreats of India and to England as well, that holy shrine where a flame was given to him, a cup, a light that you yet bear from the heart of the Ancient of Days.

So it is, and so thy pilgrim feet may press the ground where his have trod. So thy pilgrim feet, comforted now in the knowledge of the self as Parsifal, pure fool, <2> will welcome the challenges, the temptations. They will relish the quest and the opportunity to prove the soul’s prowess in battle and to plunge the sacred spear into the cause and core of sin—the dragons and beasts that have grown to immense proportions, stretching themselves across the earth, the astral plane of the solar systems.

Yes, deified evil has come and must go down by the mighty spear wielded by the Mother, who, in the person of myself, does present to you the image of the Cosmic Christ by a teaching foretold. In the teaching, then, you will know the presence of the Teacher just beyond the veil. It is in the teaching that the soul responds to the flame leaping from my heart.

I AM the fulfillment of the Guru within you—the one you sought, the one you lost and have won again as the prize of life. I, Maitreya, am the Holy Grail. And from out the blessed Body and Blood, the light of Alpha and Omega, I give birth to a new soul, to worlds within worlds and to the coming of the sign of Aquarius.

The Mystery of the Perfect Christ

I am come, then, that ye might have understanding of the path and therefore not be confounded by the fallen ones you meet upon that path. For they would condemn you for even meeting them at all, as though it was your fault that they fell from highest star. The fallen ones in pride blame all and everything upon the chosen ones, who bear the cup of my life unto the resurrection of the whole Body of God.

The mystery fulfilled is in the opening of your eye, not to relative good and evil but, by and by, to the revelation of the perfect Christ within you. By that perfect Christ, by that perfect light, the co-measurement of the real and the unreal is clear. Then, undaunted, you move through the poisoned vapors of the black magician’s lair.

You do not succumb to the pollution of the soul, the attempt to confuse the issues, for yours is the burning and smoking lamp of your father Abraham. <3> His acceptable offering of his son Isaac is a rising incense that will atone for every departure from the Law. <4>Let the acceptable sacrifice be made. Let the offering be given.

When all misqualified energy is placed within the flame as he, Jesus, did do—taking all that was misqualified from the multitudes and laying it upon the altar as his offering in the way—when all of this is said and done and you have passed unreality into the flame, the only acceptable offering unto God is the pure and living Christ of you, the only begotten Son.

Him crucified is your resurrection. Thus, when there is nothing left to give, you give to humanity the gift of your Real Self. This is the message of Easter. I bring it to you that you might prepare in prayer and fasting for a stupendous light descending, which comes by word of Alpha and Omega as resurrection’s flame this very Eastertide.

The coming of our chelas for the path of initiation is for togetherness in the light of love. We have revealed an inner flame. We have made plain an outer path. We have clarified and crystallized in many levels of your soul the gradual ascent whereby you shall indeed be made whole if you are faithful and press on to the finish and claim the prize of the Saviour—won for you, now yours to win.

The Image of the Christ Carved in Stone

I will come, then. I will come for the dedication of the chapel of the will of God. I will come at Easter for the inauguration of the very personal presence of Jesus Christ within your midst. I will inaugurate for you in that blessed ground, consecrated by Gabriel and the Grail to the Ashram of the World Mother, the blessed place consecrated to Mary.

There in the blue-flame Focus of the Will of God, I will unveil to you the blessed image of the Christ carved in stone out of white marble, brought now and placed in the arms of the Mother as Christ descended from the cross was given into the arms of Mother Mary—the Pietà, the perfect compassion of the Mother.  <5>

The Mother I seek to ignite within you is the one who, in Maitreya, is Mother one-on-one, ready to receive each blessed servant-son as he passes through the great initiation of the crucifixion. Caring for the body of Christ, then, the Mother keeps the vigil while each son and daughter goes forth into the world, into the astral plane, to challenge evil.

Going Forth Two by Two

Therefore I will come in Christ’s name to bless those who will respond to my call and come to be prepared to go forth two by two for the initiation that is the very descent of your soul required by cosmic law ere you can win your crown. It is the initiation of the descent, while you are yet in physical embodiment, into the astral levels of vibration of the cities and the open country of the nations.

