Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 43 No. 39 - Beloved Elizabeth Clare Prophet - September 24, 2000

Mother Teaches Summit University

The Teachings of the Cosmic Christ 1

Part 1

Om Ah Hum Vajra Guru Padma Siddhi Hum

Won’t you please be seated.

If I were to answer the question What is the greatest gift of the Ascended Masters? I would immediately reply that it is their gift of themselves, their person, the person of the Guru. The teaching is really not a teaching without the person.

What is the person? The person is the integration of the teaching, of the Trinity of God and of the Mother into a living, moving, breathing self-conscious awareness by the interaction of the person and the teaching.

This is the great gift of Jesus Christ—not that he was the Christ but that he was Jesus. He was the Christ before Abraham was, as the eternal Son of God. <1> He, by free will, responded to the command of God and became the man Jesus. The Word was made flesh as he became a person, personifying a light that would be incomprehensible without the person.

The more you walk the path and pass through initiations that test the absolute capacity of your being, the more you are grateful for the person. In the midst of the darkest night you can always remember a person, but you can’t remember a vapor, an ether, some kind of ethereal, metaphysical concept of God. You can remember the smile of your teacher and you can remember that a person, the Guru, loved you personally.

The love of Guru is the love of God—infinite, beyond the capacity of any of us to comprehend, for we are totally, completely loved. We may read in a book that God loves us, but when you meet a person in the flesh who loves you totally, as you know God loves you and as Jesus said to his disciples, “that ye love one another as I have loved you” <2>— then you are sure.

You are not quite sure until that moment, simply because from hour to hour and day to day you deal with a force in matter that is anti-matter. It is the condemnation, belittlement and criticism of matter. It seems to be as the very dust that is a part of the earth, and man is formed out of the dust of the earth. The very grains of the dust of condemnation are a part of the fallen consciousness of the carnal mind and of the Luciferians.

Condemnation is not real. It is not something to which we are attuned. But, after moments in bliss, in light and in the great radiation that descends, we find that when we go back to the norm of our little house, our temple where we live with our little ways, we have come back to a place that is not adequate to receive the light. Hence, because the light is so great, we can easily have self-condemnation.

Therefore the real meaning of the dark night of the soul and the Dark Night of the Spirit is to be aware of the intensity of light and to be simultaneously aware of one’s remaining untransmuted karma. We feel unworthy and then, in the midst of that sense of unworthiness as we go up the mountain of the path over the years, we meet the Guru in the flesh.

He may appear to have human habits and human frailties for the very reason that if he did not, we would not be able to equate with him. He is close enough to us to relate to us, yet blazing through him is the intensity of cosmic love made personal. To see him totally devoted to us conveys to us the message that God also loves us—God who seems too far away for us to reach or comprehend.

The Person of God

The person of this love was manifest to me in our beloved Lanello, in Mark Prophet. I saw the Guru in him and, as I was meditating upon Lord Maitreya and his message to you today that becomes the first message of the Teachings of the Cosmic Christ in our University, I was filled with the sense of the Person of God.

Lord Maitreya, as you know, is the Lord God who walked an d talked with Adam and Eve in the garden. He gave them instructions. He was a personal friend who was very intimate with Adam and Eve. He was that very personal presence.

Then the serpent came along with an intellectual argument, a philosophical argument; and the mental body’s fascination with that ideology became the antithesis of the personal love of the Guru. It became more intriguing, more fascinating, more stimulating and more flattering than the pure and simple love of the Guru for his chela.

The serpent offers flamboyancy, flattery, attention to the lesser self. It seems to be the very love that we seek, but it never delivers the goods. It can never be loyal to the end, for it doesn’t have the capacity to hold love.

It can hold a mechanical interchange of personalities and it can definitely use its magnetism to adore you and make you feel wonderful, but it isn’t that very, very special quality of a father’s love for his child that the true Guru is able to impart to the chela.

The most amazing thing about the person of Jesus Christ toward Peter, toward the apostles, as their imperfections were very obvious—Peter’s impetuosity, for example—was his love for them. Peter even becomes the tool of Satan and tells his Lord, “Be it far from thee,” <3> when he is told that Jesus will go through the intense initiation of the crucifixion.

