Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 40 No. 52 - Beloved Lanello - December 28, 1997


Christmas Eve 1996


In the Sanctuary of the Soul


In the sanctuary of the soul I greet you, my beloved. Come, then, for the soul that is naked must be clothed and that clothing must be the seamless garment.

Remember the loss of thy immortality long, long ago. Remember that thou art in the earth to regain thy immortality.

The soul is fragmented. The soul may be lost. Therefore the soul must be strengthened, and the stream of eternal life must flow through the veins and the arteries of your beings. If today you are mortal and tomorrow you would be immortal, then there are exercises you must do and there are practices you must set aside that are of the earth, earthy, and that take you nowhere except to underground waters that are toxic.

Come, then, and find the river of life. Drink freely from its waters.

Know, then, beloved, that all who have come to the lowly estate of earth’s octaves are there because they lost their flame of immortality, for it was stolen by fallen angels. Having lost the flame of immortal life, they have allowed themselves to enter into not-so-good conditions or states of consciousness.

Whether you are accelerating on the Path by leaps and bounds or you divert your attention to worldly things, realize that the things of this world, including your four lower bodies, are transient. Take into account that almost all that is of the visible self will never be the same self again, for the transfiguration, the resurrection and the ascension will take you far beyond the levels wherein you reside here below.

Cast Outworn Concepts of Self into the Sacred Fire

It is wondrous to know the infinity of God. Yes, it is wondrous to know his liberation and his dominion whereby you may move through the sun and the stars, visiting and revisiting earth, yet exploring new dimensions, expanding rings of awareness, until the eye can no longer see how expansive is that circle of awareness that you carry in the Atman, in the seed of light. Yet that seed does not open, for you have not applied the necessary heat of sacred fire for the opening of that point of light, which is your immortality.

This is a season of conclusions. This is an hour to contemplate: “What shall I accomplish in the months and years to come? What may I conclude in the remaining hours of the year?” Prepare for the coming cycle by casting outworn concepts of self into the sacred fire.

Remember that you are on earth to claim the flame of your immortality. But the threefold flame, which is the divine spark within you, is not yet sufficient to seal your immortality. You must balance your threefold flame and then expand it.

Find Your Point of Attunement with God

Seek well your point of attunement with God whereby the strength that is in you is married to the strength of God. Find this strength as a deep well within your being. Find it, beloved, for in finding it, you will conquer all things and you will conquer self. You will change the world and touch millions of souls.

I am grateful that you have found yourself a partner in El Morya so that you might concentrate on alleviating world conditions. Know that we the Ascended Masters will gladly assist you as you deliberate personal and planetary burdens when you come to the fork in the road and ask yourself: “Which way shall I go--to the left? to the right? Or shall I take another road that has not as yet been carved?”

The superb sense of being in God: this is what you will keep of the years, the decades, the centuries, the lifetimes that have come and gone. Indeed, what is left but that divine spark, though imbalanced in most of you and too small to carry you to the Great Central Sun?

I AM Giving Birth to My Immortal Soul

This imbalance must give you pause, beloved, for you have not come to this place to sacrifice for naught. Yes, you have come to sacrifice, for you have seen his star in the East. You have known the Causal Body of your Lord and Saviour. You have intensified and internalized the magnificence of that star.

And yet somehow it escapes you and you sink back into your mortality, willing to dream that some Ascended Master will come along and give you a spin, and suddenly you will be on your way up the mountain, like the great patriarchs of old who held the flame in their hearts and ascended to God.

You went down the mountain and allowed the fallen angels to lead you astray by their treachery and intrigue and all of their offerings. Is this not the route of mortality? Is this not the route of old age, disease and death?

One cannot ultimately overcome mortality unless one has taken the moments and hours of life and said: “If I have but a thimble cup of everlasting life this day, then I shall determine with all of my being to have a mighty chalice of sacred fire at the end of my service in this lifetime. I will make my ascension. God has ordained it. I shall ratify it. I have the keys. I understand the Teachings. I can put my life together and become an immortal.”

