Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 43 No. 49 - Elizabeth Clare Prophet - December 3, 2000

The Buddha and the Mother

Expanding the Light of the Mother
Where You Are

Part 1

It is the goal within our four lower bodies, within our being, to have the fusion of the energies of Alpha and Omega because that fusion is the birth of the Christ consciousness in each chakra, beginning in the heart and proceeding through the chakras in succession above and below the heart.

This afternoon we are going to meditate on the chakras and give mantras to expand the light of the Mother within them. I am going to work with you individually, and as I stand before you to lead the meditation I will contact the chakra in each one that I am working. As we meditate, I will release the energy to increase the intensity of light in that chakra.

For each one it will be different, as it is governed by your I AM Presence. We are working to tune up your chakras as far as possible without breaking the string, tuning them up to the level that is nearest the goal of perfection for each one, the level at which you can contain the greatest amount of light.

If the Cosmic Christ, Maitreya, the Great Initiator, does not perceive that you can take any more light in that chakra, the light will not be released. Therefore, you will receive according to the application you have given to the Law for hundreds of thousands of years. You bring to this class, to the altar of the Masters and to your own I AM Presence the fruits of your experience in time and space. Whatever they are, this is the moment when they are measured.

First, we will go through a ritual of transmutation and then, after the maximum of transmutation in the chakras has taken place, the energy will be released. We will combine mantras and meditation. We will start with the mantra “Lo, I AM come to do thy will, O God.” We will sing it four times, as we are dedicating the light and the orifice of each chakra to the will of God. This is the fiat that Jesus made when he came into embodiment. It is the fiat of every son and daughter of God who comes into embodiment to attain the Christ Consciousness and to fulfill the ritual of the ascension.

Please uncross your legs, make yourself comfortable, but keep your spine erect. We will have images of the Madonna for meditation because we will be meditating on the light of the Divine Mother to liberate the energy of the soul and the soul consciousness.

The soul force in your chakras is the element of your soul that is vested in the chakra; it lies there dormant until you bring that chakra to pitch at a certain frequency of the Christ Consciousness. This frequency cannot be realized unless you are also working toward balancing the threefold flame in your heart—the threefold flame of love, wisdom and power.

Concurrently with the fall of man, his descent into materialism and sensuality, his loss of omnipotence and God-vision, came the reduction of the size of the threefold flame. With the misuse of the Law after man’s departure from wholeness, not only was the reduction in its size something he had to contend with, but also his unequal use of the flames had brought the three aspects of the flame out of balance.

Consequently, some people have a shortened yellow plume and a larger blue plume, showing an excessive use of power and less use of illumination. Some have a large pink flame, which dominates all their associations. Others have scarcely any. The Masters have explained that as water seeks its own level, so does the threefold flame, and by cosmic law we are really not allowed to overdevelop any one of its aspects. Therefore, any attainment we gain on one plume that is out of balance we will lose by and by, because the largest plume will tend to shorten to the level of the other two.

We find, then, that people who become eternal students, who spend their lives studying but never express love, never give what they have learned, have a shortening of that yellow plume, and it would be best if they gained balance in their lives by adding other activities. And so it is for each one.

Jesus, the Archetype of the Christed One

The definition of the Christ Consciousness is a perfectly balanced threefold flame, all plumes at the same height and the energies consecrated to the correct qualification of the sacred fire—pure love, pure wisdom, pure power. That means, for example, that all misuse of power as tyranny has to be transmuted into the pure action of the will of God. All misuse of the yellow plume in intellectual pride and the tendency of the ego to displace the Christ has to be surrendered. Selfish love, possessive love, all aspects of the misuse of the pink plume must likewise be transmuted.

We see in Jesus the Christ the archetype of the Christed one, or the anointed one. Jesus was the Christ and was known as the Christ because his threefold flame was in balance and his energies were qualified according to the sacred fire. He was born almost without karma and at the hour of his transfiguration he had increased the size of his threefold flame to the point that that flame was no longer only one-sixteenth of an inch in size but was larger than his physical form.

The only way we can liberate the soul force in the chakras is by the light that we have anchored in the central chakra, the heart. Therefore the heart is the seat of all life, all living, all giving, all flowing, all energy received from God. And the heart receives the light that is distributed to all the other chakras. The light comes over the crystal cord from the heart of the I AM Presence and it goes directly to the heart, which distributes it to the three chakras above the heart, three chakras below, making a total of seven, plus the eighth chakra, which is in the chamber of the heart.

There are also five secret-ray chakras, making thirteen in all and there are a total of a hundred and forty-four chakras in the body of man. The remaining chakras are lesser points for the release of light and are associated with the points of contact healing or acupuncture. They are places that can be contacted for a greater flow of energy in the body.

