Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 43  No. 26 - Beloved Lord Maitreya - June 25, 2000


The Challenge of Initiation

Expect the Unexpected


I come to fill your hearts with mercy and compassion, with the pink and the violet of the amethyst egg with ascension’s flame anchored therein. <1> 

I would touch your hearts through the Mother that they might be filled to overflowing with the balm of mercy and compassion so needed by the world in the coming year and always and so needed by you as you move among mankind, dispensing the light of God.    

In order to enter the Path, souls need forgiveness and love. By extending the love and the forgiveness of God, you prepare the way for their acceptance of our offering as teaching, as initiation. Always remember that love must be without dissimulation; it must be given freely, abundantly, equally, to all who come to you for assistance.            

When you have given love and more love, extend also mercy. As the flame of forgiveness becomes the adornment of the soul praying in the temple--the robe of the devotee, the shawl of the humble--so is mercy a garment to be worn, signifying the atonement of the Mediator, the intercession of the Mother and the dispensations of hierarchy.

Anticipate Initiations

I come, then, to the place where mankind are found in life, needing to be washed clean, needing the flow of the waters of the Word, needing to know that they are loved in compassion and compassion’s flame.

I AM Maitreya, initiator of souls.   I am always watching for the soul who is ready to be initiated in the unexpected. This requires flexibility, being accustomed to the wind of the Holy Spirit blowing to and fro, rearranging the garment of mercy, requiring continual adjustment to and therefore continual openness to the flame.

You will not be initiated in that which you expect to be initiated. I can assure you of that. I can assure you that you may study and prepare and give your decrees, and just when you are all decreed up on illumination’s flame, you will be tested in the emerald ray.

In that moment, when you realize you have been caught either empty-handed or red-handed, as the case may be, you must say to yourself:


I AM ready because God in me is ready.

I AM ready because the white fire of initiation’s flame

      contains the allness of God and every good and perfect gift.

I AM ready, Lord.

Do with me what you will.

I AM ready to answer the call,

      to fulfill the requirements of hierarchy.

I have asked for initiation and

I will take it when it comes.


      So you can anticipate initiations but somehow they come when you are least prepared and off-guard. Yet how can we say this of the true chela, for the true chela is never off-guard, waking or sleeping. This is preparation for initiation. It is wakefulness, being alert, expecting the bridegroom at the midnight hour, expecting the coming of the Keeper of the Scrolls or the vials of the seven last plagues. <2>

It is setting yourself as a diamond set in Matter, set in the very hills of the human consciousness, saying:

Let all the world and all of heaven and earth

      come to me.

I AM set and I AM ready.

Remember Jesus’ Example

Remember Jesus as he saw the multitudes, representing all aspects of the human consciousness. Seeing their consciousness, he went up into a mountain and when he was set in the Christ consciousness of the Cosmic Christ, he called his disciples unto him and taught them, giving them the Beatitudes, blessing the multitudes and teaching the end of that state of consciousness. The meek, the humble, the peacemakers, the poor in spirit--all were aspects of the multitudes. <3>

Jesus did not begin to teach until he was set in the Christ consciousness. Yet, you say, “Jesus was always set in the Christ consciousness.” This is true, but there is a dialing of that consciousness, a focusing of the spectrum, whether as a concentrated band in the chakras or as a wide band including the aura of a planet.

Getting set means getting ready for the task at hand. It does not mean that you are off-guard. It means that you are on-guard in the white flame of purity, ready to adjust yourself to whatever is the need and requirement of the hour.

Cycles of Initiation

I trust that you will not consider these words too simple or too remote, for I assure you that they are not remote but very close to your heart, to my heart and to the heart of God. We observe daily the activities of the chelas and we observe the tests coming as the rolling of a reel of tape, of ticker tape.         We see the punching of the grand computer of God’s own Mind, releasing the specific formulas of initiation according to the cycles of personal and planetary karma. We see those who pass their tests and those who fail their tests.

Some chelas fail their tests, not knowing that they have been tested. That is the greatest tragedy of all. Others fail their tests, knowing that they are being tested and choosing not to pass the test. This too is a tragedy, but at least they have exercised free will. When you are in the state of ignorance, it is like being asleep and having a wave of the Great Central Sun pass over you and not knowing that that wave has passed.

