Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 42  No. 2 - Beloved Sanat Kumara - January 10, 1999


The Blood of the New Covenant
Part 2


 To Souls Who Are the Remnant of the Woman’s Seed:

In this hour of cosmic cycles turning, it is given unto each soul who is of the remnant of the Woman’s seed to stand in the flaming presence of Opportunity at the open portal to unity before the hierarchs of the eight covenants of God. For those who remain with the Maitreya Guru and the Guru Ma in Eden, there are seven covenants and the eighth leading to God-integration.

The thirty-three initiations unfold as the four times seven plus five. They are the fourfold initiations of the seven rays plus the five steps of the five secret rays. The five steps are

  1. the Water Baptism,
  2. the Fire Baptism, called the Transfiguration,
  3. the Crucifixion,
  4. the Resurrection, and
  5. the Ascension.

Throughout the seven sets of four on the seven rays, the twin flames weave a thousand-petaled lotus--and many lotuses as star-fire flowers marking the octaves of their habitation in the Spirit/Matter spheres--as they loop in and out of the macrocosmic center of Life to the microcosmic events in the moving stream of Matter.

The First Covenant That Has Become the Last

The first covenant is the opportunity to return to Lord Maitreya and the Mother in the Garden of Eden, to be reinstated in that holy innocence of the Christ and to henceforth reject all compromise of the indwelling light proposed as alternatives to the altar of the living God by Serpent and his seed. Those for whom it is prepared, who fulfill the thirty-three initiations of the path of Christhood under the Edenic covenant in this life, for them the conclusion of their descent is the ascent by the Path of the Ruby Ray. Now this is the mystery of the first covenant that is become the last and of those who reenter it in the last days to become “the firstfruits of them that slept. “ <1>

You who would regain paradise lost now have the Opportunity through Mother Omega’ s flame in the earth to stand on the line of the sixth covenant while simultaneously entering the eighth, the fourth and the second. <2>For the straight and narrow line of your alignment with the Father and the Mother in heaven and in earth affords a fourfold opportunity to be as Above, so below, through the pulsating light of the crystal cord.

Those twin flames who then lost their high estate in the Karma of God, participating in his Word and his Work as co-creators with him in the co-creative process of Father and Son, and entered into the low estate of personal and planetary karma outside the circle of the Lamb must find their way in the outer world, whereas once they knew and were known in the inner world of Ma.

The Meaning of Maitreya’s Name

The first two letters of Maitreya’s name hold the flame of the Mother that he bears as the Guru/Initiator of the feminine potential—the soul. The lowercase a stands for the alpha particle, that soul, or self, who has the potential to become the very Alpha light. The uppercase M, pronounced Mu (moo) in the Greek, focuses the memory of Lemuria, the Motherland, called Mu. Wherever the Mu syllable is held sacred and intoned with reverence, this acknowledgment of the Mother Flame, this attention to her Presence invokes her Person.

When the light of Mu becomes the Ma, it is the sign of the coming of the Mother and the Manchild. It is God as Mother (Omega) giving birth to the offspring (alpha) of God the Father (Alpha) in the Spirit/Matter spheres. The sounding of the Ma syllable evokes the descent of the Mother’s sacred fire that contains the seed of universal Christhood.

The Mother’s sacred fire is actually the Father’s Light—Energy—Consciousness in polarity, which he alone has sealed within her sacred heart for the hour of her immaculate conception of the Universal Christ. Thus through Omega, the seed of Alpha manifests as the alpha particle—the soul born out of the shimmering alpha/beta spiral of life. And the syllable Ma is forever the figure-eight union of the Mother and the Manchild.

Now Ma, the Mother as Maitreya, establishes the path within and without for the i. The letter i, which we call the iota, stands for the individuality of God that the soul (the alpha particle) will put on as the garment of the Lord. When the iota is able to affirm the I as the Divine Entity, it is called the id-entity, or as you say, the identity. Now the alpha particle has gained another part and it is noted as the alpha/beta because it has established its own plus/minus polarity on the path of Alpha/Omega Self-realization.

The letter t, the tau, denotes this path. It is the cross of Light-individualization (alpha) and Light-integration (Omega) to all who ne’er depart from the Presence of Maitreya or from the figure-eight flow of his eightfold path of dispensations. But for those who do depart from the Person and the Path of Maitreya, the horizontal/vertical axes of the tau become heavy laden by their nonpolarity darkened on the hill of the horizon. Such are the divergent paths of those within and those without the garden of the Guru.

Through that tau cross, whether above or below, the r, rho, as the ray of Omega manifest in the iota,must rise to be the e, eta, above the y, and the a, Alpha, below. Can you then tell me what is the x factor of the y that is the unknown quantity in the formula you write asMa-i-t-r-e-y-a? If you right the ritual of Maitreya and I right it too, will not the y, then, be in full view? And if so, will the iota of the Alpha become the theta or the lambda by the beta of the gamma ray?