Thus we send you forth with a blessing and an initiation from the holy shrine of the Virgin, as though you did leave from Glastonbury Cathedral and go forth in quest of your own resurrection by the fulfillment of the Law, preaching the gospel to every creature and in every nation bearing witness to the healing light. <6>

Going two by two across the earth is no contrivance of the outer mind but a divinely ordained initiation whereby you, in Christ, confront the world mind in all of the dilemmas of the yin and yang of the human consciousness. For whatever phase of the human consciousness, may the gift of speaking in tongues be yours and the interpretation of those tongues, that you might give the necessary light one by one for the confounding of the possessing demons and for the infilling of the Holy Ghost.

A glorious mission awaits you, which has a purpose and a plan. It is your very own salvation, your very own resurrection. And by your atonement and your obedience to the Law, one by one each soul whom you contact will receive on your resurrection morn droplets of sacred fire from resurrection’s flame.

All whom Jesus passed, all the multitudes, all who knew him East and West in every incarnation, were in the manifold blessedness of the fire of the resurrection on Easter morn--all elemental life, angelic hosts and all of the twelve tribes and sons and daughters of God.

And for the fallen ones it was the rending of the veil in the temple, the very judgment by the descent of sacred fire. Lo, he is the manifest judge of nations! Lo, he is the Christ, dispensing on the right hand and on the left resurrection’s fire!

The Second Coming of Christ

Thus, I have passed into the hands of the Mother this very week that magnificent work of art carved a century ago for you and held in trust by my flame. The blessed carved statue of Jesus Christ, lifelike in its wonder, is the image of the risen Christ—fiery Sacred Heart bearing the record of his crucifixion, yet alive, behold, alive forevermore!

This very image, this very stone prepared by elemental life to become the image of the Christ, will stand, then, at the altar of the Focus of the Will of God. No longer will there be a need for a group conductor in that shrine, for Christ himself, the Lord of lords and King of kings, will be there each time you come to celebrate your sacred vow: Lo, I am come to do thy will, O God!

As you kneel before the blessed image, charged, supercharged with his Electronic Presence, you will know that as you give your dynamic decrees for the victory of the will of God in government, in the economy, in education, in all of civilization, your Redeemer before you in stone is in reality before you in the Body and Blood of Alpha and Omega—waiting, oh, waiting to step through the veil in physical, tangible manifestation through your very own body temple.

Thus he gives to you perpetually the initiation of Maitreya, the living Guru, that the Second Coming of Christ must first be his entrance into the flesh and blood of each and every one of his disciples. And when the Body of the Lord on earth has become his blessed self, then the acceleration of all will produce the great miracle whereby every eye shall see him and every tongue shall confess that he is Lord. <7>

Go forth, knights and ladies of the flame, on the quest of the resurrection! Go forth to reveal the Second Coming of Christ and let those who are in the world receive you in the name of the Christ and receive the reward of Jesus Christ.

Thus it ever is that those who would be initiated by the Guru must receive the disciple of the Guru and those who would hear his word must receive his messenger. Thus it is ever; thus ever it shall be.

The Guru requires the acceptance of his chela by the multitudes and those among the multitudes who would come out and be separate and join the ranks of the order of the quest. There is no other quest but the quest for the resurrection.

The Crown of Life

Therefore, a work of art, a stained glass window, shall at last be hung in the Chapel of the Holy Grail for your contemplation, for your meditation, depicting your return, victorious, triumphant, when you kneel before your Lord and Saviour and he places upon your head the crown of life. It signifies that you have completed the initiation of the Holy Grail and the sacred spear, that you have raised the light of the Mother unto the crown of the Buddha, and with the placing of the crown, there is the opening of the thousand-petaled lotus of the sunburst of illumination.

My beloved, the anchoring of this focus in the City of the Angels will be the definition to all of the path of initiation, of the sacred quest and of the very personal relationship of the soul to the living Jesus Christ. May all evolutions of earth walk in his footsteps and find miracle upon miracle as cycle upon cycle he now reveals the accelerated path of the Cosmic Christ and the communion cup of Maitreya.

