Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 43  No. 28 - Mark L. Prophet - July 9, 2000

Class of the Solar Light

Meeting Your Inner Master

Part 2

Well, I feel that almost all of us, my poor self included, have come in contact with our inner Master many times without knowing it. We have heard him speak in the voice of conscience. We have heard him speak an appeal to us in the faces of the aged and of the youth. We have heard him speak in countless ways, calling upon us to render some service of which we were capable, reminding us of our responsibilities to life, reminding us that people are in need out there and that we should not just ask amiss to consume it upon our lusts. <1>

We should not ask just to be thought great, so that someone will say, “Do you know what he or she can do?” We ask because we want to give spiritual bread unto the multitudes. We want to break that bread and we want to hand it to people, but they must consume it themselves.

In the Sacred Eucharist, man must discern the body of the Lord. He must discern the Lord’s body in the service he renders. <2> He must discern it in those whom he serves, because, after all, we are not such a far cry from Christ in the Mind of God. And to say this is no desecration.

Only in our own mind are we so far removed. We seem to think that goodness is something we ourselves create. We do not realize that goodness is something already created for us, something that we need to drink. When we take his cup in our hands, as when he said, “Ye shall indeed drink of the cup that I drink of,” <3>it means exactly that.

We can define the action by doing the action. We can be one with Christ by doing the actions Christ would do, by thinking the thoughts he would think. We are not in a game of competition with one another. We are not trying to rule the world but trying to keep our own citadel that is the city in which we live, the city of our consciousness, of our individual identity.

This impassioned plea I make today in this lecture is the same appeal that the Masters make in the great council chambers of the Great White Brotherhood, for it is the only correct understanding that correlates man to God. It ties us as individuals to our Presence, to our inner Master.

See God in All

I will tell you something. The great Masters of wisdom, such as Morya and Saint Germain and the others, seldom—I say, seldom—appear to students of the light and hardly at all to the masses, because they are aware of the law of karma governing these appearances and most of the students are not.

If you gaze upon the face of any of your contemporaries and you do not see God there, you have desecrated their temple and your own. Did you ever stop to think about that?

If you do not see God in man and in yourself, you are desecrating the temple of the living God. And, as you go up the ladder of attainment, if you take the name of Jesus Christ in vain and you lightly turn against him or against Master Morya or Mother Mary or any of the great ones, named or unnamed, your karma becomes great.

This is the reason behind the Masters’ withdrawal from the appearance world. They withdraw solely because they do not wish to involve you in a karmic sequence, for they know that if you see one of them and reject them or refuse to do what they say, it becomes an even greater karma. Do you see the point?

So they withdraw from the earth, from the visible realm into the spiritual realm. “And a cloud received him out of their sight.” <4>So it is with everyone who is raised from the dead. Do you see, then, what a great deal of depth there is in the teachings, in the banner of Maitreya, the banner of hope, in the banner of the ages?

When people come to hear the Great White Brotherhood’s teachings, they come to see a man. Yet there is far more than the mere man in the teachings; there is the making of the whole man that is you, every one of you. The greatest desecration in all of life is that we do not permit ourselves to properly esteem or love ourselves as the handiwork of God.

“Until Seventy Times Seven”

We are the handiwork of God. Because we dropped a few stitches here and there, the garment may appear to have nubs or holes or be imperfectly woven. This is not so, because in the crucible of experience, in the molding and making of a man, his experiences are practical ones. When they happen to us, we are able to understand what has happened to others. If they had never happened to us, we might not be able to understand another’s reaction.

I do not say that we should do evil that good may come. That is wrong. But in the course of our struggle toward the light, in trying to reach God, if we should make a few mistakes, we ought to allow it in ourselves and in others.

This question was raised, you know, when the Master Jesus was on earth. The apostles asked, because they had a sense of self-righteousness too, “How oft shall my brother sin against me and I forgive him? Seven times, Master?”

They thought that seven was the magic number. Jesus turned to them and said, “I say not unto thee until seven times, but until seventy times seven,” <5> showing the infinity of forgiveness toward us and toward others.