Yet despite doubting Thomas’s questions and those of the other disciples, Jesus loved them with the perfect love of God. That is what is so astounding about the love of the Guru. The Guru, by his very being, sees through us and knows who we are, what our frailties are. He knows the things we’ve done, when we’re lying and when we’re telling the truth and when we’re trying to cover our human creation.

He loves us still and he never stops loving us, never stops seeing the God we are. I can remember Jesus loving me personally although I was imperfect, and I can remember Mark Prophet loving me personally although I was imperfect. To me, that is the great miracle of God. And the great lie of the fallen ones is that you have to become perfect before you are acceptable to God, before you are worthy of communing with him or even being loved by him.

Human Perfection

Because we have accepted the lie that we can become perfect, the false gurus have achieved a foothold. They come in and say, “You can do this, this, this and this and master your consciousness.” Why do we respond?

It’s the swing of the pendulum between our self-condemnation that says, “I’ve just got to get out of this unworthy state by whatever means available “and our need for flattery. Underneath all that self-condemnation you really think you’re a great person and you’re so glad to find someone who will tell you so. That’s the pendulum swing of the ego.

Self-aggrandizement and self-belittlement are to the left and the right of the real ego of Christ. By responding to those ego needs, we accept the false gurus who offer to show us how to get perfect. Then we go up to God and say, “See, now I am perfect. Now you can accept me.” Then the fallen ones would have us go one step farther and say, “Now God, you have to accept me. You have to accept me because I have become perfect.”

Thus the great subtlety that invades our consciousness on the path is the attempt to control God by becoming an adept. That is how Lucifer fell. He thought he was so great that he could give God an ultimatum and God would have to succumb. Lucifer was the original power-mad maniac with a desire to control the Guru God, a desire to become omnipotent through a mechanical perfection.

I would like you to hear this lecture again at the end of the quarter because I think you will understand it better then. It is the very crux of the path, for there is a great deal of pride in seeking to become humanly perfect. People like to think that I’m a Messenger because I’ve become humanly perfect. I find it very funny.

People interview me and assume that I am humanly perfect. I am not. I’m a Messenger because God has decided to be where I am and because he loves me, regardless of my imperfections. That’s a big, big difference. Remember that. You will be a chela because God has decided to be right where you are, right in your heart, not because humanly you have done some wonderful, great thing.

Does that mean we cannot please God with good works? No, but the good works with which we please him are always done to his glory and with the great joy of doing something for the love of God without any thought of perfecting the soul. The soul gains perfection when we engage the gears of our being by doing the highest good we are capable of understanding.

The trick is not to let the human consciousness take credit for it or think that it is becoming perfect. You see, the carnal mind will do this. The carnal mind doesn’t want to say die; it doesn’t want to give up, so it will pose as a perfect person although it is really a great serpent.

Launcelot and Guinevere

In the tales of Camelot and the knights of the Round Table there are stories about women being able to put hexes on people. Even in John Steinbeck’s version of Camelot, The Tales of King Arthur and His Noble Knights, women attempt to control Launcelot. He meets many women who believe they have become sorceresses.

The message you get is that the sorceress or witch is capable of manifesting a perfect self, a perfect form and a perfect face. Launcelot knows that behind the perfect face is a serpent, a dragon, a beast. He meets four queens. One comes out of the north, one out of the south, one out of the east, one out of the west and they entrap him and they enclose him in a castle with an illusory dungeon.

As he is held there, each of the queens offers to give him something if he will give her his soul and his life. They are all jealous because he loves Guinevere and only Guinevere. His love is known and he will never be moved from that love, so they offer him power and everything else imaginable that a woman could offer in all of the levels of her being.

He turns them all down and gives each one a speech about their stunning beauty—each one more beautiful than the next. But he says that he cannot believe or know for sure if that’s what they really are. Perhaps behind them is the beast, the dragon, the old hag, the old witch who has the power to put on a mask.

Steinbeck has Launcelot say the following lines, which are the very essence of what the guru will say. Launcelot expresses his love for Guinevere and then admits that she may be imperfect, she may be less than beautiful, but “Guinevere is Guinevere,” he says. That is the whole essence of his love.

He loves her because she is real and that reality includes imperfection. Neither he nor she falls for the lie of the serpent who says, “I am better than God. I am better than his sons and daughters because I have a mechanical perfection and the ability to manipulate matter substance by witchcraft and wizardry and great feats of power.”

