Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 43  No. 30 - Elizabeth Clare Prophet - July 23, 2000


Mother Teaches Summit University
Meeting Your Inner Master
Part 2


We are continuing our study of Mark Prophet’s lecture “Meeting Your Inner Master.” We have reached the part where Mark says that the subject of the lecture is of vital heart concern to all. In that phrase “vital heart concern,” he gives us the key that if we do not obtain understanding by the heart, our understanding will not be vital. It will not be alive, nor will it be self-knowledge.

Therefore he is really saying, “Come, open your hearts. Listen to me with your heart and you will receive the message of my heart, for in my heart is the inner Master.”

Then, starting very methodically, he says that the average person has never heard of a master. “He has no idea that he could ever meet one, let alone his inner Master, nor does he have any idea that his inner Master exists at all. So we have to realize that in order for our conscience to be pricked, we first have to create a conscience.”

Of course we don’t create our conscience. We create the milieu in which we can listen to the inner voice of the Holy Christ Self, who is our conscience. If we have created a milieu of non-listening, of allowing our senses to be constantly bombarded, our conscience can’t be pricked because it is nonexistent. So we have to create a conscience.

Creating a conscience is like finding a flower that is almost dead from lack of water. You go to the flower and carefully loosen the soil baked around it; then you gently, slowly give it water. You love it and you bring it back to life and you speak to it.

You have to call forth your conscience from the dead like this:  “Lazarus, come forth!” <1> And for the Lazarus of your conscience to come forth, you must be on your knees, apologizing profoundly and desiring forgiveness for silencing the voice of conscience.

Teaching Is Like Planting Seeds

In the next sentence Mark says, “In order for us to be able to meet the master, we first have to know of his existence. Or do we?”  He is hinting to us, but he does not tell us directly, for he lets us savor the process of cracking the nut and getting the meat out of what he is saying. He doesn’t say, “Now, your conscience is your inner Master and your inner Master is your Holy Christ Self.”

I’ve seen students come for the Masters’ teachings and get very impatient about the way in which they are delivered. They decide that they can give them better, more academically and intellectually. Then they list the truths that they gleaned from these teachings. I can tell you that by doing that, they offer nuts that are hollow inside.

You know how disappointed you get when you take a nut from the bowl around Christmas time and open it to find it empty. This is what can happen to the listener, for some teachers deliver the husks and others deliver the heart and kernel of a teaching. I liken it to planting seeds and this is how I would describe Mark’s style. He is planting seeds.

Why does the sower sow seeds?  Why does he trust that they will grow?  It is a profound trust and a profound love whereby the master in Mark trusts the master in you and trusts your soul. He trusts that you do have integrity, you do have oneness with God. And as surely as he lives and loves you, that seed is going to grow.

He will come and water the seed. He will tend it; he will love it, which is how Mark dealt with everyone who came to him. Then the seed must germinate in a certain soil. This is why no master is the same. You have a certain type of soil in your being. Perhaps it is like clay or it is arid or rocky. A part of you receives the message; a part of you does not. The part of you that does is the intuitive self, the soul who is waiting for her Lord. The part of you that does not is the questioning mind, the carnal mind, the programmed subconscious and finally the dweller-on-the-threshold.

Mark is planting seeds because he wants you to have and to know an individual Christhood, an individual personality in God. He wants you to be a beautiful flower, rare like no other flower blooming. If he were to define any more than he does, he would take from you the mighty work of the ages of peeling away the substance in your world that is blocking the manifestation of your inner Master.

The robotic part of us wants a robotic messenger with a robotic list of do’s and don’ts. That robotic self is founded on a profound fear and anxiety situated deep in the unconscious. It usually has to do with the memory of the first willful separation from God through disobedience to his law of love, the first moment of not trusting God, of accepting the questioning mind of the serpent and his seed.

The Order of the Child

When Mark says, “In order for us to be able to meet the master, we first have to know of his existence. Or do we?”  I’d like to point out one of Mark’s lamentations. You remember that the Book of Lamentations in scripture is the writing of the prophet Jeremiah. It tells how he lamented and wept and mourned over the nonreceptivity to the teaching.

Mark used to mourn over the lack of response to his Order of the Child. He brought it to the attention of the Protestant clergy by writing letters all over the country. He and I went out in Washington, D.C., and knocked on the doors of churches because El Morya and Jesus had called him to found the Order of the Child. <2>

It was to be an order whereby the child would be protected and prayed for, and the clergy would consider themselves to be the guardians of the child. Someone painted a beautiful painting of a child and Mark took it with him and showed it. Then, one by one, the preachers said, “But what about Jesus?  What about Jesus?” 