The road to a certain place is no doubt paved with the best of intentions, so that we all from time to time may find ourselves in a lesser state than we would want. No matter how badly we want to attain the kingdom of God within us, it may not materialize just the way we wanted, and oh, we wanted it to be so perfect!  It is so perfect, but somehow everyone else seems to realize a little bit more of it than we do.

You Need the Master

So we think in terms of meeting the master. That is, we equate meeting the master with overcoming all things. Well, you see, when you meet the master, you meet him because you need help. That’s the whole thing. A lot of people think that they’re going to meet the master because they’re so perfect, but you meet the master because you need the master.

And when he comes to you, he comes to help you get to the place where you won’t need to completely depend on him any longer, for you’ll be one with the Master even as the Master is one with God. And in that oneness you’ll be able to help somebody else who doesn’t understand this law.

You will explain to them the law of their own being, the law of their perfection. Some will laugh at you, some will mock you and some might even kill you, but you won’t worry. You won’t fear them who can just “kill the body but are not able to kill the soul, but rather fear him which is able to destroy both body and soul in hell.” <6>

You will understand that there is something vastly atomic and electronic about God—the power to create and the power to collapse identities and to change and transmute people.

Who Is the Inner Master?

 There’s been much confusion about the concept of the masters. To many they are an enigma, but I will tell you that the masters were, in most cases, just like you and me. They were here. They struggled, doubted, feared, were persecuted and attained—all these things. They went every step of the way. When you meet the masters, the fact that they went through it all will enable you to derive from them the assistance whereby you, too, can muddle through or conquer.

Therefore we come face-to-face with this inner Master. Yet who is the inner Master? You each have a point of contact with every master in the whole Great White Brotherhood, and do you know what that point of contact really is?

It’s your Holy Christ Self, your Christ identity individualized. That becomes the point of contact or the great radio gear and antenna that reaches out into space and through time and eternity to find all the masters in their proper place. So it is not as hard as you might think.

Many people have thought in terms of having a personal guru, so I want to pinpoint something about the ancient Hindu idea of having a personal, individualized guru—someone who can guide you every step of the way. We are not necessarily concerned with that.

Because of the longevity of the Hindu system and the fact that from time to time the masters have had disciples in the world, have ordained disciples who have then become masters and have themselves ordained disciples, the Hindu idea has been ingrained into people’s consciousness and is  not necessarily the way of the Great White Brotherhood. It does not totally coincide.

This is a problem, for many people think in terms of master so-and-so who has a disciple by the name of such-and-such who has another disciple, and so on through the chain of masters. This is not the way we work here and I want to explain why.

For one thing, mantras are of no particular value unless you use them properly. Masters can initiate you into various mantras and yet the most powerful mantra in all India, according to one of the greatest swamis in India, is the simple one that goes like this, Om Namo Narayanaya. <*> Just that simple little mantra.

The problem concerns the chain of command. If the master, the Hindu master or the yogic master decides to initiate you and his name is Mud, Swami Mud, and he initiates you into his teachings by giving you a beautiful mantra. Then you find out five years later that this Swami Mud is really somewhat of a black magician who is not worth very much and who wasn’t much of a master in the first place. The question is, are you then committed to him for the rest of eternity because you have accepted him as your master, the Master Mud?

Well, according to the ancient slokas, or verses of the scriptures, and the recordings in Hindu lore, we find that the answer is yes. You are committed to him. All your hopes for the future would depend upon that link. That’s what they teach.

But, you see, your inner Master, the Christ, is more important. This is the meaning behind the teaching, “There is none other name under heaven given among men whereby we must be saved [except the name of Jesus Christ].” <7> When this is correctly understood, it carries you back to the point of your inner Master.

In other words, the man Jesus is not what we’re concerned with, but the Christ Spirit of his own real identity. That is the touchstone of your identity. That’s what goes back to the foundation of the earth and before, and of course, it goes to Golgotha and after. The point is, we are not concerned with personalities but with the only begotten Son of God.

The Seat of the Great White Brotherhood

Now I want you to consider that the seat of the Great White Brotherhood is in the Pleiades. It is outside of this planet. And the fraternity is a confraternity of cosmic dimensions, not just linked to this earth, although very deeply identified with the masters.