The secondary heart chamber is the eighth chakra, and if you are interested in pursuing a technical and advanced explanation of the chakras, I recommend the series by Djwal Kul that is to be found in depth in The Human Aura. <1> My motive here today is to work with you to see how light can be released in the chakras in a controlled forcefield, and the control factor is your Christ Self, myself conducting the meditation and all the Ascended Masters working with you.

The Masters do not advise their chelas to meditate on only one chakra because of the problem of balancing the flow of light and of awakening misqualified energies that may gather around the chakras. A chakra is a vortex of light—light flowing out and light flowing in. In the release of the action of Alpha, or Spirit, energy flows out, whereas the action of the Mother draws light into the chakras. The energy of the Mother comes from the base of the spine.

The energy flowing in and out turns the wheels of the chakras and creates a basket-weave effect. The chakras have been drawn in this manner by some who have given exposés on them. Ultimately, with perfected chakras as vortices of light, man should be able to live on prana—where the atmosphere is not polluted, that is.

Drawing in prana is a means of sustaining life. Not many upon the planet have the attainment to do this and the Masters do not advocate that you pursue it in your present level of development. But that is how the Masters take in light as well as adepts and avatars of the Great White Brotherhood. They live on the energy of the Holy Spirit.

We find ourselves evolving towards that point and we notice a change in diet when we are on the spiritual path. We tend toward lighter foods and we do not require the heavier ones. Eating vegetables and fruits is a means of taking in the prana that is in the fruits and vegetables. So we take it through a secondary source.

People who eat heavier foods, like meat, take in prana from a third source. The cow eats the grass containing the prana, digests it and then people eat the meat. So that is the great stepping down of pranic action. Hence, when you are on the path, you begin to leave off the heavier foods that have a vibration of the animal consciousness, which also registers on the chakras.

Now, with this in mind, I want to give you a visualization of the Cosmic Virgin, the Divine Mother, in each of the chakras. As we go along in the meditation, I will give you your visualization so that you can know what to do with your vision, what you should be seeing at every moment.

Now, let us begin by singing “Lo, I AM come to do thy will, O God.” As we sing, we will place spheres on the chakras. You will see the heart as the pink chakra and the seat of the threefold flame. Its purpose is the release of divine love. Please place a pink sphere over your heart and then a sapphire-blue sphere over the throat. The purpose of that chakra is for the release of the spoken Word and precipitation. Place in your mind’s eye a green sphere at the brow for the third-eye chakra, the all-seeing eye of God-vision.

Vision gives us the immaculate concept, which in turn gives us precipitation. On the crown, right at the top of the head, place a yellow sphere. As you place these spheres over the chakras, see them as round discs. We now have yellow, green, blue, pink. The solar plexus is purple and gold. It is a purple fire flecked with gold. The seat of the soul is violet and the base of the spine, white.

This is the action of the seven rays in the chakras. As we sing “Lo, I AM come to do thy will, O God,” will you consecrate each chakra and its color to fulfill the will of God on that plane. Every chakra is a plane of God’s consciousness, God realizing himself through you at a different plane, a different frequency, a different level of cosmic consciousness. You have been given the gift of free will. Now, take what God has given you in each chakra as light and give it back to him to fulfill the will of God in your life.

Opening Invocation

O, Christ within my heart, release thy light, thy threefold light. Connect each one to the Central Sun of the I AM Presence as rays of light of the Mother’s heart converging, strengthening, nourishing life, increasing the pulsation of the threefold flame.

In the name of Jesus the Christ, rise O threefold flame. Rise and compel consciousness free. Rise, O threefold flame. Rise as will of God. Rise as light of wisdom’s power. Rise as love’s own bower. Rise as compassion, comfort, purity, holy awe. Rise, O threefold flame, in the center of thy name, O God, I AM THAT I AM.

Inscribe upon each one in living flame the symbol of victory, the six-pointed star—ascending triangle, descending triangle—Matter and Spirit converging for the conflagration of Spirit’s integration in Matter, where Father-Mother God fuse the oneness of our love.

Christ, O Christed one, fill each one with light. Increase now the sacred fire of each heart. In the name of Jesus the Christ, we call to the heart of the Elohim Purity and Astrea. Converge in the heart chamber of each chela of the sacred fire. Circle the cause and core of all human desire. Replace it with God-desire, God wholeness.

In the name of Jesus the Christ, in the name of the Christ consciousness of every soul, we say, release the fiery energy for the goal of the ascension. Consecrate each heart as a living witness unto the flame, unto the immortal reunion of the soul with God.

