Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 42  No. 44 - Beloved Mighty Victory - October 31, 1999


The Victory Way of Life
Breathe In the Spirit of Cosmic Victory!


      Beloved Great Divine Director and friends of freedom, I salute you in the name of Victory. In the name of God, I salute you this day.

Did you know, blessed ones of Boston, that God’s name is Victory and that I am his namesake? Does this not give you the pressure to realize that it is the intention and purpose of eternity that each one of you have the breath of freedom, and the breath of freedom that you shall have shall embody within it the qualities and the characteristics of victory?  

With each breath you draw, if you so qualify it, ladies and gentlemen, you can accept victory into your world. You say, when you call forth your breath from the atmosphere, that it is a simple process that goes on automatically. True, but ladies and gentlemen, if you call forth victory in that breath and say to your own God Presence, “Mighty God Presence and beloved Victory, flood your sense of cosmic victory into my being as I accept these elements,” you will realize that you are imbibing it from the fountain of Life, which is the fountain of Victory.

Every ascended being has breathed the atmosphere of earth and  has utilized its atoms of energy. The atoms of oxygen and hydrogen that enter your nostrils were breathed by them and by myself in times past. Therefore, if you would extract from those atoms the great quality of God-victory, you must do so by conscious God-design and intent.

I do not propose, ladies and gentlemen, that you police each breath you draw in and that you stand and say, “Now I am breathing in Victory.” But I do propose that you consciously qualify your breath with victory at various times during the day when you think of it and extract from it a life-giving essence which, like a transfusion of new blood or a reception of the atoms of energy manifest in vitamins, will infuse you with a great power of cosmic victory. Therefore this impetus will move you forward to overcome some of the vicissitudes of life that presently distress you.

What Is True Compassion?

Ladies and gentlemen, I am so aware of the momentum of victory that it is somewhat difficult for me to behold the sea of troubles that I understand surrounds mankind. Now, if you were to enter into my state of divine consciousness, you too would be somewhat unaware of the sea of troubles surrounding mankind. Mankind, then, might tend to look upon you as one without compassion.

Ladies and gentlemen, is it compassionate to perpetuate an earth that is suffering and in pain and misery?  Is it compassionate to perpetuate life when that life is in great distress?  Is it not kinder to elevate life into a sense of its God-intended victory and its God-intended freedom?

Individuals have often gone astray because of a sense of human sympathy, and the ties they have contracted in life have caused them to feel great sorrow for the members of their family, their friends and their loved ones. I would like to point out that all of you have a great heavenly Father and this heavenly Father has the greatest compassion that you could ever conceive of. By his great Law he moves the universe in a pathway of love, yet [he is] apparently oblivious to those who are in great distress simply because they have accepted a human momentum and the pressure of that momentum.

It is true that they are presently in ignorance but, ladies and gentlemen, they were not always this way, for there was a time in Atlantis and in Lemuria and in ages past when the same lifestreams who now seem so ignorant were quite learned. They had the same opportunities you now have to sit in the temples of wisdom and they sat at the feet of many of the same beings who today are Ascended Masters. And they heard through their lips a service of great light, yet they went out into the world of form and rendered disobedience unto the great Law.

The reason they are not manifesting victory is [because of their karma returning] to their own doorstep, and it is up to them as individuals to realize this and [to realize] that no power of the ascended hosts or the angelic hosts can change those conditions.

Blessed ones, when you behold a beautiful flower breathing forth its essence of God-victory into space, you realize that it is not a weed. A weed today can but produce after its kind, but how many of you know that all of the weeds upon earth were beautiful flowers at one time?

God-victory [can be demonstrated] by individuals who hold to a conscious design and accept God’s great light into their world in the same way as the great currents of light flow through the nerves and the cells of the body until the body, glowing with the manifest perfection you call good health, manifests spiritually as God-victory.

Can you understand, blessed ones, that victory is a manifestation of the perfect plan for each lifestream, which in itselfis victory because it is the image of God?              I AM in the image of God. I AM in the image of God. I AM in the image of God, and you were created in that same image of God Victory if you will accept it.

We See the Earth as a Home of Love

Today upon the rolling planet Venus there is a great cosmic manifestation of light, and a pulsating light ray from the beloved Lady Venus and Sanat Kumara is shining down upon the earth and anchoring itself right over this forcefield to transmit from that planet the vibrations of the dignitaries of the Great White Brotherhood who are assembled there.

[They are] assembled there to greet the earth, the sister planet and home of love, for as such do we see the earth. We see the earth as a home of love contemporary with our own world. The fact that the world does not hold the immaculate concept for itself does not interfere with our concept of victory for the earth.

We do not subject ourselves to human discord or inflict it upon our consciousness. We absolutely refuse to accept it. We will not have in our world, we will not accept upon our planet, we will not accept in our octave the discordant vibrations of disunity, disharmony and confusion that the earth insists on manifesting.

We accept instead God-victory because it is the natural outpouring of heaven. And we are so happy and delighted to see individuals here who will accept the pressure, momentum and  joy of God that manifests in your midst today and that tangibly manifests in my consciousness in all ways and in all directions.               My body today has taken on a spherical form. And like a great luminous pool, I AM radiating out pulsations of victory around the world from the center of this sphere, to give mankind a sense of victory over every human condition and every situation that at times  causes individuals to feel as if they might go down to defeat.