I come in the flame of the new year. I come in the flames of Faith, Hope and Charity. I come to overshadow those who with Jesus would be the Christed ones. I am ready to release the mantras to your soul.

I am ready to take you into the Royal Teton Retreat again--those of you who attended our Christmas seminar there on initiation. <4>I am ready to instruct you in the mind of the Buddha-- the personal Buddha, the planetary Buddha, the cosmic Buddha.

I am ready and I trust that you will allow me to teach you, for the Ascended Masters have the same passion as the Mother to transfer that consciousness to embodied souls. We are determined to plant the rod of light and the cones and the cubes within the subconscious of those who make themselves ready.

An Increment of Light

I have come, as I have told you, with a very special increment of light for your heart. It is a soothing action and a mellowing action. Where some of you have records of hardness of heart, a softening can take place if you will, a tenderness, filling your heart with such mercy as to make you more supple to the flow of love to all mankind.

You know that I am a master of the crown chakra and of Wisdom’s flame. Then understand that I deem it important to clear the way in the heart for the coming of the light of the crown that you should be found to be the most merciful and  most compassionate of people.

This does not mean that you allow souls to indulge their human consciousness. The very foundation of mercy and compassion is the grid of the will of God; it is the outline that is firm. In the firmness of that chalice, love and mercy can flow yet not be compromised by those who would flaunt the Law.

Let the eye of the sons and daughters of God release a tender regard for all life, and behind the tender regard let there be the piercing brilliance of the will of God, of the eye of Morya. Do you not understand that to gaze into Serapis’ eye is to see disciplined love?

Love in the Form of Discipline

Many times, although the outer man rebels, the inner soul is so grateful to receive love in the form of a discipline that will propel the soul into the likeness of its Maker. Love and mercy take many forms. To cast out the twin flames from the circle of oneness called the Garden of Eden was a supreme act of mercy and compassion and yet was the sternness of the Law.

Rather than allow them to pass through the second death for their sins, the Lord God provided the opportunity for their return to Paradise lost. What if that opportunity was toiling by the sweat of the brow, pain and the experience of outer darkness? Is this not calculated, by the most intense ray of compassion, to propel souls back to the center of that garden of wisdom?

The Edenic consciousness is the goal of your life. You are living on a planetary home sustained by love and mercy to give you the opportunity to return through the open door of Christ consciousness to the white fire core, to the Tree of Life and to the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil,where your immaculate conception of absolute perfection will be restored.

Light for Your Return

Going back to the Garden of Eden is a step-by-step process of initiation--each erg of energy spilled upon the ground must be recaptured in love. You are coming nearer and nearer to Edenic bliss as you worship the I AM Presence, as you see that Presence as the Tree of Life. As you sit under that tree and meditate in the Christ Self and in the flame, you are surrounded by cherubim keeping the way of the Tree of Life. The guardian action of the angelic hosts is the action of the flame, the action of mercy and of compassion.

I AM that light which lighteth every man and woman that cometh into the world. <5>  I AM the light of the Holy of holies and I would transfer that light to you, the portion for your return.

Mankind has thought that the concept of the Fall was mere allegory. How can they think this when their souls hold the memory of Paradise lost? How can they think this when they see themselves aged, decrepit, subject to disease, incomplete, burdened by karma and unhappiness?

Surely God did not will these conditions. Surely all who are fair toward God and self must recognize that individual responsibility is the only factor in present circumstances and conditions. This is the responsible teaching. This is the action of the Great Central Sun Magnet. This is compassion.       Unless these conditions come upon mankind to teach them the error of their ways, how can they learn that fire is hot, that ice is cold? How can they learn the thousand-and-one facts about cause-and-effect sequences? How can they learn?

Karma is not punishment; karma is mercy and compassion that would preserve the soul in eternity, that would draw the soul back to God and, therefore, that must teach the soul the way of Christ-mastery.

Become Disciples of the Christ, the Buddha

I am initiating you in love that love might become the magnet of your God-desire--God in you desiring to be whole, God in you desiring to be the fullness of Christ peace, God in you desiring to be perfection in the Law. I AM the fullness of  love that is the fulfillment of every need, human and divine.

I would make of you as quickly as possible true initiates on the Path, true disciples of the Christ and the Buddha. I would make you as quickly as possible the authority for your life and for your world. I would make you teachers of the children of God. I would make you instruments for the passing of the fires of regeneration.