Now lest this should pose the problem of the delta of the soul, I recommend you study the eightfold covenants that will make the bit of alpha you now view an alphabet of the Word and a lexicon of the mysteries that I tell in the tolling of the bell of the cathedral of the heart.

Let us take them one by one.

The Edenic Covenant

You see, my beloved who see, the first three root races kept the Edenic Covenant, gained their individuality in the God-flame and returned to my throne with no loss of light, no fall from grace, no deceleration of the life-force. And now, coming from the far-flung worlds of their cosmic service by recent dispensation, they have joined the Cosmic Christs and Great Silent Watchers who have gathered at the twelve portals of earth to restore the Lord’s Community of the Holy Spirit.

To those twin flames (and there were many) who accepted the compromise solutions of Serpent and his seed and were thus expelled from the garden of the Guru, Maitreya comes to call the plus, the minus of the eta and the alpha. For you are his namesake and for his Father’s name’s sake he calls you Home.

The Adamic Covenant

Those of you who bypassed your initiations on the first ray under the Edenic Covenant, given under the office of the Man on the east portal of the New Jerusalem, were therefore subject with Adam and Eve and their descendants to the initiations of the second ray, which came under the Adamic Covenant, given under the office of the Lion on the north portal.

The Adamic Covenant was and is the opportunity to follow the path of Godhood by obedience to the Law of the I AM THAT I AM, the overshadowing Presence that ever remains the guide of life. It is the provision of the Law and the Lawgiver unto those who reject the Impersonal Personality of the Lord who walks and talks with twin flames in the inner circle of Eden.

Under this covenant, the voice of the Guru is no longer heard. God as the Impersonal Impersonality speaks only through the voice of the Law, personified in personal and planetary karma. The intercessors of Good and Evil and the protagonists of Light and Darkness in the person of angelic hosts and fallen ones regularly engage the consciousness of man and woman outside of Eden in the aloneness of their trial and temptation away from the Lord’s Presence.

The Conditions of the Adamic Covenant:
Balance One Hundred Percent of Your Karma

The conditions of this covenant are the same as the first, save that man and woman no longer have the personal protection of the Guru or his circle of light. The requirements of the Law for the ascension must now take into account the karma that accrues from the knowledge of relative good and evil and all the myriad laws of relativity that govern life outside the hallowed circle of the One.

In Eden it was and still is initiation one-on-one, with no loss of Christ Self-awareness as long as the Guru’s Word is enthroned in the heart and love is illumined obedience performed in honor as sacred trust between the Lawgiver, the Law and the one--the chela who is the vessel of the Above, below. Outside of Eden it is karma first, as the law of the circle and the wheels of the chakras grind out the exact requirements of the Law and of the Lawgiver that must be fulfilled if the soul is to be initiated once again by a representative of the Lord.

Until that one come, the soul rehearses its departure from the footsteps of Truth many times over. It is given exacting exercises in the right use of the Law in order that it gain momentum by right knowledge, right aspiration, right speech, right behavior, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness, and right absorption.

These exercises of the Law on the Eightfold Path of the bodhisattvas becoming one with the Buddha and the Mother are the way--the Middle Way of Christ-illumined action--to undo the wrong use of the Law when once again these records cycle into circumstance to present the original options:  “Choose Life or death!” <3>

Again and again the confrontation is seen. On the horizon appears a person of truth, a person of error. And the command of the Christ Self unto the soul is heard: “Choose you this day whose Word ye will serve, whose Person ye will defend. For behind the masks stand the Word or the anti-Word, the Person of God or the anti-God.”

Until all of these experiences in relativity culminate in the encounter with the Lord God in Maitreya--face to face or in the person of his messenger, whoever he or she may be--the souls on the path are yet proving their preparedness to reenter the rituals and the retreats of initiation.

The balancing of one hundred percent of one’s karma and the fulfillment of the law of perfection without his intercession, without his burden of Light to counterbalance the outer darkness, is the supreme test of the Adamic Covenant. History records that only the few survived. Only one ascended--Enoch, “the seventh from Adam.” <4>

“Be Ye Therefore Perfect”

Without the personal presence of the Guru, the command “Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect” <5> is most difficult to obey. For without the Standard-bearer, who can set the standards of the Standard? 

Indeed, man and woman who have partaken of the fruits of the tree of the knowledge of relative good and evil have lost their absolute values of Truth, Justice, Mercy, Integrity, Peace and Love. Now these terms have but relative meanings and negative nuances that do not afford the individual that sublime contact with the God-free beings who ensoul the attributes of God and have earned the approbation of the Godhead: “This is my beloved--the blazing sun of righteousness, sun of my Sun--in whom I AM indwelling in the heavens and in the earth. Lo I AM the God of very gods in my beloved Son--in whose Presence I AM well pleased.”