The idea was that anybody other than Jesus was going to detract from the Lord and Saviour. Was not Jesus once a little child? Was he not persecuted and would he not have been killed had it not been for Saint Joseph and the angel that he listened to?

 So Mark used to say, “Had the world accepted the Order of the Child, the teaching of the I AM Presence and the violet flame, had it been in every church and synagogue and mosque in this nation, had the schools accepted it, what a different place the world would be!”  The Order of the Child was intended to be a mighty torch that was passed from heaven through a runner, the Messenger Mark Prophet.

Look at the sad situation we have today with our children, with abortion and with drugs and the burdens they have all through life. Then in their teenage years they come to the difficulty of the sacred fire and the problem of AIDS. I just weep when I think about it and when I see reports on the subject. Surely he was a prophet crying in the wilderness. Right here in this lecture he’s crying in the wilderness because those who could understand and should understand were not there.

Why Is the Inner Master Unknown?

People do not know that there is an inner Master because it’s not talked about. It’s not spoken about. It’s not the subject of films. Films bring up karma and reincarnation. They bring up near-death experiences and so forth, but the concept of the inner Master or of any master is one that is greatly feared by the fallen angels, for if masters are real and living, then the whole world will go after them.

That was the great fear of the Jews and the Romans.  They said: “The world is gone after him. What do we do?  All men will believe on him.” <3> Today the popularization of certain fads--everything from games and toys to dolls--displaces what should be the real fad of our time, contacting the inner Master.

Mark says, “The soul always knows that there is an inner Master.”  Well, I didn’t know as a child that there was an inner Master inside of me. How many of you would have thought when you were a child, “I have an inner Master inside of me”?  Anyone?

I could talk about feeling the angels or the presence of God. I felt strong in myself and very determined. I had a strength of purpose and a set to my jaw that never left me, but I wouldn’t have talked about an inner Master.   My soul knew, yet no one had awakened or quickened my soul to that understanding. Had I brought it up, people would have denounced me because it was too scary to think about--if there is an inner Master, then what? 

Mark says, “The soul knows this, even though no one tells the soul--at least we don’t think anyone tells the soul, for we don’t seem to remember it. Do you understand that the inner Mastercan be contacted by the soul?”     Now, that is very direct and plain teaching. He does not beat around the bush, but he does not tell you who that inner Master is either. He simply says that it can be done and you have to figure out how to do it. What he tells you in this lecture is how to do it and how not to do it, but you really have to listen with your inner ear.

    He says, “What enhances the whole concept of meeting your master is the fact that you know that you can do it.”  That is a fiat you ought to make every day:

 In the name of my Mighty I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self,

 I know that I can contact my inner Master.

What’s more, I know that I can be my inner Master.

I know that in my soul I can merge with that inner Master. 

I can walk the earth as the master of myself, so help me God!

You have to affirm it because the world is full of masters who desire to be master over you.

Have You Already Met Your Master?

Mark says, “Some people say that they have already met their master.”  Well, I think that people have indeed met their master but they don’t see it as such. Your master can be the place where you left off the Path. Your master can be the point beyond which you refuse to go.

      You’ve reached a plateau. You know how to decree. You know the Law; you know the teaching. You can teach and somehow it can appear that you are above your fellows. However, inside you stubbornly refuse to go to the next level, where the air is thinner and the climb more difficult--eventually you will reach the lonely ones who themselves become fewer and fewer until finally you and the cosmos are all alone.

Therefore it is more dangerous and a more heinous crime for the advanced student to say, “Thus far and no farther,” than it is for the new student who comes in joyously, ready to drink every cup and make all the progress allowed. You need to be careful about this danger on the Path. It is very subtle because it is the work of the dweller. The dweller will conceal it--conceal it from you and conceal it from me--and that is another phase of meeting the inner Master.

First of all, consider the matter of physical indulgences. Obesity is a big problem in the United States today. Sensuality, misuse of the sacred fire, perversions of sex and all the addictions of smoking, et cetera, proliferate. People come to them and get stuck. They say, “This is it. I’m not going to stop eating sugar. I’m not going to stop drinking. I’m not going to stop, because I can accommodate. I can stay alive. I can be okay at this place, so why should I give it up?”  Then they leave the Path.

Jesus gave his disciples the Word of eternal life. He said to them, “Except ye eat the flesh of the Son of man and drink his blood, ye have no life in you.” <4> In other words, unless you assimilate me totally, until you become who I am and what I am, you have no life in you.

What he really meant is that you will not attain the bonding to my heart, the bonding of the spiritual marriage, until you are ready to chew up every morsel of my flesh and drink every drop of my blood. And scripture says that many disciples went away from him on that day.