Maitreya I am, for God has ordained it and he has willed that I should reveal that name and speak out of that flame. And so I come in the name of Gautama and in the name of the Ancient of Days.

Let the candles burning on the altar of the Focus of the Will of God be kept in perpetual vigil, a vigil of light for every condition of burden upon the children of God on earth. Let your dynamic decrees to the will of God be the very determination of my heart for the will that he bore to the end—the end of death, the beginning of Life. Let them be directed specifically, point by point, line upon line, by the sacred lance of your heart, by the penetration of the All-Seeing Eye of God.

The Image of the All-Seeing Eye of God

I shall give to you the image of the All-Seeing Eye. Keep it, then, in your home. Keep it close to your heart that wherever you are, the All-Seeing Eye may be upon you—God upon you and upon the evildoers, and your eye upon the eye of God.

Thus the blessed arc of attention twixt your soul and your blessed I AM Presence is accelerated infinitely by the Elohim Cyclopea. When you look into the eye of God, you are looking into the mighty current of his immaculate image that is intensely projected into the earth in this hour, and by receiving the image you are made whole.

Fear not to gaze upon the eye of God; it is the orifice of your own immaculate vision. Thus it is the key as you wander nation to nation bearing witness as Parsifal, who, having won the spear, emblem of understanding, emblem of an energy promised to come, went forth to meet every battle of the carnal mind.

You will go forth. You will carry the understanding of a spear whose power shall one day be your own. Let God’s all-seeing vision be the key to your safe return, for by the very nature of the initiation I must stand back and allow you to prove your strength, your worth, your ability to sustain light and hope and faith and charity.

Your tie is sealed, but the exercise of the principles of the Law must be your own, else, you see, in the homecoming I would receive the crown, not you. And after all, I have need of but one crown, that which I have already won. It is you who need the crown. You must work the works of God.

You can go forth from Camelot, from the Mystery School and from the focus of the Mother. And to this end the God and Goddess Meru place the forcefield of their retreat, that there might be a place to house the Grail, a place where souls might come to tell the Mother, the very living Virgin, of their quest and of their encounters, victories and defeats till all defeats are swallowed up in victory and the kiss of peace is planted upon you by Maitreya and the Mother.

I Come to Bless and Heal You

Now, blessed friends, for you are my friends, I bless you with the blessedness of our promised oneness and of your promised victory. You cannot fail when you know the Law and love the Law with all thy heart and soul and mind, when you love the Word incarnate and the Father and the Spirit, when you love the Mother without compromise.

Now, then, I come to heal you of a grievous wound. I come to raise the spear. Will you not stand, for I would make an invocation on your behalf. [Congregation stands.]

I would call now for the expelling from your temples of seeds of hatred placed there by the fallen ones. Not that you have any hatred of your own, O my blessed ones, but, you see, the fallen ones have sought to hide within your garments the splinters of their nefarious deeds.

They know that the seed of hatred is the seed of division, of fanaticism, of an untempered zeal, a self-righteousness. Aye, the seed of hatred is Antichrist itself and is in opposition to the greatest love flame ever known, the flame of Saint Germain, the flame of freedom, the violet all-consuming flame.

Therefore, we would not have our highest and most holy representatives of the Knight Commander without the knowledge that in the hours of sleep over the long centuries the fallen ones have attempted and sometimes succeeded in placing their grains of discord, grains of mild dislike.

Beloved ones, nowhere in the kingdom of God is there even the vibration of any form of hatred, not even hatred of Satan or Lucifer or of the darkest of the dark, Peshu Alga himself. No, not a living angel holds or harbors dislike but is the presence of compassion’s sun.

The blazing sun of love within your heart is all-consuming; it consumes all unlike itself. And the greater the hatred in the world, the more intense is this fiery, whirling sphere within you. God himself is all-consuming love, which consumes every part of hatred. Therefore, we would not have you go forth vulnerable, incited by the insults that would quicken the forcefield of this insidious poison of hatred  in the depths of the subconscious.

No matter what is done, remember that you thereby earn your victory. Hatred or its corollary vibration would bind you to unreality. I would have you unbound! I would reveal by the Holy Spirit this one purpose of the point of the lance, the point of the sacred spear that pierced his side!