Thus these Sons of God who personify the God-flame, because the God consciousness is in them and they in him, are named in the heavenly hierarchy after the attributes of the God-flame that shines forth from within them and lights the darkest night with the supernova of their sound of his Word.

They are thus called the “incarnation of the God-flame of Peace,” the “incarnation of the God-flame of Truth,” or in the case of the feminine qualification of the absolutes of God, the “incarnation of the Goddess-flame of Justice.”  These titles have been shortened to read God of Peace, God of Truth, or Goddess of Justice, and so forth.

Those who have lost the perception of the absolutes of the Godhead and the attributes of his divine nature embodied in his emissaries, which are at once personal and impersonal, formed and unformed, have no conception of that cosmic consciousness of his hosts who have never descended from the grace of his Presence and who, by that grace, ensoul vast sectors of the Spirit/Matter universes.

I assure you, my beloved, were they to behold them face to face through their own Christ consciousness, such as these would exclaim, “Lo, a God is born!” And so it would be in their consciousness, although these God-free beings pre-existed the beholders’ newfound awareness of the limitless potential of Being with which the Lord God Almighty has endowed the Elohim creation.

Under the Adamic Covenant, All Could Have Reentered the Path of Initiation

But for Enoch, who “walked with God and was not, for God took him,” <6> under the Adamic covenant the descendants of Seth as well as those of Cain and the other earthly evolutions compromised the light of the Holy of holies in the seven centers of being. And the waters of life misqualified became the waters of the flood for the sinking of the continents. Nevertheless, within the Adamic covenant, had they remembered, honored and obeyed the Word of the Lord Maitreya unto Adam and Eve, they could have reentered the path of Christic initiation.

Within this second covenant as in the first, the seeds of the thirty-three spirals are sown in the so-called DNA chain. By this wonder, I would allow you to glimpse the majesty of Life, even its mystery, which the Lord God has made accessible to his sons and daughters. It is so near, my beloved, yet so very far from those who have been the abusers of God’s Life from the beginning.

Yet, it is true that the Alpha and the Omega of thy Higher Self has sealed the very miracle of the creation itself within the temples of the male and the female that the Divine Us hath made. But God as the Holy Spirit must unlock each precious chain of initiatic light. But he would not:

And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.

  And it repented the Lord that he had made man on the earth and it grieved him at his heart.

  And the Lord said, I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the earth; both man and beast and the creeping thing and the fowls of the air; for it repenteth me that I have made them. <7>

The Descent into Matter

Adam and Eve and all who were with them of our lightbearers entered the lower planes of the Matter sphere under the new Adamic covenant wearing four lower bodies (“coats of skins”) and yoked to the burden of the law of their karma with the Guru.

It was then that Adam called his wife Eve--“because she was the mother of all living.” <8>  For Adam knew that they must now open the door of opportunity for the generation of lightbearers to pursue the path of individual Christhood in the lowly estate of the flesh. He also knew that they must open the door for the laggard lifewaves scheduled to work out their karma in the physical octaves of earth.

Had they remained under the dispensation of  Maitreya, they would have fulfilled their evolution in the etheric octaves unencumbered by the dense lifewaves evolving in the earth, earthy. By their departure, both they and their descendants would walk the path side by side with the fallen ones called the Watchers, who had been cast out of heaven into the earth in the Great Rebellion against the Lord God, even the Almighty.

The Story of Cain

Now the first son of Adam and Eve was the generation of their karma. Called Cain, meaning “acquisition,” the soul is acquired from outside the circle of their Guru/chela relationship with  Lord Maitreya. And if you ponder it, my beloved, you will see that the law of karma is the law of acquisition: “Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” <9>

Cain’s lifestream--his name also means the “hollow root”--contained the seeds of his rebellion against the seven covenants of the seven rays that he had outplayed in his prior incarnations on the planet Maldek. His mechanized religion was a ritual of self-will perverting the ray of the Lord’s will. He sought to acquire the all-power of God with the anti-power of his sling and his spear. His offering was not respected by Maitreya because his motive was to gain favor from the Lord that he might then subdue the Lord’s light to the uses and abuses of his own subterfuge.

Cain worked hard tilling the ground, not to the glory of God but to gain God’s power that he might exercise that power over others. In reality he, like the Canaanites who dwelled in the land west of Mu (hence the term Amunu), was a worshipper of the Force. This term, which we hear popularized today as a substitute for the name of God, refers to the Serpent force, the coiled Kundalini, the all-power of the Mother.

The Canaanites

The Canaanite evolutions were worshippers of the Serpent, both as the person of the fallen one and as the life-force sealed in the white fire core of the base-of-the-spine chakra.