The fraternity goes back to the living God from whence we all came. Don’t ask me right now to explain to you why it’s in the Pleiades, but it is. Yet that explanation must remain in part, as Saint Paul said, “We know in part.” <8>

I say this today because in meeting your master, I want you to understand that he will lead you and guide you, as the Holy Spirit will, into all Truth. Both the function of the Holy Spirit and the function of your inner Master are one and the same, for the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit “agree in one,” <9> otherwise we would have a sense of separation.

We get so mixed up about our identity. Somebody just told me that something I had said made him feel as if he no longer had an identity. Well, maybe that’s a good thing because our identity—and we have mostly identity problems—is what gets us into trouble.

We’re going to have to get rid of most of our identity, point by point. It’s almost the biggest striptease in the universe, if you know what I mean. Take it off. You take off one garment and God gives you something else to put on in its place. Do you see what I mean?

We take off the human to put on the garment of light, and that’s beautiful. Who doesn’t want to shed their troubles? So, in shedding our troubles, we follow the guidance of our inner Master and this does not bring us into conflict with El Morya or Saint Germain, for they are the great elder brothers of the race, of which Jesus Christ is the supreme elder brother. And of course, we have other great elder brothers, such as Kuthumi and even Mary, the mother of Jesus.

However, I know some non-Catholics, brought up to protest against Mary, who may be surprised at that. But Mary is a magnificent person, a person of great achievement and attainment. She’s as much of a master as her son Jesus or Master Morya or anyone else.

Humanizing the Masters

The funniest thing of all in this great conflict about meeting your inner Master is that so many people have such funny ideas about the masters. They tend to humanize the masters. They were once human and successfully got out of that state, but now people want to bring them back again!

One story I heard was about a group of disciples who lived in the state of—well, I had better not tell you the state, so we’ll just leave you to speculate about that. They were in the state of confusion primarily. These people set a place setting at table for the masters to come and join them, and it wasn’t at the Summit.

They set the table with place settings for all the masters but they forgot Kuthumi. So it appeared that he didn’t come and speak to them and there seemed to be a few hard feelings emanating, supposedly, from Kuthumi.

Finally, I guess, it came out that he had said, “Well, you didn’t invite me to your party and you didn’t set a place for me, so I didn’t come.” This to me is an example of humanizing the masters, bringing them down to human levels.

In another case, a certain party, under the direction of the sinister force, wanted to bring me into discredit and had wormed his way into our headquarters many years ago for a short time. I even placed him in charge of the whole ashram when I went to California on business of the masters.

He called all the disciples in the place together and said, “Has anyone told you what great things can be accomplished by setting a place at the table for the masters when we eat?” The disciples said, “Oh, that’s interesting. Go ahead.” 

And while we were gone, they inaugurated the setting of places. They set a place for Saint Germain at the table and they said, “Now the trouble with Mark and Elizabeth is…” Take note of this, how subtle it was. “They’re wonderful people but…”

They came to bury me. You know the old story of Mark Antony’s funeral oration to Caesar where he says, “Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears; I come to bury Caesar not to praise him.” <10> Well, that was the way with me. They came to bury me, all right, but they were praising me at the same time and their burying of me was praise and praise of Elizabeth.

Then they followed that by saying, “Now Mark and Elizabeth don’t understand this law about setting places for the masters and so we’re going to do what they don’t do. But we will pray for them because they have so many faults.”

It is interesting how people will humanize the masters by involving them in the triviality of their concepts. This is actually committing adultery; it’s the adultery of adulterating the pure concepts of God with human concepts. It’s a form of psychic and spiritual whoredom. It’s a terribly wrong thing, and of this we should all be very careful. Let us learn to discern the Lord’s body.

Your Promotions in the Army of the Lord

In meeting our inner Master we have to recognize that we are meeting the highest. The inner Master of each one is the very one that the great masters, Morya, Saint Germain, the Great Divine Director and all the masters would direct us to, because all your promotions in this army of the Lord come from your contact with your inner Master. It’s a matter of attainment. What have you attained? Who are you?