Now I raise the sacred spear! I pierce it through and through into the cause and core of implanted hatred of the Father!

Bind it now! Bind it now, O sacred spear of living Christ O Great Brotherhood of light, bind the hatred of the Father!

Thrust through now, O sacred spear!

By his Body and his Blood, bind the hatred of the Son! Bind the forcefield of that hatred and the consciousness behind it!

Bind the demons that lurk!

Bind them in the folds and garments!

Bind them now! Bind their records!

Bind their memory!

Bind them who have sought to enter the living temple of our God!

No more, I say!

Be bound, O seed of hatred of the Holy Ghost, most devious. Be bound!

The sacred spear enters now.

Be bound, O demons of the night!

Bind the psychic impostor and the false prophet of the carnal mind!

Bind the hatred of the Holy Ghost!

Bind that hatred now!

Blaze forth, O invincible light,
O invincible light of the Holy of holies, descend!

Now intensify, O rod of fire!

Flaming spear, increase, as light, white-fire light of Mother, is crystallized ascension’s flame.

Now pierce, pierce the wound of hatred of the Mother and her seed!

Bind, then, that which Lucifer sought to deposit
      in the sons and daughters of God,
      in the blessed children of the Mother!

Bind the anti-Mother! Bind the anti-demons!

Bind the discarnates! Burn through, O sacred spear! Burn through! Burn  through! Burn through, O living Word!

The Holy Grail Unveiled

I am the Holy Grail. I now unveil that Holy Grail and hold it high, as one glimpse is all that you may be given until you have accelerated into higher dimensions of purity’s flame.

O Holy Grail, magnetize Mother Light, as I, Maitreya, hold the forcefield now for the raising of resurrection’s flame, preparing for the raising of Mother Light and Kundalini’s sacred fire.

Now angels have veiled once more the Grail and you, my beloved, have received the spear as surgeon’s sword of living Christ. Only thus, by initiation in the person of the Guru, may you have transferred to you the living light of resurrection.

Thus, I bid you come again when I will come again in another retreat to fulfill the ongoing initiations of your path to Christhood and your quest for your very own personal resurrection. The mysteries of Maitreya the Mother will be held in the inner sanctuary of the Grail and of your heart. These we may not send forth. Let all who would receive them come, then, to our retreat.

With a blessed adieu, we bid you on your way. We walk with you upon your way, our angels of the Christ. Now test yourself day by day. See how much more of him you may behold in each and every one of the children of God.

Behold the Bethlehem babe. Behold the child at twelve. Behold the initiate of the mysteries. Behold the one who receives the great baptism of the Holy Ghost, of John in Jordan. Behold the one tempted of the devil, God-victorious. Behold Christ upon the cross. Behold his suffering, a planetary transmutation for planetary karma, and say to the winds of the Holy Spirit that blow your garments fair, “Whithersoever thou goest, Lord, I would be there.”

Amen, blessed souls. Your blessing is of the Mother Flame.

“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance o’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

 This dictation by Lord Maitreya was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, on February 19, 1979, during the three-day seminar The Path of Initiation under Maitreya Buddha, held February 17 through 19, 1979, at Camelot, Los Angeles, California.

1. Ps. 23:3.

2. In this seminar the Messenger gave extensive teaching on Richard Wagner’s opera Parsifal. The story of Parsifal is the story of the quest for the Holy Grail. Parsifal is a pure youth whose search for the Grail brings him to the monastery of Montsalvat. Seeing the wound of the Keeper of the Grail, Amfortas, he leaves in search of the sacred spear. After freeing it from the black magician, Klingsor, Parsifal wanders for many years under the power of an evil curse. Then he finds his way and returns to Montsalvat to heal Amfortas with a touch of the sacred spear. As the opera ends, the Grail glows with light and a white dove hovers over Parsifal’s head as he kneels in prayer before it.

3. Gen. 15:17.

4. See Gen. 22.

5. 3. Michelangelo’s Pietà, Christ in the arms of Mother Mary, is in the Basilica of Saint Peter in Rome.

6. Luke 9:6.

7. Rev. 1:7; Phil. 2:11.