Jesus looked at those who were left and he said: “Will ye also go away?”  And they said, “Lord, to whom shall we go?  Thou hast the words of eternal life.” <5> They knew that they must be bonded to Jesus, for he had said, “As long as I am in the world I am the light of the world.” <6>What he has told us is that he is the light of the world only as long as he is in the earth. Then through us and through our emergent Christhood, he becomes that light through us.

That’s a pretty big responsibility.           I can tell you that Mark Prophet was the light of the world wherever he went. He would lighten up your day and enliven your heart and transmit to you the fire you needed. But if you had a preconceived notion of what it should be, you would miss his transfer of light altogether.

So where we have said, “These are my limits,” we have met our master. Then we say, “I can go no further and if I try to go any farther, I will simply fall apart. I will have a nervous breakdown. I will be unhappy. And besides, I just don’t want to make the effort. So here I am. Take me or leave me, God.” 

It’s a point of pride to think,  “I’ve found my niche of comfortability where I can keep the darkness under control and keep the light flowing my way.”  It is like trying to hold your place while swimming or rowing a boat. It’s a very delicate balance to row and stay where you are--not to go on or  go back.

I’m here to tell you that it’s totally impossible. You can’t hold your own against the whole momentum of the world and the next octave, because it’s not the law of the Path. It’s not the law of chelaship. If you want a master and you want your inner Master to be activated, you have to follow the Guru wherever the Guru goes. You have to follow the Ascended Masters wherever they take you.

When you entered this path you made no bargain that said, “Okay, Lord, I’ll take you for 365 days, and at that point I’ll go on my way.”  The Masters play for keeps and they take you on forever. They don’t let go until you let go. They let go when you are no longer sustaining the level of light you are required to sustain to be at the place where they say you should be for the light and the teaching they have given you.

Puncturing the Balloon

Mark says, “We all have an inner Master,” but he says that people’s self-interest may cause them to want to find the master for their personal benefit. He says he wants to puncture a balloon. There’s the point about “When the student is ready, the master will appear,” and then he drops the bomb that punctures the balloon--“Not one of these teachers can do anything for us at all.” 

Now, that is a very shocking statement, because even in the human sense of the word, I have learned a lot from teachers and I think you probably have too. But as I began to think about it and about every teacher who has ever taught me, the only thing I took away from that teacher was what I internalized and what I determined to apply.

Whether I became good at playing the piano or doing this or that or the next thing was only insofar as I followed the directions of the person who was teaching me and how much zest I invested in becoming a master of the subject. I never did develop a zest for anything else but the teachings of the Ascended Masters.

I worked hard to get my A’s, but I don’t think I worked hard enough to become a master of anything, because as soon as I could get an A, I would put the books away and start studying the teachings of the Ascended Masters again. So my professors at high school and at college would always say, “One of these days you’re going to find the thing you really want to do and you will give it your all.” They were right, but it didn’t come until I had the calling from the Master.

So my inner soul did know, didn’t it?  But I didn’t know that my inner soul knew. So you come to the conclusion that it is absolutely true that the teacher can’t help you.

If I think of the many students I have taught at Summit University since the fall of 1973, when I began full-time Summit University quarters, I realize some have gone forth and made their ascension. Some have gone and carried karma. Some have opened centers and accomplished tremendous works for God. Others have drifted away, gone back to drugs, landed in a very sorry state or passed on with no real progress in this life.

Was it I who did anything?  No, it wasn’t I who did anything at all. I was a fount, and everyone drank from it in his own way and did what he would with the teaching. So it is absolutely true. I have to stand before you today and say that there is nothing I can do for you any more than El Morya could do for me or for Mark Prophet.

We Must Do the Work

When Mark Prophet asked El Morya to move the needle on the phonograph record, he did. He obliged a request of a probably frustrated and downhearted chela who had a room in Washington, D.C., with a 300-watt light bulb and not much more. So he performed a miracle. That was nice. It was comforting. It accomplished the fact that the record played on and probably gave Mark a lift. But did it contribute to Mark’s own self-mastery or his wrestling with his dweller or his ego?

The memory that the Master did this for him, I’m sure, was an encouragement, as we all have our memories or moments in dictations and visions that we’ve received. But it is still not the equivalent of the work that Mark Prophet had to do to make it in this life. Mark worked very hard on himself as a chela.

Mark worked on his karma and he confided to me that without Mother Mary, he would never have gained the victory over himself in this life. Mother Mary was the tremendous assistance that he needed. So, for anyone, no matter whom--even though you may be a master like Mark--making your ascension and balancing your karma is the hardest thing you will ever do.

That is why I think it is so important to discipline one’s children and the children of one’s four lower bodies. It’s not such a bad thing to have had parents who disciplined one. If we don’t grow up with a sense of being able to discipline ourselves, we will not do so when we meet the terrible rigors of returning karma.