The answers to these questions are going to come from the poor little corporal down there inside you—your inner Master. That’s all he is, just your inner Master and you have to meet him. You can’t jump up to General Saint Germain and General El Morya and expect that you’re going to get promoted over the head of that inner Master.

That inner Master is the most important one, because even God, the living God, looks to see whether or not the inner Master has signed your promotion. He knows more about you than anyone else, although I’m sure they could all find out. So you’ve got to go through your inner Master.

You might as well make up your mind that your inner Master is the common denominator because everybody else has an inner Master too, and you don’t have to go any higher than that. When you go through the door of your inner Master, you are going through the door—“I AM the door”11 and the I AM of you, individualized, is much involved with your Holy Christ Self, the only begotten Son of the Father.


I hope that I have covered this subject at least in part and I want to explain a point in finale, and that is that quite a few of the people upon this planet become masters in every hundred-year cycle.

I don’t mean you have to wait a hundred years. I mean that in every hundred years a certain number of masters ascend. Not all of them are assigned to the Great White Brotherhood’s activity on this planet. Some, upon their graduation from the schoolrooms of earth, have previous commitments to other planetary bodies and that’s where they go.

Some go to the heaven-world for further study for a prolonged period of time. Do you remember that Gautama was called back from nirvana? And many, many masters leave the planet, perhaps never to come back. It’s like leaving your old alma mater. You went to school somewhere in Iowa or Nebraska or God only knows where, but you haven’t been back to the old alma mater since.

A lot of masters have graduated from the earth planet, I assure you. That’s what’s important—graduation, attainment. That’s what counts, not demonstrations of how you can pull objects out of thin air. If we wanted to do that, we could have invited one of the stage magicians to come here. He could pull out illusions that would shake you to your very roots.

In closing, I want to point out that the Master El Morya and the members of the cosmic hierarchy are a specific group of masters who have committed themselves to karmic service to this earth for a prolonged period of time.

Some of you perhaps know that Elizabeth and I were offered one hundred years in which to become the masters of the Lake Titicaca focus of the Great White Brotherhood. We were told that we could take the place of the God and Goddess Meru within the next hundred years “if you qualify,” they said. They also said, “A lot will depend on you.”  You see the point?

Well, while I’m telling you that, I don’t feel any more like a hierarch than the man in the moon and probably more like the man in the moon. I’m aware that human opinion would never allow me to hold such a position, nor do I have any ambition for it. It was the last thing on my mind.

I’m not even sure that I would really enjoy it, but I know that I’m going to listen and learn. If I can make it, I’ll do it, with God’s help and with the masters’ help.

We have no pride or sense of outstanding achievement, for we’ve been on this planet long enough to be able to achieve something. We were back in Egypt, you know, four thousand years ago, and we’ve been through quite a few things since. Somehow, more and more humility comes with the number of embodiments. It is a matter of knowing with confidence what God can do for people and understanding that everything is in the teachings.

I think that before the class is over we’ll have the opportunity to tell you some interesting anecdotes that will probably prove to you the truth of this statement. I know that you’re all interested in meeting your inner Master. So right now I’ll say that we’re about ready to eat and I hope that while you’re eating you’ll meet your inner Master!

Anyway, God bless you.

“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance o’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

This is part 2 of the lecture, “Meeting Your Inner Master,” that was delivered by Mark L. Prophet on Friday, December 31, 1971, at the Class of the Solar Light, held in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

* “Om! Honor be to God in man!”

1. James 4:3.

2. In a 1969 lecture, Mark gave further teaching on the meaning of “discerning the Lord’s body.” He said, “So we realize then that the key to Christ-realization is Christ-perception. And this is what is meant by discerning the Lord’s body when [Paul] said, ‘he eateth and drinketh damnation to himself, not discerning the Lord’s body.’ For we have to learn to discern the Lord’s body, the body of eternal substance. We have to absorb the wisdom ray from the consciousness of God. We have to absorb the love ray from the consciousness of God. We have to absorb the power ray from the consciousness of God. We have to perceive the Christ.”

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