From this religion of the fallen ones come all the phallic and fertility rites of primitive cultures. Their archetypes can be seen in the Ugarithic pantheon whose chief deity is Il or El. This syllable comes from the El, the power of Elohim usurped by the fallen ones. This Il, or L, is the abbreviation for the name Lucifer, called the sky god.

He is known in numerous cultures as the father of the gods, their supreme lord and ruler in their assemblies. The councils of the false hierarchy gathered on certain mountains of what is now North America as well as in the Middle East.   Baal and his wife Asherah, along with Tammuz and Ishtar, are among the many fallen angels who fell, they and their twin flames. They were a race of giants feared by the descendants of Seth.

The Watchers and the Daughters of Cain

The Flood was the judgment decreed by the Word of the emissaries of the Lord God when the descendants of Seth did not cleave unto the Law and the Lawgiver. Not by conscience nor by the conscientious adherence to the teachings recorded by Adam and Eve,  establishing the way of life for their children outside of Eden, did these descendants walk. Rather did they walk after the pride of the Watchers.

And the gods who taught them this devious route to obtain the Divinity were the fallen angels who “kept not their first estate” <10> but fell with Lucifer. These are they who took unto themselves “the daughters of men” <11> and bore a godless, soulless creation called the Nephilim--through whom they would perpetuate their manipulation and mechanization of the masses.

These fallen angels were now embodied in the physical earth because they were cast out of the higher octaves for their rebellion against the Son of God and the heavenly orders of hierarchy. Their union with the daughters of Cain was not in the spiritual order of God’s progeny, who are born solely out of the Christic seed.

The Lord cursed this offspring of their lust, for they lusted after his power and sought to entice and entrap it through intercourse with the daughters of Cain. This was the abominable abuse of the Serpent force (the very Life-force of the Mother and the Holy Spirit) called the “abomination of desolation”(of the desolate ones who have no God in them), standing in the holy place of the temple where it ought not. <12>

This cursed lifewave, the “mighty men which were of old, men of renown,” <13> became the mere natural man, without soul or conscience or spark of the divine potential. The natural man, now called Homo sapiens, was a “kind of man” but not a God-free being after the descent of Adam from Seth to Noah. Hence the crossbreeding of the Watchers and their godless creation with the children of Cain opened the door for laggard evolutions to embody on earth and the interchange of these several fallen evolutions became known in general as “mankind.”

The sons and daughters of God and their children are a distinct race of the I AM consciousness. And they are called the I AM Race. It was to them that Moses spoke when he hurled to them his fiery fiat to break the hypnotic spell of the Watchers and their slave race: “I have said, Ye are gods, and all of you are children of the Most High!” <14>

The Noahic  and Abrahamic Covenants

 - The Noahic Covenant replaced the Adamic as the Lord God once again sought to establish by the Holy Spirit his God-government in the earth after the sinking of Atlantis and the interruption of the evolution of the lifewaves of the planet.

 - Under the patriarch Abraham, the covenant is established for the reincarnation of the Christic seed and of the future of the I AM Race, with the twelve tribes of Israel founding the Community of the Holy Spirit worldwide, laying the foundation for the promised redemption through the Word.

The Mosaic Covenant

 - The covenant of Moses once again establishes the interaction of the Lawgiver through the one who is the embodiment of the Law--the Guru. Their violations of the Law of Moses are recorded together with the judgments of Jehovah. And though the prophets of the I AM THAT I AM were in their midst, their rebellious generation resulted in the Assyrian and Babylonian captivities. And the Old Testament is the history of the living Word, born in flesh and blood, waxing strong in the Lord, entering into the inner retreats of the Brotherhood and emerging for the Messianic mission.

The Palestinian and Davidic Covenants

 - Thus there can be no restoration of souls, nor of Israel, without the Palestinian covenant promising the conversion by the personal and direct confrontation of the Ascended Master Jesus Christ with his disciples and of all ascended masters with their chelas.

 -  There is no return to the house of the Lord. Thus the Davidic covenant is the sign of the path of persecution borne by the soul of Jesus Christ when he was embodied as David. All of the preparations of his soul for his final incarnation represent the door of opportunity to those who would follow in his footsteps.

 - In the Twenty-second Psalm, he foresees the hour of his crucifixion with the words “My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?” <15> that he is to utter again on the cross. It is the initiation given to every one who stands at the north gate of the City Foursquare, preparing to enter in to the crucifixion, the resurrection and the ascension. Step-by-step the nature of the crucifixion is revealed beforehand that the eyes of the soul might be opened and that he might understand the nature of the cup he may choose to drink or not to drink.

to be continued


 “The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance o’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

 This is the second part of the concluding Pearl of Wisdom in the series The Opening of the Seventh Seal, dictated by Sanat Kumara to the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, and dated December 9, 1979.

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