Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 38 No. 25 - Beloved Jesus Christ - June 11, 1995


Easter Retreat 1995
The Office of Bride of Christ
The Sanctification of Holy Matrimony
and the Conception of Children


Welcome, my beloved, to the marriage supper of the Lamb. Ye are, one and all, called to be my brides. Yet I have chosen one on the occasion of this Easter to receive as my bride this day.

Therefore, rejoice!  For each time a soul receives the initiation that qualifies her to be my consort in heaven and on earth, there is a strengthening of the tie of twin flames and a strengthening of the tie of your souls to my Heart as brides-to-be for the next round. Thus, beloved, when this initiation takes place, there is a major shift in the earth.

Therefore, I have elevated my own in this hour. And you shall know the blessings of this union, and you shall also strive to attain it. This initiation involves not only the bonding of the soul to my Sacred Heart, but my receiving of the soul who is worthy, who may bear the burden of my Heart and my Office and my Mission. Thus, for the mission to be fulfilled, the bride of Christ must be equal to Christ.

I have given you to understand that which Saint Germain would also give you to understand in the coming lessons of the Keepers of the Flame Fraternity—that the office of Bride of Christ is one to be sought after, to be yearned for. The soul must feel that until she has attained to this state, she is not whole, nor has she fulfilled her reason for being.

The requirements of this holy office have to do with (1) sacrifice, (2) surrender, (3) selflessness and (4) service. These virtues are the foundation of the ruby-ray pyramid. Yes, beloved, the giving of oneself in the daily practice of the four virtues of the ruby-ray cross is essential. For you see, becoming my bride involves a self-emptying. It is a self-emptying process whereby you may be filled with my glory in the four quadrants of your four lower bodies. Not only is my bride filled with my glory but she in fact becomes myself, fully adorned, even sharing in the mantle of the Faithful and True, who leads the armies of heaven.

Understand, therefore, the sacredness of this walk with God and qualify yourselves as candidates to be my waiting brides. I offer you the understanding of your souls’ path leading to your marriage to the Lamb, beloved, for it has deep meaning for planet earth in crisis. For wherever there are those who love me enough to mirror me, to be self-emptied that I might occupy their temples, there is a tremendous strengthening of the Christ consciousness in the earth.

A number of saints who ascended in past ages have been accorded the mantle of bride of Christ. The bride of Christ is always one with the Holy Spirit, for there is no separation between her and that Spirit. Moreover, the bride of Christ internalizes the Father, the Mother and the Son, as well as the Holy Spirit.

As I, then, take one among you to be the bride of my Heart this day, I show you, beloved, that unto those who are chosen to be my brides there is immense opportunity to receive all of me—all of my Light and all of the momentum of my Causal Body. For, as an husband, I gladly transfer to my wife the fullness of all that I AM.

Thus you see, in the office of Bride of Christ you have the opportunity to qualify for a new empowerment and a new calling through your walk with me. I desire to know you in our inner walk with God, wherever you may be—in the crowded streets of the cities or when you take refuge in a cathedral and pray your innermost prayers and pour out the longings of your hearts to me at the altar of God.

You are coming closer and closer to me. And as you desire to become one with my fiery Heart, you shall know also the immense pain of separation until the hour of rejoicing when the wedding bells peal and the fusion of our hearts takes place.

There are magnificent souls on earth in this day. They need teachers. They need to be told that the goal of becoming my bride is fundamental to their ascent to God and that through becoming one with my Heart they will become one with the Heart of every Ascended Master and Cosmic Being.

It is a cause for great rejoicing, both for me and for the brides whom I have anointed, that my brides can move in the earth with me and send forth the action of Omega, as I send forth the action of Alpha, for the healing of cities and millions of souls.

Understand, beloved, that there is a great church in heaven—the church that John saw. <1> In actuality, it is a mighty cathedral. And at the altar of that cathedral, the wedding vows are pronounced. And it is the Lord God himself who does conduct the service.