O Mighty Elohim Astrea and Purity, encircle the cause and core of all that is less than Christ-will, Christ-wisdom, Christ-love. We call to the Great Central Sun Magnet released from the heart of Alpha and Omega. Demagnetize each chakra. Demagnetize the heart of all impurity, all hardness, all subtle and inferior motive. Let there be a purging of the heart of all disease, of all malaise, of all fear and discontent, all pride, all self-will. Let them go into the flame.

O Christed ones, O souls, by the gift of free will, let go of all of the misqualified energies of the heart. We commend them now to the fount of the living flame of the Holy Spirit. O Mother of the World, show thy face, thy image pure within each heart, as the image of perfection, protection, divine direction of a mother’s love.

Meditation on the Heart

Now, let us enter the heart chamber. Visualize a sphere in the center of the diaphragm, in the center of the chest. The sphere is the size of a large marble. It is white, glistening white, translucent. Visualize yourself entering this sphere, entering into a large room, a large round room. There you are seated in a white robe, meditating upon the threefold flame. You see the brilliant sapphire-blue plume, God-power released to you as energy for qualification. You see the brilliant yellow in the center and the pink to the right and the blue to the left. See them equal and blazing, the action of a fire burning, a roaring fire.

The threefold flame now intensifies, increases, magnetizes the light of the Central Sun. The base of the threefold flame is the white sphere. It is the energy of the Mother, a replica of the base chakra. It is the sphere of purity that releases the power of the Trinity of the Father as blue, the Son as yellow and the Holy Spirit as pink.

We adore thy face, O Cosmic Virgin, within the center of the white sphere at the base of the threefold flame. See the action of the intensification of your chakras from your I AM Presence to this heart chakra. The I AM Presence is releasing this energy over the crystal cord. Feel the warmth within your chest cavity.

In the name of the Christ, we call for the sealing of the heart chakra in a sphere of blue for the protection of Archangel Michael around the energies of the heart. Let light flow. Let light flow.

As you feel the energies intensifying in the heart, building up as though a balloon were being blown up inside of you, release the energy. Feel it go out from the heart to bless all life. As the energy projects out from the heart it is the Alpha current. As the chakra is turning, the energy that was released forms a vortex of fire that appears as a whirling sun over the heart. The whirling sun releases energy, as David proclaimed: “My cup runneth over!” <2>God is filling your heart with more wisdom, more love, more power than you require, for it is given to nourish a planet and a people.

I AM a blazing Sun, O God.(3x)

As you give these mantras, give them as though your heart were speaking them. Force the energy out through the heart, closing all the other doors of your chakras, your eyes, your apertures. Feel the only energy released to be that from the center of your heart. Like the action of squeezing a tube of toothpaste, squeeze the energy out of the center of the heart. You may find some resistance because of energy blockages of misqualified energy around the heart.

In the name of Jesus Christ, release now the fire light from the heart of each one. Let each heart chakra begin to turn as a blazing sun.

I AM a blazing sun, O God.

My heart is a blazing sun, O God. (3x)

The Masters and your I AM Presence are sealing the heart at the level to which you have brought it at this moment. Take a deep breath and fill the diaphragm. When you breathe out, project the light from your heart.

Beloved Holy Spirit, Maha Chohan, increase the inward flow of Holy Spirit’s sacred fires into each one’s heart, as it is the place prepared to receive the living God. The heart has twelve petals. You may visualize this as a twelve-petaled sunflower with a large white center. Each petal is a point of the flow of the cosmic consciousness of God—twelve manifestations of love in manifestation in the heart.

Let us sing “Lo, I AM Come to do thy will, O God.” Let us sing it through the heart.

[Song 201, “Lo! I AM Come to Do Thy Will, O God! Sung 4 times.]

Meditation on the Solar-Plexus Chakra

O Mighty Cosmos, I AM THAT I AM. I AM the centering of the sphere of the Great Sun Disc at the solar plexus. I AM the stilling of the waters of the emotional body of mankind. I AM the stilling of the astral tempest. In the name of Jesus Christ, Peace, be still!

I AM purple fiery gold anchored now as God-control of all energy in motion. I AM THAT I AM. I AM the living water of the Word. I AM the voice of the angels and saints God heard. I AM the voice of the Ave Maria. I AM the devotion of the Mother Ray. I AM the desiring to be free and to free all souls through God-control, God-dominion of all energy in motion. I AM God desiring to be whole.

Hail, Mary, full of grace,
The Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou among women
And blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary, Mother of God,
Pray for us, sons and daughters of God,
Now and at the hour of our victory
Over sin, disease and death.

I AM THAT I AM. I AM the Elohim Peace and Aloha taking dominion now in the solar plexus of each one. Release the fire of the sun, O Great Central Sun. Great Sun Disc, now magnetize all energy flow to the Christ Child, to the sacred heart of Jesus and Mary, the purple fiery heart of Saint Germain.