I send forth the light of the resurrection flame! I send forth the light of the will of God! Now, if you would become all these things that I would have you become, you must accept the chastening fire, the intensification of the fire and the accompanying discomfort as your atoms and molecules adjust to the fervent heat of God’s love.

The Miracle of the Rebirth

After you pass through the initiation of the fiery furnace with Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, <6>you will find yourself refired in the kiln of the Mind of God--truly reborn in body and soul and spirit, in mind and heart truly reborn. As you have heard, it is rebirth that is the key to the expansion of the light and the teaching of the Ascended Masters.

Many of you have experienced rebirth in part or in whole as you have made your way to Summit University. You have seen yourselves transformed. You have heard your families say, “Why, I just don’t know you. You are a different person.” 

You have seen, then, the miracle of the rebirth. How do you think these things happen? Are you so immersed in light that you do not see that miracles are happening to Ascended Master chelas? Can you not see that if we are able through the Mother to dispense miracles to the chelas that we can dispense miracles across the land, the sea, the sky, through elemental life, through all mankind, that we can as quickly transform the governments and economies of the nations as we can transform a blade of grass, an elemental, a chela on the Path?

We have the formula and the alchemy. We need only the repository of the human soul. We need in embodiment those who will set themselves upon the mount of attainment and give forth precisely the teaching, the flow, the Law and the energy necessary for the conveyance of the mantle of the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood. This is our goal.

You who are initiates who count yourselves among the ranks of the Brotherhood and the servants of the Brotherhood must envelop Terra in a blanket of sacred fire. The blanket must be anchored in the physical and the only anchoring point is the flame within your heart. When it is anchored there, it can be extended to every other chakra in your being until you become a blazing Sun of Righteousness and the fullness of the Law, on earth as in heaven.

Accept Your Initiations!

I AM Maitreya. I call my chelas home. I call the weary. I call those who have fallen from the way. I call all who would do the will of God yet question the word of the Mother. I call to you and I say: I AM Maitreya in the Mother, accept your initiations. Accept your calling.

Hear the call of hierarchy echoing from the Himalayas, echoing from the Tetons. Hear the call of hierarchies from out the Great Central Sun. Submit to the tasks at hand and call for your Christ-mastery to transmute the cause and core of doubt of the Word, of fear and trembling before the assignment, of questioning the teacher. This is the age of the coming of the Buddha and the coming of the Mother. The banners of Maitreya and of the Mother are flying over Terra.

Now, then, Christ Selves of each one assembled here, I call to you to begin the intensification of the sphere of Christ consciousness within the heart chakra. Begin to intensify the action of the threefold flame, for I, Maitreya, am come.

I salute you, each and every one, each Christed one. I salute the flame and the Godhead within you. I come, then, to add the momentum of my light that each heart might have a right start, a kindling fire, a threefold flame, a matrix of the Mother, a matrix of the Buddha.

I come to give you a head start in this year, to give you opportunity to cast out every fear and anxiety, to cast out all agitation and accusation of the fallen ones, to go forth to the lost sheep of the house of Israel with the true knowledge of the Law and the Logos, of the prophets and the Christed ones and of the Great Teams of Conquerors from out the Great Central Sun.

O chelas of the flame, O Christ Selves of all, let us go forth together and convey to all life the magnet of the Great Central Sun! Let us do it! Let us do it! Let us do it together in his name! 

In the name of the I AM THAT I AM, I salute the light within you. I AM Maitreya.


 “The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance o’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

 This dictation by Lord Maitreya was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on December 31, 1975, at the Challenge of Initiation in Anaheim, California.

1. In a dictation given on October 31, 1975, Serapis said: “Come forth in an orderly manner so that the Mother may touch your third eye with the amethyst egg that I have already charged with the ascension flame for the sealing of the third eye from all misuses of the sacred fire.”  Following this dictation, the congregation was invited to pass before the Messenger to receive the touch of the amethyst egg upon the heart.

2. Rev. 15:1,5-8, 16. See also Elizabeth Clare Prophet, The Vials of the Seven Last Plagues, or 1975 Pearls of Wisdom, pp. 177-261.

3. Matt. 5:1-12; Luke 6:20-49.

4. During the 1975 Christmas season, Lord Maitreya offered a special course in the fires of initiation at the Royal Teton Retreat.

5.John 1:9.

6. Dan. 3:12-30.