Never Accept Condemnation

Without the love of the person of God, you will never quite make it on the path because, you see, when you accept those grains of sand, dust and condemnation about yourself, the fallen ones never leave you alone. They amplify every wrong deed you have ever done. They hold them up as examples of your unworthiness and they make you believe that they are the Guru speaking in your consciousness—they are God speaking and you must be forever condemned.

Well, a God who condemns you is a God you will hate. The fallen ones know this. If they can pose as the Guru and condemn you and get you to accept the condemnation, then you will hate the Guru and will have to leave the Guru. You will have to disassociate yourself from the person of God.

This is a very subtle trap. I have found that God in the person of the Keeper of the Scrolls has an accurate, comma by comma, semicolon by semicolon, awareness of all of our deeds. Thank God that God is not reading the records of the Keeper of the Scrolls each day!

I have also found that God, in the person of the Christ, has an absolute awareness of the totality of our real being and can be simultaneously aware of our human frailties and human imperfections. But God in the heart of the Guru Mother Mary is the immaculate heart who sees only that which is real and that which is light.

The great quality of the World Mother is that she cannot remember the pranks and mischievous deeds of her children, so she appears to spoil her children. Whatever they do that is not in the Christ she cannot contain, cannot see and will not remember. Now that state of consciousness is almost unimaginable but it is very real. Mother Mary has given me that gift.

I cannot remember the so-called sins of the chelas. When I meet chelas, I have no retention of anything but the reality and the perfection of the chela. Yet I also have the awareness of that which you might call human imperfection, which goes to make up the human personality and determines why all your faces are different, your postures are different, why you come from different races, and so forth.

These are not necessarily evil; they are the way you are. And everybody knows we got the way we are through the combination of our karma and our great etheric body, our great Causal Body. So the Guru does not simply love that which is perfect, he loves you as you are right now. God has many levels of awareness. We read in scripture that he hates certain conditions of vice and the evil deeds of the fallen ones. He dislikes intensely certain vibrations, but as for his children, those whom he has created, he loves the child although he may hate the overlay of consciousness that has come upon that child.

He may vigorously defend the child against the intrusion of the scorpion and the viper within that one’s household. Maitreya said that the Brotherhood and the Guru defend the chelas against gossip, condemnation and criticism as long as the chelas also defend the Messenger.

The Problem of Idolatry

Understanding how God loves us, we in turn need to love the Guru. Since we know the Guru does not love us because of our mechanical perfection, we must not love the Guru because we think he has mechanical perfection. That becomes idolatry or a personality cult.

The vibration of a personality cult is unmistakable. When I get near someone who loves me because I’m mechanically perfect and because in my mechanical perfection I then become an adornment to their ego and therefore it becomes in their self-interest to know me and be around me—anytime I get near such people, I just run.

I just disappear. I don’t want to be on the scene and I have to remove myself because they have no comprehension of why I’m here or who I am. They do not love me for who I really am, a soul who has made karma, made mistakes, who is striving and who has come into union with God and can give the option for the same union to others.

If someone doesn’t love you as you are and for what you’ve been, it is not true love. Beware of such people. If people have an idolatrous sense about me, they will also have one about you. They may marry you, go into business with you and establish a friendship on the basis of an idolatrous love—what you can do for them in the adornment of their person.

They may think that you have talent or money or beauty or glamour that is their image of God—a human god. That’s the whole thing and there’s a temptation to make human gods of the chelas and human gods of the Messengers. So we throw it all out the window and we get down to very real living, simple kinds of relationships.

The Guru-Chela Relationship

The person of you, the chela, is always the teacher of the Guru. Gurus always learn from their chelas—it’s a two-way interaction. As Gabriel teaches us in his Pearl, which you haven’t received yet, the Guru is the plus polarity; the chela is the minus polarity. <4>

The Guru occupies the Alpha thrust, sending the thrust of light to the chela. The chela is the passive receiver of that light and without the chela the light has nowhere to anchor itself in the earth. Once the chela has received the light, the thrust of the chela is the return current of love, now becoming the active, the plus polarity, that is sent back to the Guru.