Preparing to be my bride can and shall be another step for you who hear my teaching today and understand the profound holiness of this sacred ritual. Any soul on earth, whether in a male or female body, may aspire to become my bride.

We have many brides in heaven. We seek those who will attain to the necessary levels of the Christ consciousness to balance their karma and enter into the ritual of becoming my bride, whereby they may receive the empowerment of the Holy Spirit and also be known as brides of the Holy Spirit. Magda and I desire to see you walk this path with us, for your oneness with me as your Lord and Saviour will be the means whereby you shall indeed turn this world around.

Therefore, I ask you to pray in profound humility that your souls might be purified and washed clean and that you might wear robes radiant and white. Apropos this, we would also be so pleased if you had special robes for your decree services so that you might have a greater sense of holiness and of consecrating your lifestreams to the everlasting glory of God.

Now the angels, the Archeiai come. They come with the strains of the wedding march. They come with the seven rays of  my anointing, for I have called for the anointing of my bride.

Thus the angels appear, the Archeiai. How you are all so blessed to receive them!  How you are all so blessed to know that the portals of heaven may open for each of you at any hour, at any hour.

Will you remember that when I come to the door and knock, <2>you must rise from your sleep and open the door and receive me?

And the virgins cry, “Behold, the Bridegroom cometh!” <3>

Yes, I come at any hour of the day or the night.

Understand, then, that the celebration of resurrection’s fires this day is a celebration of my claiming of those souls who were lost and are now found as well as a celebration of my bringing to my very Heart all those who are worthy.

Beloved, the inner temple rituals that you will participate in when you enter the Retreat of the Divine Mother, which is located over this wilderness land, are conducted for the reuniting of my Heart to the hearts of those who have sought me and found me and learned the way of self-transcendence and of letting go—those who have cried out to me in the night and then have seen their sorrows dissipate with the breaking of the day.

Yes, beloved, it is a truth that those who have suffered the most are those who now love the most. For they are grateful for my healing breath and that the long Dark Night of the Spirit is past. Their union with my Heart comes as a moment of rejoicing—yet not without the memory of the pain endured along the way and of the misunderstandings of others who have criticized and condemned them for their deeds of valor. And then, of course, there are the fallen angels and the demons who speak in low grunts and snarls and who are furious to see that another bride of Christ has arisen far, far, far above the depths of Death and Hell.

The ritual of the soul becoming my bride is one of the most sacred mysteries of life. And I have waited for many years that I might speak to you of this and that you might know, all of you who are my brides-to-be, that there is a path of holiness and when you walk it daily you can surely make yourselves ready. You can adorn yourselves for me and be clothed with that fine linen, clean and white, which is the righteousness of the saints. <4>

Thus, on this glorious Easter Day, I look upon the burdens of humanity and I think of the story of Eden and the curse of sin and the test failed by those who heeded the voice of the serpent. Ever since Augustine, the churches have preached that “ye are conceived in sin and born in sin,” et cetera, et cetera.

Consider, too, the words of David: “In sin did my mother conceive me.” <5> Even he was the victim of planetary condemnation. This condemnation is subtle and most of you are completely unaware of how it is directed against you and others who have descended into mortality to be on earth but for a little while only to enter again into the realms of glory.

As you pray for your families and your children, I ask you to recognize that the root cause of discontent in each soul and lifestream (which is shared by families and communities and nations) is the belief sealed in the unconscious that the soul is stained according to the doctrine of original sin. It is the belief that the soul has sinned and that that sin is somehow linked to procreation; and thus the most wondrous act of creation, the giving of life on earth to naked souls who require physical bodies for the journey, becomes compromised by the so-called “stain of sin.”

The blessing of holy matrimony, the blessing of father and mother and child in the glory of the angels must be your first order of business as you serve God on earth. For you do not realize what condemnation of Death and Hell is upon you in this matter.

That condemnation is imprinted in the darkest recesses of the unconscious. It is difficult to unleash. For, beloved ones, all have a sense of profound pain, irreparable pain, that they have compromised the sacred fire and the fruit of the Tree of Life. And it is as though nothing could possibly blot out that stain of sin.