A Condition of Hearing Voices

Now the concept of discipline brings me to an interesting story. Recently El Morya gave me direction on how to deal with an individual who came to the Inner Retreat with the hope of meeting the Messenger. I learned a great lesson from this teaching and from this entire experience.

It so happened that this individual was attempting to reach me by phone from New York. He dialed many times, and somehow our switchboard mishandled the calls. Then, on an occasion when I was not in, he became frantic enough to decide that he was going to hop on a plane and arrive here.

Since I felt that we were somewhat at fault because we had bungled his last few calls, I said to my staff, “Now he is here. We must welcome him as the Lord at the gate and we must give him full hospitality and the opportunity to accomplish what he wants to accomplish here.”

 His problem was that he heard voices, and these voices were with him all the time.   Hearing voices is something that a person must be healed of by a Master or must take medication for. If a person has this problem, it makes him unsuited for Summit University and for the Inner Retreat.

Hearing voices, according to this person’s testimony, was the result of having meditated for years to have the ability to do so, whereupon he relied on these voices to give him direction. The true gurus of India heal people of hearing voices and of their psychic abilities because psychic abilities do not equate with the spiritual path.

When this individual arrived, I saw to it that he was well fed, well taken care of, had a proper place to stay, and so forth. Then came the need to deal with his voices. I explained to him that I had been shown in the past that certain medications given by medical doctors and psychoanalysts were actually approved by the Ascended Masters.

What the chemicals in these medications do is to seal the individual, either his central nervous system or whatever is necessary so that he no longer hears voices. We want these voices to shut off so that the individual can pursue contact with the true voice of the inner Master.

His big desire was to see me. So I sent him a message, “You can see me if you are obedient to the request to take the medication.” 

He thought about it and said, “Well, I don’t really want to give up my voices and I don’t really want to take this medication.”

 So I sent him back the message, “This is the directive of the Messenger. You have come all the way here, spent your money to get here.”  (He had even left his wife and mother and did not tell them where he was going, nor did he leave word on his job. In obedience to his voices, he just jumped on a plane and came here, calling in the middle of the night to say, “I’m at the Bozeman airport.”)

I explained to him that this was the condition by which he could meet me. I said that by the retention of these voices he was in a state of idolatry because he was putting the voices before his Mighty I AM Presence and the one God. So he consented to take the medication.

I believe that he took the medication for a while and that by it some of the voices were silenced. When he stopped taking it, the voices came back. Again he was asked by my representative to take the medication and told that I would be very happy to see him if he did. At this point he absolutely refused.

I told him that therefore it was not lawful for him to remain at the Inner Retreat. I would not see him because he had not complied with the requirement, and since he did not intend to take this medication elsewhere, he could no longer attend our Church sanctuaries.

He had come here supposedly as a chela of the Ascended Masters, but he could not be obedient to the first requirement of the law set before him. Therefore El Morya said that under those circumstances I could not see him. So he came all the way here from New York but did not see me. He only received a message sending him on his way.

Of course I sent him my love and my support for his ongoing path. I said that if he was not willing to give up his voices, he should not be on the path of the Ascended Masters nor should he call himself a chela, because he was tuning in to lower entities of the astral plane. So the concept is true that we wouldn’t get anything out of meeting a master, except a little more karma, than we would out of meeting Joe Blow from Kokomo.

This particular individual doesn’t understand the Guru-chela relationship or the path of the Ascended Masters. He wants to write his own ticket. He wants to do it his way, and his condition is so yin that he cannot even perceive that he is in the wrong. What we must do is pray for him, which I am doing. But what we have to understand is that if we are not ready when we meet the Master, we will gain nothing.

This is an example of someone who was determined to meet the Master but who could not gain the benefit because he was still an idolater and ultimately a self-idolater.

to be continued


The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance o’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

This is part 2 of the lecture, “The Art and Science of Teaching,” given by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet, on January 30 and February 7, 1992, to Summit University, Winter Quarter 1992, at the Royal Teton Ranch, Corwin Springs, Montana.

1. John 11:43.

2. In a letter dated April 26, 1951, Mark announced the formation of “The Order of the Child”--a sacred order for legislators, rulers, directors of culture and citizens who would promise to be “ever-mindful of the little child of the future.”  The letter explained:  “There are no dues, no rules, except that you promise to devote one minute per day to reading a few words inscribed on the certificate of membership, which you will post on the wall of your office. Membership is for life. And there are no meetings except a meeting of mind and heart before God  and a promise to stand face-to-face with this certificate and submit your conscience to the little child in any matter embodying a decision affecting the lives of others.”

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