Active love is living the life of the Guru, for “Except ye eat the flesh of the Son of man and drink his blood, ye have no life in you.” <5>When you first receive the teaching and the light, you receive it as a passive receiver, assimilate it and become it. In that measure you have become the Guru and you can go abroad in the world and be the presence of the Ascended Masters.

You have now become the active one, actively sending the thrust of life to others who are beneath you in the scale of consciousness. They then become the minus polarity, the passive receivers. Jesus said not all who cried “Lord, Lord” would enter in. <6> When he said “enter in,” he was talking about entering the kingdom, or the consciousness, of God, but he was really talking about the Guru-chela relationship. Not with all who cry out to the Christ does the Christ establish this tremendous figure-eight flow.

Here is a picture of the Guru-chela relationship. [The Messenger draws on the chalkboard.] The figure eight is between the I AM Presence and the lower self. When you have a real Guru in the flesh who receives you as a chela, this is the relationship you have. Twenty-four hours a day for life the Guru’s Causal Body is flowing into you and your self is flowing into the Guru.

The Guru cleanses, strengthens, purifies and sends back to you your self. Now that is the exact relationship you are intended to have—the soul with the I AM Presence, with the Christ as the mediator of that flow. You are the “quick” if you maintain the flow twenty-four hours a day between your lower self and your Higher Self.

You were once the “dead” but are now quickened by the presence of the light and the person of the Ascended Masters. It is a process of awakening and quickening every cell and atom of consciousness. None of you has the complete one hundred-percent flow from your Causal Body to your outer self. If you did, you would have a much greater God-consciousness and self-mastery.

That is the goal, and the Messenger becomes the mediator of that goal, releasing the light whereby you gain more and more awareness of the Person of God the Father. You have not seen the Father but have seen the Son and you must see the Son in flesh and blood.

You must be able to understand the Christ in the person of the witness. All else is simply our imagination, the best that we can conjure up from the Bible, from stories, from visualization. Until the Christ is anchored in the flesh of someone with whom you have that relationship, you really do not understand what the personhood of the Christ is.

We Are Prone to Idolize Jesus

Since we are prone to idolatry and since the fallen ones take advantage of that fact, most people who consider themselves religious today are idolaters. They are idolaters of the man Jesus without having understood the meaning of Christ in the flesh.

For some of us, it is easy to understand, but for others it comes as a great shock to think that perhaps Jesus’ feet got dirty and he had to wash them, that he sweat, that his clothes were dirty, that he ate as normal people do. For the idolater, it is difficult to understand that Jesus could become angry at the Sadducees and annoyed at his disciples, that he could have moments of great grief and burden and lamentation and moments of joy, that he could have indecision in the Garden of Gethsemane for a number of hours, wrestling in agony to decide whether or not he would actually go through with the crucifixion, but finally deciding he would.

Gabriel brings out in his Pearl that Jesus had lived before as David and was imperfect. For the idolater, this destroys Jesus. It absolutely destroys him, because the only way they can see him is as if he were a statue, a perfect God who came down to earth. The idea that he could have been David, with all that David went through, is abhorrent to them.

To me it is not abhorrent at all. It’s to the greater glory of the lifestream that he could experience all phases of the human experience and yet pursue the living God and ultimately become that God. You have to have enough of God in you to understand the purity of David, for it is the wicked and the demons and the fallen ones who impute to David a tremendous impurity of being.

When you are in God and you flow with and understand his consciousness, you realize that with all that David went through he had a tremendous purity. His soul was the same soul as Jesus’ soul. And his other incarnations in the Old Testament were Abel, the son of Adam killed by Cain, then Joseph, the youngest son of Jacob, and Joshua, who led the children of Israel under Moses—all of these are the person of Jesus and culminate in his embodiment as Elisha, who was with the prophet Elijah.

These incarnations give us an enriched understanding of how a Christ incarnate behaves in the midst of a battle, in the midst of a recalcitrant people. They show us how he works out his karma, how he deals with his twin flame, how he deals with soul mates. We see him make mistakes, deal with those who have been his disciples, go through the agony of his sin, call on the law of forgiveness and finally atone for that sin. That makes a person real and that person says to us, “Because I’ve done it, you can do it too.”