Blessed ones, Mother Mary came to your Messenger many years ago and told her that her assignment was to remove the stain of sin imprinted in people’s minds by fallen angels and to impart to their consciousness through the Holy Spirit a sense of the sacredness of the union of man and woman in holy matrimony and in the conception of children. I ask you to take up this cause and to include it in your calls, especially in your calls to Astrea. For Elohim have created you in the Beginning, and Elohim will bring you back to the level of their being in the Ending.

Therefore, let Elohim and the fire of Astrea encircle all the lewd places in the earth where sin and the sense of sin lower the self-esteem of man and woman. Then you will see children coming forth in tremendous joy and happiness, fully conscious that they are God in manifestation and that they have no stain of sin, past, present or future, related to the mere fact of their having been born through the normal means of procreation.

Let us be free on this Easter Sunday. Let us understand the beauty that is before us. Let us know the Truth that shall make all free. And that Truth is this:  There is a way that is right unto God. It is the way of the geometry of being and of the All-Seeing Eye. It is the one-pointedness, the single-eyed vision, of the Godhead within you. It is the purification of your four lower bodies, your cells, your atoms.

I, then, speak to you as you embrace the whole world and take the whole world into your families and your communities. I ask that you give of yourselves, bringing love to others through the mighty power of selflessness, and that you surrender yourselves to the task at hand when your service is needed.

Do not suffer, beloved. For I have suffered and I have been taken down from the cross. Therefore I would take you down from your own man-made crosses of self-condemnation. I would bring you in this hour of the resurrection to the glory of the levels of ascension’s flame.

Remember to daily give your “Heart, Head and Hand Decrees” in entirety, from the first to the last, for thereby you step from one chakra to the next, harmonizing each one as you go. And the conclusion of the eight mantras is always the celebration of the victory of your ascension here and now.

Walk, then, my beloved. Walk, then, in seamless garments purified and made white. Wear these garments and identify yourselves as my waiting brides.

Until that day when your soul is wedded to my Heart, follow the example of those who have already become my brides. And understand that your place is waiting. Your day is waiting. And the Archeiai and the hosts of Light are assembled and waiting for you in the mighty cathedral of the Retreat of the Divine Mother.

Know that you may attain union with my Sacred Heart before your ascension, and this is my preference, beloved. For I desire to see many brides walking the earth, anchoring my flame in the Alpha-to-Omega figure-eight flow in and through my Heart. I desire you to be in the earth so that purification may take place at all levels and so that the Higher Consciousness of father and mother and children and Holy Spirit may be exalted everywhere.

This is the meaning of a new age and a golden age. It is a transformation of consciousness. Therefore we must deal with the beast known as the dweller-on-the-threshold as well as with the fallen angels and the cunning serpents who would place upon holy matrimony, which is sanctified by God, an aura of shame.

I bless you in that holy matrimony and I welcome you to my Sacred Heart. I AM championing the nobility of your souls and the infiring of your souls. Receive me, then, one and all, as your Bridegroom-to-be.

O ye waiting brides, I have waited for ye long, long time. Now, accelerate your pace and run to greet me in the way. There is very little in this world that has any meaning apart from your entering in to the marriage of the Lamb.

I seal you from the great white throne, from the Heart of Sanat Kumara. And I bless you with infinite Love.


“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance O’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

The five-day Easter Retreat 1995 was held April 12 through 16, 1995, at the Royal Teton Ranch, Park County, Montana. This dictation by Jesus Christ was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, on Easter Sunday, April 16, 1995.  Before the dictation, the Messenger read Mark 16:1-8, John 20:11-18 and Mark 16:11-20 on the resurrection and ascension of Jesus. “Resurrexit!” from Christus by Liszt was played as the meditation music in preparation for the dictation.

[N.B.  This dictation was edited for print by the Messenger under Jesus’ direction.]

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