This is the goal, beloved. Do not think it comes automatically but understand that the travail of giving birth to an immortal soul is as a woman giving birth to a child.

Oh, the Whiteness of His Glory!

Know that for all you shall accomplish and all you shall be you must tend the eternal flame. So intense is the fire of God’s love in the intelling, indwelling personhood of God, in the mighty action of the Power, Wisdom and Love of God himself, that his flame can enfire you with the ennoblement of the fine lines that come together in the heart of Justinius and Serapis Bey and Archangel Gabriel.

Oh, the whiteness of his glory! Oh, the whiteness of his glory! As you look out upon the whiteness of the snow, know that its crystals, its tiny mirrorlike particles reflect back to you what you have known from the Beginning, where you have gone in the middle and how you shall arrive in the Ending.

Rejoice in the whiteness of being. Rejoice to be stripped of your garments that you might earn the robe of righteousness, that you might follow in the footprints of Melchizedek, Archangel Zadkiel and the entire priesthood of the Seventh Ray. Know these things, beloved. Know, as Abraham knew, we seek no continuing city here. For ours is the celestial city, the City Foursquare in the etheric octave.

Do you not sense every now and then that you have touched the walls of the City Foursquare and that you have seen through those walls and beyond them to the angels and the saints who abide in the celestial city? Have you not seen them when you were in other states of consciousness, when you were escorted there while you were out of the body?

Contemplate the Dimensions of Your Being

Contemplate the dimensions of your being. What are these dimensions? Are they vapory? Do they amount to something or do they amount to nothing? Are they the building blocks of the superior self? Are they a fitting chalice, drawing down that self, who is the Holy Christ Self and the I AM Presence? If you would achieve your ascension in this life, beloved, then I say, “Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.” <1>

I have known you throughout the ages. Yet so recently have I made my transition. Thus, I walk among you truly with the understanding of your burdens. I listen to your heartbeat. I listen to the pain you may not acknowledge but which is there. I listen to the grieving of souls who must suddenly meet their transition to the next level--suddenly but not so suddenly, for does not free will design the destiny of being? Aye, indeed it does. And though we may think we are the victims of fate, we are, on the contrary, victims of our own uses and abuses of free will.

The Elementals Could Go on Strike

I tell you, in the physical octave nothing is stable. Think of it. Do you know of anything that is stable, that will not be gone in a day or a decade or a hundred years? You can lean on the legs of a piano, and if the termites have been there, watch out. You can lean on a house that Jack built and it may collapse or tumble in a storm or hurricane.

Blessed ones, the elementals and their hierarchs have reached their limit. They cannot and will not bear the sins of the world any longer. We call upon you to pray for them, for when they can no longer do their jobs, you can anticipate planetary cataclysm. It is in your best interest, then, to remember the elementals, to walk and talk with them, to call to their four hierarchs and to encourage them, to give them hope and stand by them. Otherwise you will see them giving up one by one. For as you know, they do not have the flame of eternal life to sustain and strengthen them.

What would happen if all the earth should become a place where the beings of the elements have gone on strike, saying: “We can no longer deal with the mountains of karma and polluted substance that mankind is dumping in the waters, in the earth, in the air!” Is it not true that you rely on the elementals to purify and make available to you the water, the air, the fire, even the fire of the sun that you need?

Walk the Earth as a Christed One

Earth is a fragile planet, as you know. And you have heard rumblings in the earth in diverse places. Be not concerned about this, beloved. But be concerned that you have entered the secret chamber of the heart, that naught has come between you and your Bridegroom, that your Holy Christ Self draws you, the soul, to his heart, to his being, until one day you merge with your Holy Christ Self and walk the earth as a Christed one.

When this happens, you will know that the time is drawing nigh for a great victory, for the movement of the Holy Spirit in your life and for entering into higher dimensions of consciousness. For then you will truly be a son, a daughter of God walking the highways of the earth.