Appreciate the Person of the Imperfect Guru

The words that I’m saying to you are not really the essence of my message. The essence of my message is the feeling, the love and the imparting of light that enables you to appreciate the person of the Guru who is imperfect.

There has never been a perfect human Guru. Never. The very nature of God’s perfection is that nobody would be in matter if they were perfect. And it is because I so value this person and this personal relationship that I’m going to begin today with Mark Prophet delivering the first dictation we have on record from the Cosmic Christ, Lord Maitreya.

It was given in New York City in 1960 and we have no record of the month or day. <7> Can you imagine that? I know there were a few classes held in New York City and we might be able to research the date by checking the records of the trips Mark made there.

I want you to hear the voice of Mark as I heard it for the first time in April 1961, in Boston, where he gave a dictation from Archangel Michael. This dictation was given one year before that and I had not yet met Mark. Lord Maitreya is dictating here as the great initiator of your soul. He does not give a dictation without an unspoken initiation in it.

The challenge of your quarter at Summit University will be to listen to the dictations of Maitreya and to meditate with the Cosmic Christ and with your own Christ Self to determine the initiations they contain. An initiation such as was given yesterday at the service can be summed up in five words. <8> But each one of you will have a secondary initiation out of the primary initiation, which will be the adaptation of the light to your soul in its present state of evolution.

Therefore each dictation has a definite purpose and that purpose, that initiation, can be stated very succinctly, but to decide how it relates to you takes a little more thought and requires the involvement of each individual.

At the time Mark was giving this dictation, I was a student in Boston looking for Saint Germain and El Morya. I want to emphasize that I was doing what I had always done since my earliest recollections in this life—doing all I knew how to do to be the best disciple, the best follower of Jesus Christ and the Ascended Masters, given the material that I had.

Basically all I had at that time was the Bible, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures and the other writings of Mary Baker Eddy, which happened to be the path that I found when I was a child. I also had the three “I AM” books and a set of “I AM” Adorations, Affirmations and Decrees. That’s all the spiritual reading I had.

People think that I must have read everything there was to read in the occult field, but I hadn’t read the books then and I haven’t since. In fact, I have never had any need to read them as I’ve always had the direct flame of God. Through that flame I had the absolute contact with the Ascended Masters, with God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

You can find people who are erudite and have read everything there is to read, yet they have never established the contact because they try to do so through the mental body instead of through the soul and the soul’s rising to the plane of the I AM Presence.

However, with the material I had and by following its teaching I had gone as far as I could go without a guru. I could not have taken another step toward my personal salvation or initiations on the path. I needed to meet God in the flesh in order to know what I was doing right, what I was doing wrong and what was the matter with the subjective awareness of my consciousness. I had many misconceptions, which I had simply accepted along the way and had allowed to become ingrained in me.

I had to meet the personal Messenger. That is why I am so grateful for the person of the Cosmic Christ coming to Summit University and for the person of the Messenger Mark Prophet. Until that day, the day you meet the Guru, you don’t move forward on the path, and that is the absolute truth.

That very relationship, the Guru-chela relationship, has been attacked in recent months through the accusations of the anti-cult people and all the rest. Yet the greatest attack on the real Guru-chela relationship is that of the false gurus who present a parallel path in order to entrap souls of light in their circles. Then you find the parents and friends of these souls becoming aware of the manipulations and the hypnotism of these false ones.

Nevertheless, regardless of the attack on the flame of the prophets and their relationship to the people of God, I still have to state the absolute truth: the chela can only go so far in this subjective awareness. He must meet God-man.

to be continued

“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance o’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

This first lecture on “The Teachings of the Cosmic Christ” was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Monday, January 8, 1979, at Camelot, Los Angeles County, California.

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4. Mother is referring to Archangel Gabriel’s dictation of January 7, 1979, “On the Mystery of the Word Incarnate,” published as Chapter 7 of The Mysteries of the Holy Grail.

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7. The date of the dictation was later discovered to be September 18, 1960.

8. At the Sunday Service on January 7, 1979, Maitreya’s dictation of December 31, 1978 was replayed. Mother’s title for this dictation was “The Initiation of the Law of the One,” which tells us that the five words that summed up the initiation for that dictation were “the Law of the One.” It is now published as nos. 35 and 36 of this year’s Pearls of Wisdom.