Blessed ones, you will never go down to defeat if you accept the pressure of your own I AM Presence. The Light of God never fails!  The Light of God never fails!  The Light of God never fails!  I AM that Light of Victory and you are too, blessed ones, if you will only accept it and be free.

Come into a Sense of Your Cosmic Victory

Individuals do not realize how mighty the armies of heaven are in contrast to the earth. They look at the great preparations for war. They look at the power of the spies; they look at the power of the outer world in the monetary marts of the world and they say, “This is overwhelming.”  Let them come for a moment to our octave and see the power of heaven in demonstration. By contrast, their finite and puny consciousness is like a penny candle to the sun.

O blessed and beloved ones, come then to a sense of your cosmic victory and realize that its manifestation is a vestment of true glory not to be compared with the physical garments that you wear. Our sense of cosmic victory is so glorious, I tell you, that even the lilies are not arrayed in its glory. <1>

O ladies and gentlemen, do not let the temporary vicissitudes of the outer world and its disturbing vibratory actions rob you of your God-peace or of your opportunity for service or spiritual progress in the Great White Brotherhood. This is an august body. It is the actual governing body for the entire planet earth.

Beloved Virgo honors, respects and accepts the great emissaries of the Great White Brotherhood with an eternal garland of beauty the world around. Where it is spring the spirit of Amaryllis trips forth and brings a sense of divine radiance to welcome the emissaries of the Great White Brotherhood and to honor the Lord Maha Chohan, the [representative of the] Holy Spirit.

My Lightning of Cosmic Victory

O blessed ones, preceding my talk to you today the Great Divine Director gave you so many wonderful thoughts that I said to myself, “He has stolen much of my thunder.”  And yet because I still have lightning left, I give you the lightning of cosmic victory!

Will you accept my lightning, blessed ones, and realize that it is a tangible gift and not merely the utterance of this Messenger?  Will you accept it and realize that it is a gift from Mighty Victory thatcomes from the planet Venus?

Will you accept that I have the power and capacity to create a form exactly as depicted in the pictures of me? <2>  Will you also accept that I have the power and capacity to take on a spherical form and be a great radiant point of concentrated God-victory?

Do you realize, blessed ones, that when you reach our state of consciousness you are less concerned with form than with the quality and manifestation of the thoughts, feelings, heart, being,  existence and consciousness of your own identity?

I AM, you see, a part of God. I AM all of God in one sense and I AM a part of God in another, because I, too, was given the gift of individual life and this is the beauty of heaven. Every one of you are facets of God, the facets of the divine jewel--the sacred jewel in the heart of the lotus of creation that is intended to be the sacred chalice into which the Spirit was poured as the divine essence and flame.<3>

Upon our planet is taught the law of the flame. We hope that individuals receiving the Keepers of the Flame instruction through The Summit Lighthouse will realize that they have been given a priceless jewel that they are required to polish. It is up to them to externalize the beauty crystallized within their own nature, which at times is covered over with human effluvia and distress.

They must scrape off these barnacles so that they may be able to sail across the great sea of human confusion into the calm of Christ-peace and God-victory. And when they come to our home of light they will realize that it is worth every effort and much more. If it required a million years to achieve it would be worth it, and if it required ten million years to achieve it would still be worth it!   The fact that you can receive your eternal freedom in less than one lifetime is breathtaking. It is phenomenal. It is outstanding. You do not realize, unless you think of it, what a transcendent opportunity is yours. I know, for I read the cosmic record of the great pain and length of suffering that occurred in some systems of worlds in order to achieve what you, blessed people of earth, are able to achieve far more easily because of our gifts.        

You Are Destined to Be Gods over Your Own Universe!  

O blessed ones, do not think that the outer conditions of the mind have any power. They have no power except that which you give them and when instead you give us dominion over your world, you will achieve a sense of our pulsating God-victory. And you will know that freedom in God’s name is the destiny of every child who first utters a tender cry as he comes forth [from the womb] and is placed in his mother’s arms.

You, blessed ones, are destined by the Cosmic Mother of all Life to be Gods over your own universe, to be God’s victor over all your affairs, to join the universal chorus on an equal basis when you come together with the other sons of heaven. The Father did not intend to have a race of slaves or serfs. Instead he intended to create beings equal in stature to the highest outpourings of the great God Flame of Life as it pulsates forth from the heart of Alpha and Omega in the Great Central Sun.

The solar altars, the altars of Venus, are all dedicated to the name of God, I AM, to Eternal Being, to the great unfailing Light of God. The distress call of the Great White Brotherhood upon this planet is


The Light of God never fails!
The Light of God never fails!
The Light of God never fails!

      Spoken three times it is a fiat of greeting in our world. To us it has a different meaning. It calls us to a great spirit of concord and rejoicing. When we hear it given [on earth]  we come to assist you and to give you our momentum of peace, our momentum of victory, our momentum of love to remove from you the discordant elements of your nature, to say to the waves of human selfishness, “Peace, be still!” and to restore divine harmony wherever it exists not and to give in its place God-victory and the peace of the Cosmic Christ.

I thank you.


“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance o’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

This dictation by Mighty Victory was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Mark L. Prophet in December, 1961, in Boston, Massachusetts.

1. Matt. 6:28; Luke 12:27.

2. Mighty Victory is referring to the painting of himself that can be found in The “I AM” Discourses, by Mighty Victory (Chicago, Ill.: Saint Germain Press, 1949).