Come to the realization, then, that this world is a chimera. What is there that will remain? What is there, beloved?

I speak to you in this wise because I perceive that each one of you has a narrow train of thought, a direction you are taking. And you are caught up in your service, your responsibilities, in what you must do for your Community. And pretty soon this becomes a momentum, and that momentum perpetuates what is here below when it ought to accelerate here below that which is above and which you may tap from your Causal Body and your I AM Presence.

So you see, you can become so embroiled in this world that you actually believe it is real. Well, is it real or is it a dream? Do you sometimes wake up and feel that you have been somewhere else where life is truly transcendent and eternal, where beings are immortal?

You have been there. You have studied there. You have brought back from the retreats the sense of what it is like to regain the immortality that fallen angels have stolen from you. And, beloved, you must confess to yourself openly that you follow them of your own free will.

Co-Measurement with the Archangels

Now, of your own free will, follow the Messenger. By the power of the Seven Archangels, challenge all of the fallen angels who must be removed from the earth in this time.

Recognize, then, that in these times very few people on earth understand that they may command angels in the name of Almighty God to do their bidding in the cause of righteousness and in the cause of the victory of the battle of Armageddon. Remember this. You are the few in the earth who understand that you can share a co-measurement with Archangels, that in the name of God you can command the Archangels and their troops to go forth and purge the earth of those whose time has come to be taken to other planetary homes.

Many have not understood Paul’s statement “Know ye not that we shall judge angels?” <2> They do not realize that God has empowered his sons and daughters to challenge, to bind and to bring the fallen angels to judgment. Therefore you are a handful of very precious gems in the sands of the seashore—gems, beloved, because you know truth from error.

You know what evil is and you know within your own interior being, as God so affirms it in you, that you must make those judgment calls to remove the evildoers from the planet. Having done so, you may earn a tremendous glory and a tremendous victory and then go on to balance 100 percent of your karma.

Open Your Heart

Now, beloved, I would commune with your hearts. Open your hearts to me and I will give you the elixir of my heart. Do not be afraid. I shall give you of my heart even as I gave you of my heart when I was with you in embodiment. I never closed my heart to you. Do not close your heart to yourself or to those nearest you.

Open your heart this day with courage. Open your heart. Let the heart be wounded. Is not the mother’s heart wounded, even the Mother of Christ? Let the heart be wounded. Let it know pain. And continue to go deeper and deeper and deeper in the well of your own being.

Do not be afraid, beloved, for the love that you give will be multiplied as you bless the world. I opened my heart, beloved, and I kept it open. Though it may pain you, I say, open your heart and give of yourself to others who need you, who need all that you can give to them. For they are impoverished, they are burdened.

I did not fear this, for I knew that the opening of the heart and the giving of the heart is truly an event that comes when one is nearer and nearer to the heart of Jesus, the heart of Mary. Understand this. Let God make you in his image and likeness, which you were in the Beginning. Let him remold you and remake you in the Ending.

Have you truly found the way to re-create yourself? Not really, beloved, not really in the profoundest sense. Yet the way is plain. Give and give again and again, and let millions of souls be healed by your own immaculate heart.

I AM Lanello. I have been with you through the ages. You have been my fathers, my mothers, my children. We have been as one. Now go forth to a world that is very, very dark. Brighten it with the light of your transcendent being and know forever thereafter the transcendent joy of giving yourself wholly unto others who are the impoverished ones and who do not know their Inner Christ.

Smile with me, beloved, for the whole world is maya. I shall smile a greater smile when you exit the world of maya and enter true being.

I am with you always, your beloved Lanello.



“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance o’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

The dictation by Lanello printed in this Pearl of Wisdom was given by the Messenger for the Great White Brotherhood, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, on Christmas Eve, Tuesday, December 24, 1996, at the Royal Teton Ranch, Park County, Montana.

[N.B. This dictation was edited for print by the Messenger under Lanello’s direction.]

1. II Tim. 2:15.

2. I Cor. 6:3.