Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 41 No. 11 - Beloved Paul the Venetian and Ruth Hawkins - March 15, 1998


Valentine’s Day Seminar 1998


Empowerment through Love


Shafts of white fire descend, touching the heart. Let the heart be the opening of the way. Let the heart now be a point of God-Reality manifest here below as Above.

We come as one and as twain. We come for the victory of the God-flame here in this very place, throughout this city and state, throughout the world and ultimately throughout the galaxies.

We come, beloved, so that once again you might understand the victory of twin flames. Some of you know me in that path of eternal being, and some of you have realized that your twin flame as well as my own twin flame, Ruth Hawkins, have taken their place among the immortals, the place of inner victory. And they have manifested that victory so that all might see and know that it is possible for you, each one, to make your ascension.

This, then, is our reason for coming as well as your reason for coming, even if you know it not. It is that inner signal of the sacred fire of your heart that brings you here and says to you, “Now is the moment, now is the hour, now is the light of victory.”

Therefore, beloved ones, we bring to you now the beloved Ascended Lady Master Ruth Hawkins. Won’t you give her a standing ovation. [50-second standing ovation]

Thank you. Won’t you be seated.

A Burden of Light

 The Messenger has known Ruth Hawkins for many, many decades, from their earliest years of serving together. And she was present on a number of occasions in the final hours of Ruth Hawkins’ sojourn on earth. Ruth bore burdens of great, great severity in her final illness. This happened to many devotees of light around the world who desired to balance more karma before they made their ascension. The Messenger would speak to Ruth by telephone and comfort her, and the Messenger felt that this was a great, great privilege.

Ruth’s desire to win her ascension enabled her to follow a path of strict oneness with her twin flame. And her great victory came about because she determined to master a certain style of art and she placed that art upon canvas for all to see.

In this moment, then, you have the opportunity to feel the presence of her heart, to know the expansion of her light and to be aware that you, too, can make your ascension in this life.

So much has been given to you, especially the gift of the violet flame, that I say to you all, even as the Messenger has said frequently: Strive and continue to strive for the highest calling in God, for the highest manifestation of your calling in life.

Know, then, that when twin flames come together, there is a tremendous energy and a tremendous manifestation, as that  wholeness is almost the equivalent of a central sun whose two halves have come together, nevermore to be apart. Recognize that it is not this person or that person who makes the difference in your life, but it is the one and only person who is your twin flame.

Therefore, since we have come to this city, may you know that for many, many years to come, you may enter in to the presence of the Goddess of Liberty and her retreat over Manhattan. May you know the great love of the people of New York. May you know the great love of many Ascended Masters. And may you realize that whatever calling you are prepared to accept, that very calling can bring you to the moment of absolute God-victory.

Fanaticism Can Be Deadly

Now I would speak to you, beloved, of the condition of the economy and also of fanaticism, which the Messenger has spoken about. If anyone engages in fanaticism, that one will not be a part of the Great White Brotherhood. And what a sorry state it will be if fanaticism destroys that individual.

Thus, let love be the fulfilling of the Law, especially the deep love that comes into your chakras once every year on Valentine’s Day. Your chakras are filled with light, filled with love, filled with the energy of the cosmos. So, then, remember that on this weekend there is a moment of the opening whereby souls of light might take their ascension because of such great service by love.

The Wonder of God’s Love in You

I am in your midst and I tell you how great is the wonder of God’s love, how great is the wonder of the love that is in each chakra in your four lower bodies. Cherish this experience, beloved. And through this cherishment, truly realize that everything that is not of love passes from the screen of life and is no more.

But all those who gather together in the flame of love come for the reigniting of worlds, the reigniting of chakras and the reigniting of the Mind of God. This Mind of God is not only in Christ Jesus but it is also in Lord Maitreya, in the power of Gautama Buddha and the presence of Sanat Kumara. Let this understanding go deep within you, and let the love of our twin flames be the fire of the golden cross paving the way to your eternal victory.

You are aware of a number of souls who have taken their ascension. They also are present now. And they have come, beloved, to remind you that you have the ability to accelerate and to make your ascension in this life.

Beloved hearts, if you move with those who do not seek the ascension in this life, you may be taken down by them. So watch and pray, beloved, that you are not unduly influenced by those who do not have the liberating, spiraling energy that goes back to the Great Central Sun and carries you there with it.

Empowerment through Love

Beloved hearts, this day of love is a day of empowerment. Seek and find this empowerment through love. Seek to slay the aggressors who are not of charity.

In this moment, then, of the great victory of love, take the opportunity to let your heart become one with my heart and with the heart of beloved Ruth Hawkins and Chamuel and Charity.

Thus, I send white fire to each of you, to each of your chakras as in silent prayer we send forth the emanations of our manifestation in the heart of the earth. [19-second pause]

Beloved Chamuel and Charity enter now the precincts of your being. Let fanaticism be cast into the sacred fire of God. Let angelic hosts descend upon you one and all.

May your inner being be transformed. May your solar plexus now become a shield of intense fire that you might know the immensity of all that God will give you through Heros and Amora and all beings of the Third Ray.

Accept this, beloved. Accept it. Accept the universal manifestation of Divine Love. Accept it and know that God will continually, continually blaze forth his love ray upon you. And if you sustain this love ray, beloved, and if all on earth sustain it, then perhaps we shall entertain a perpetual Valentine’s Day--not only for one day of the year but for every day of the year--that love might blossom and many souls might be the givers of gifts of love to all life.

In the beauty of the presence of every soul of light who has ever been a part of earth’s evolutions, we say: Come apart. Intensify. Let the action of your Causal Body become one in this day and hour with your Holy Christ Self.

May you know this eternal oneness. For one day your lower self will become one with your Higher Self, eternally one with the great spheres of your Causal Body. Therefore I ask you, beloved, to come into that point of absolute God-harmony that is a facet of Divine Love.

Love Fulfills the Law in Your Life

Therefore, I call forth your Causal Body. Receive it. Receive Maitreya. Receive the Messenger. And know, beloved, that wherever you are, wherever you go, if you make the call, love will be the fulfilling of the Law in your life.

To this end I seal you. And in the cosmic cross of white fire, I seal now one cross with three crosses. Thus you see how close you can come to scraping the ceiling of heaven unto your victory.

This is your joy. This is the joy of Jesus. This is the joy that Jesus holds for you.

Let us, then, sing to our Lord “Arise Shine, for Thy Light Is Come!” For this is truth: Your light is come. Your ascension draws nigh. So let it be.

[Congregation sings song 547, “Arise Shine, for Thy Light Is Come.”]