In the name of the living God, I consecrate the solar plexus of all life to peace, to the Prince of Peace, to the Elohim of Peace. Seal them, O Lord God Almighty. Seal each one in God-mastery, God-harmony and God-vision. I invoke the action of the violet flame in the solar plexus. In the name of Jesus Christ, I command those energies be free. Release them now! Release them now! Release them now! To God alone I bow.

Visualize a deep purple, the color of violets flecked with gold, as in the center of a violet. See a sphere of purple fiery gold just above the navel, and a giant sun disc like the fiery sun in the heavens sealing that chakra, protecting you, giving you God-dominion over every challenge of the carnal mind.

In the name of Jesus the Christ, I say to all demons of the night, “You shall not pass. You shall not pass! You shall not pass!” In the name of Jesus Christ, I call to Astrea, to Purity. Elohim of the fiery core of purity, come forth and encircle the cause and core of all discord, all inharmony, spirals of death, disease, decay. Let all of this be removed from the solar plexus of each one and let that Great Sun Disc shine forth as a cosmic sun.

Cosmic Virgin, come into my being, come into my feeling world. Rise supreme, I implore thee. I adore thee, I worship at thy throne, As above so below. Father-Mother God, converge in my feeling world and precipitate the Christ, the Manchild, the avatar of the age. Let it come forth now. To love and light I bow.

Let us sing the mantra “Light, set me free!” for the release of all misqualified energy in the emotions, in the solar plexus.

[Song 242, “Light, Set Me Free!” sung 3 times.]

There is resistance in this chakra to the influx of light. It is a subconscious resistance due to the fear of the carnal mind that it will be replaced by the Christ Mind. Will you then give the affirmation “In the name of Jesus Christ, I release the misqualified energies of my solar plexus into the flame now.”

In the name of Jesus Christ,
I release the misqualified energies of my solar plexus into the flame now

Blaze the light through! Blaze the light though! Blaze the light through! Beloved Mighty Astrea, lock your cosmic circle and sword of blue flame around the cause and core of all that is less than the flame of peace, the image of the Prince of Peace, the image of the Madonna.

As soon as that was said, beloved Jesus, who governs the solar plexus, immediately stood, came forth and took that energy that you released by your free will. Now the Angel of the Presence, the I AM Presence, is filling the chakra with the portion of light that you are able to contain and sustain.

In the name of Jesus the Christ, let it be sealed! Let it be sealed! Let it be sealed by the action of the Great Sun Disc.

Prayer to the Buddha and the Mother

Hail, Buddha. Hail, Buddhic light. Hail, Gautama.
We are thy children gathered here
to witness unto the flame.
O flame within the heart of Buddha,
come into our hearts.
Hail, Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou among women
And blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary, Mother of God,
Pray for us, sons and daughters of God,
Now and at the hour of our victory
Over sin, disease and death.
Our Father, who art in heaven,
Hallowed be thy name, I AM.
Hail, Buddhic light. Hail, Gautama.
I AM thy kingdom come.
Hail, Mother of the World. Hail, Buddhic light.
I AM thy will being done.
Hail, Buddha. Hail, Mother Flame. Hail, Buddhic light.
I AM on earth even as I AM in heaven.
Hail, Buddha. Om Buddha. Hail, Buddha.
Hail, Mother of the World.
I AM forgiving all life this day,
Even as I AM all life forgiving me.
Hail, Buddha. Hail, Buddhic light.
Hail, Mother of the World.
I AM leading all men away from temptation.
Hail, Buddha. Hail, Buddha. Hail, Mother. Hail, Buddha. Hail, Mother.
Om Buddha. Om Mother. Om Buddhic light.
Hail, Mother light.
I AM delivering all men from every evil condition.
Hail, Buddha. Hail, Mother. Hail, Buddhic light.
Hail, Mother of the World.
I AM thy Kingdom.
Om Buddha. Om Mother light. Om Mother of the World.
I AM the Power.
Hail, Buddha. Hail, Mother.
I AM the Glory of God in eternal, immortal manifestation.
Hail, Buddha. Hail, Mother Flame. Hail, Buddhic light.
Hail, O Mother. Hail, Buddha.
All this I AM.
Hail, Buddha. Hail, Mother light.

to be continued

“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance o’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

This lecture, “Expanding the Light of the Mother Where You Are,” was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on May 25, 1975, at the seminar The Buddha and the Mother, held in San Diego, California.

1. Kuthumi and Djwal Kul, The Human Aura: How to Activate Your Aura and Chakras (Livingston, Mont.: Summit University Press, 1996).

2. Ps. 23:5.